Favorite Users About: Velitelcabal

Jared, AKA Velitelcabal is one of the best users and my friends on this website. He is such a kick ass user and great friend. Really nice and kind person dude :D

Reasons to Love Velitelcabal

1. He have great taste in music

Jared has have great taste in music, especially heavy metal. Her favourite bands like Linkin Park, Metallica and Lacuna Coil. I'm a LP Soldier with him. I love Metalica, but the old Metallica yes but the new... BLAH! Her favorite songs like What I've Done, Master of Puppets, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Numb and Creeping Death etc.

2. He likes Linkin Park

Linkin Park is the best band ever, need I say more?

3. Her favorite song "What I've Done"

What I've Done is Jared's favorite song. This is one of the best Linkin Park songs and the first Linkin Park song I heard. I heard from the ending of Transformers (2007). The chorus is awesome and lyrics and music video are meaningful.

4. He is nice

Jared is such a friendy, nice and amazing person. Her comments, lists and remixes are awesome, funny and enjoyable. Have you seen any comments? AWESOME. Truly a great Bro :D

5. He come from the Philippines

Philippines are beautiful country, I love their nature, their people and beautiful girls like Angel Locsin, Marian Rivera. Hi hi ^_^

6. He hates One Direction

They are one of the worst bands in the world. These guys completely trash.

Final Notes: I have a lot of friends. But Jared' place is seperate. Cool user, cool name, cool friend. He is truly ROCKS!
Jared you rocks bro!


This guy kicks ass! How come he's not huge here? He truly deserves it! - UltimateHybridX

I'm glad to see him rip apart terrible and immoral songs like Anaconda and We Can't Stop. - visitor

Yet again, you only like him because of his opinions. - Puga

We are LP Soldiers dude :D - 05yusuf09

... - Puga

Yet again, I only like Puga because of his criticism. - visitor

And yet again puga feels need to criticise for no reason at all - Forsaken

Funny - EvilAngel

Well, it's fine if he wants to state his opinion. Everyone is entitled to do that everywhere, but with rights comes responsibilities. - visitor

Thanks mate, I appreciate being mentioned by the legendary Forsaken. - Puga

And THIS is why I love him! - RiverClanRocks

Yeah, for his opinions? - visitor

Not just that. - RiverClanRocks

He's a great user. - cosmo