Top 10 Dumbest Things Schools Have

Because there are problems with the school system that can be improved on. This is not to insult, but rather constructive criticism.
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1 School uniforms

I had to wear a school uniform for 1st - 8th grade and I absolutely hated it. To make things worse, uniforms weren't really enforced so most of my friends were wearing comfortable everyday clothing while my mom made me wear a stupid uniform. In 7th and 8th grade, I would sometimes change into my regular clothes once I got to school and then go home in my PE uniform (which was surprisingly more comfortable than the regular uniform).

First, they are a Waste of money. Can't the schools at least just give them to students for free? I sorely wish that was the case. You continue the chain of disadvantages

"Expression? What does that mean? Kinda sounds like another word for being the same as everyone else to me."

- Every school in the UK.

The schools who have uniforms then cut sports or something due to budget... why not get rid of school uniforms instead. It's a complete waste of money

2 Rules against allowing headwear

I just want to be allowed to wear a hoodie or a beanie in class without getting in trouble for it. Why do schools care about hats/hoodies but not bullies?

So you want kids to get sunburned during the summer?

Lemme wear my hat I'm cold!

To honor the flag? Really?

3 The rule where the whole class gets in trouble just because one person did something wrong

Why can't they just punish that one kid instead of punishing everyone? I have tried to tell teachers that this rule is cruel and unfair but they always reply "Well it's that kid's fault! He/she ruined it for all of you!" This also encourages all the other kids to bully that one kid that broke the rules. Teachers need to stop doing this because it does not solve anything and makes the situation even worse.

That is seriously unfair and downright evil. Quite often the only thing to come out of this is the entire class brutally ganging up on the one kid who broke the rules - bullying is a big enough problem in schools as is!

It does suck, but it's hard for them to find out who it really was if there's lots of kids and they didn't witness it. So yes it does suck a lot, but you can't really blame the teacher it's hard enough for them

Yeah, this rule sucks. No wonder we never play Kahoot anymore at my school, because of a bunch of pervents in my class!

4 Tiny lockers
5 The "the clock doesn't excuse you, I do" rule

Once when I was in 5th grade, my mean substitute teacher made the entire class stay after the 2:20 dismissal bell all because of some kid's mother. When the bell rang, I decided to take my backpack, go up to the door, and open it. My teacher caught me the first time, but I made my escape a few minutes later on my 2nd attempt just as some kids were ratting me out to the teacher. I went home like nothing happened and I surprisingly didn't get punished when I returned to school on Monday. I think it helped that I had an orthodontist appointment the next day, giving me a 3 day weekend.

That is so true especially when the bell rings and the teacher tells us to sit down when the bell rings like what? Is the bell just a suggestion or something?

*clock turns 2:01* (the time I leave school)
*bell rings and everyone tries to go*
Teacher: Don't leave yet kids I haven't dismissed you! The clock doesn't excuse you, I do!
Me: So if the clock/bell doesn't excuse us, therefore, the clock doesn't tell us when to come to school.

Then what's the point of the bells? To remind you that class is over but you can't leave

6 Slow internet

Not dumb, but internet is now mandatory for schools and students considering we are in a pandemic.

7 Slow computers

I mean, don't expect schools to be filled with gaming PCs and give their students gaming laptops, but yeah. School computers are still slow and basically do the very bare minimum for any schoolwork.

What do you expect, to play games at school?

And even slower internet

8 Standardized testing

The origin 500 test what did I need to do exams cos I primary school and test a hard enough

9 "No bathroom" policy

Even when it's an emergency some teachers refuse to let you go. They always say "Why didn't you go during lunch?" even when lunch was over 2 hours ago. When we only have 20-30 minutes of time to eat and take a break from work we don't always have time to go to the bathroom. Also sometimes you did not have to go to the bathroom then.You should be able to go to the bathroom anytime. Teachers do it because they don't want kids going to the bathroom as an excuse to get out of class but instead they should just give you a 5 minute time limit to go to the bathroom instead of refusing to let you go to the bathroom..

10 Physical Education

Considering the fact that I'm a big fan of athletics I don't actually mind PE. In defense of it, it helps your body get stronger. I live in New Zealand, where there is a stable and decent education system. When doing PE, we actually do PE and it makes me stronger. In other countries, what I've seen is that there's an unfit PE teacher and you play basketball or dodgeball the whole time, which isn't really physical education at all. Basically just training like you're gonna become an Olympic basketball player or something. People are saying that they don't like PE because others don't like sport. While yes, they may not like sport, and want to live a life outside of sport, PE helps you get stronger. Not doing PE won't be good for you in life, and before someone says that they can just go to the Gym when they're older, They'll probably see PE and think it's bad, so they'll likely not go to the gym either.

The worst subject in school! All the other subjects at least tests your brain, this subject though, is nothing but sport! Um, hello Mr. School? Do you know not everyone likes sport? Especially not me.

I mean I see why it's required but it's not that bad. As long as you at least put some kind of effort into it you should be fine

People need to exercise nevertheless.

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11 Lazy substitute teachers

This is a mix of both good, and bad depending on the situation. Yet strangely enough they do what the please while I sit, and laugh at you're delusional games.

I like some substitute teachers. My problem is that I have to sit through these obnoxious kids bullying the substitute.

Well they are just subs, they're just doing what they need to do. They don't really care, and besides it makes the day a free day

It can be bad because of kids messing with them but they end up being chill and pretty fun.

12 Strict rules and painful punishments

Once I had Gym class outside in the late Summer, and the instructor literally said no water, no bathroom, and even no shade. Luckily, another instructor let me talk to the vice principal. THANK GOD.

Most schools are stricted but it went too far as most schools like Texas (known for paddling) and other schools with harsh/painful/humiliating punishments.

In high school my special ed teacher forced the class to follow extremely dumb and stupid rules such as it's required to drink plain milk even if you don't like the taste of it, you can't draw the hanging body when playing hangman, and no unlimited snacks during class holiday parties and in 1st grade my teachers force any misbehaving kid to stand of a rug with duct tape on it while facing the back of the classroom. SO STUPID! >:(

13 Homework

I get why some people think it's useful, but we could seriously do without homework. When we're at school, that's when we're suppose to work and learn. School is the only place where I actually feel like working, because I am able to concentrate. I would prefer if school was one hour longer, at least we would be able to relax once we're home and parents wouldn't be on their kids' backs all the time.

What the hell is homework? Like it's just a short boring summery of what we learned in class. Like, it's like if your parents gave you waffles, then, your parents force you to write an essay on the food, how it tase and other stuff.

We are already in school long enough why do we need homework? Maybe a little bit of homework is fine but when you get to middle school they give you pages and pages of homework which is ridiculous.

Besides, Home and work are opposites. Since when did someone think it was okay to combine them in a compound word?

14 Lining Up

In my junior school, when the bell rung for end of lunch or break, we had to line up, in alphabetical order, in silence. Then the teachers waited 5 minutes until we were silent. Then we walked indoors in single file and entered the classroom. Naturally, everyone started talking again, and the whole exercise was pointless.

15 Final exams

After you studied so hard and you have forgotten those answers to the questions to the test, guess what? You're toast. Teacher will expect you and the students to do the best not to get an A plus. You have to pass the test if you want to get this over with.

I hate these so much! I have to give up all the worthwhile things I actually enjoy doing just to memorize information that I will soon forget and most of I will never use in 10 years from now on! Such pure BS!

I can kinda get where you're coming from with this since in school at worst you get marked down 10%, but in college this is a must ace.

Yeah, I loathe this. English exam in 9th grade was easy as heck, but my Math and Swedish exams were super hard and confusing!

16 Fire drills

The fire alarms are ear-piercingly loud. I feel like I would get hearing damage from how ungodly loud they are. Like if you're going to put a lot of them, why make them like 110dB? Do they seriously need to rupture people's eardums for anyone to realize there's a fire? Bet someone got deaf due to them.

Why the hell are the fire alarms deafingly loud? Back when I was in elementary school, I had to cover my ears whenever there was a fire drill because the alarms are way too loud.

I HATE fire drills. Why do they have to be so loud? Plus when I was in kindergarten there was A fire drill EVEN THERE WAS NO FIRE! And once it was very cold outside and I didn't even have my jacket on. So I thought "I don't care I wouldn't freeze to death." And I had to cover my ears. Luckily I was never in the bathroom and I was always in my classroom.

Can you at least do any of these things: 1. Make them not unnecessarily loud. 2 limit them to once a year. 3. warn students about them. 4. not have any drills after elementary school? They do none of those things, and again, why are the fire drills so loud?!

17 Pep assemblies

Absolutely, skipped every single one during my high school tenure.

18 Strict teachers
19 English class after elementary school

Yes, I know and highly acknowledge how important it is to read and write, but why is it a required class even after elementary school? Its not like we lived in the country and still can't even communicate in the native language, because it's now just an excuse to make the authors famous. I like theatre, though.

Its literally required to take 4 years of an English class the final year not being too bad if you wanna make it easy on yourself well that's how it was for me. Unless you mean a certain reading period... then yeah that was totally unnecessary in elementary nevertheless.

I'm in the 10th grade and I've learned nothing from high school English. High school English classes are a waste of time.

20 Heavy textbooks

Ok, so this tipped my parents off and still does. When I was in 4th grade I had to go t the chiropractor and my neck/the way my head sat on my body were out of the line so yes this should be ilegal.

It's like schools want us to break our backs.

21 Time limit for lunch and long lines in the cafeteria

There's usually a 40 minute time limit for lunch. In high school, when I line up to buy lunch I spent about 20-25 minutes in line and only 10-15 minutes eating. I usually have to shove food into my mouth. Then when time is up and students are still eating they have to throw out their food because you can't bring food out of the cafeteria. It's a waste and since I don't want to waste any food, I chug my chocolate milk really fast and sometimes end up choking on my milk or spilling it all over myself.

Schools really need to set up their food buffet style and extend their lunch periods.

22 Pledge of Allegiance

At least my school didn't have to do it, but there was an instance where some kid got SUSPENDED for not doing it that happened a pretty long time ago.

I hate having to stand up and say pointless words.

It's a thing to respect America! So why is it dumb?

23 Website restrictions

My school sometimes even blocked websites that my teacher posted a link to.

Just block inappropriate content, not educational YouTube videos!

24 Handwritten assignments and tests

I heavily prefer typing over handwriting, due to it having less pain for your hands, easier to erase mistakes, faster to complete, and neater when getting stuff out and putting away. However, english classes sometimes emphasize handwriting and that it helps you "Remember better". Honestly, that sounds like a myth

I can't even read my OWN letters + I'm left handed so my hands get all grey after writing, but I am an expert at typing on a computer!

This is the year 2018. Can we move into the 21st century and eliminate paper and pencil so we can save trees?

Amazing how much technology evolves I clearly prefer typing then to turn in crude handwriting of mind that's almost ''guitar like.''

25 Free speech zones

This is more of a college issue than a K-12 school issue, but it's still a major issue that exists in the United States. For anyone that knows the constitution, you know that congress not writing a law that goes against the people who peacefully petition against the government is the most important piece of it. Free speech zones are a complete departure of that, as they restrict protestors into a singular spot. Specifically, a spot where they're far less likely to be reported by the mass media than supporters. In case this isn't obvious enough, free speech zones is far more akin to an Orwellian government than a democracy. Not only are they outdated (Most college professors don't even know when they were constructed, but they're believed to be constructed around the civil rights age, making them decades out of date) but they go against everything that makes America a prosperous country. If you want to get rid of violence in the nation, go after groups like Antifa or let the police do ...more

This is just Jim Crow propoganda! We should have all of america be free speech!

Free speech doesn't exist in schools.

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