In-depth analysis on the Do's, and Don'ts in Fantasy Football, How To Prepare Yourself

htoutlaws2012 Ladies and gentleman for some of you fantasy football is the hottest gambling addiction on the face of the planet, and t help in your quest to win I have some tips for you to not get lost in the sand like a casual fan would not knowing whose who etc.

Do #1: If you go in a must pay league at some time pay it immediately it will save you plenty of time even if you get defeated sooner than later on the weeks.

Don't #1: This is the most common thing you should always keep an eye out for, and that's show up to the draft you just purchased imagine not showing up to the draft than get pissed at the fact what you have at your disposal because you screwed up by not playing close attention to draft preparation 101.

Do #2: First Take a look at your Bye weeks, and than also look at what's more valuable than just a Quarterback a good supporting case around you the RB'S, THE WR'S, and yes TE'S are arguably the most important position to target while QB is also a big piece to you team imagine if a guy like Aaron Rodgers whose been #1 for awhile in Fantasy football got hurt than whose your #2 gonna be I suggest target one in the mid rounds you should find a good deal there.

Don't #2: Do not draft a DST, or a kicker within the first five round of the draft. Why you basically waste a golden opportunity on a guy who could prove to be a valuable steal in the later round area. A kicker you should take probably last round, and a defense would be at best an 8th round pick.

Do #3: Consistently being on active to your roster, and what happens from week to week. If you miss a week for whatever reason and its filled with players on bye week you could be screwed, and lose that week because you didn't keep up with the pace as it happens.

Don't #3: Being on the minimum amount of time on your team two reasons could be your busy doing stuff in real life, or you hate the team you drafted, an that's that you just did not have any care into the team you constructed, and thus you lie the bed of defeated immediately.

Do #4: Invest in planning ahead of what is best for your game, and not with your heart this include biased towards home team players think for yourself, and the money on the line at the end of the day.

Don't #4: Draft every single player from say New England Patriot, and think your gonna win that way is a highly unlikely scenario.

Do #5: It could be a big benefit to have two tier 1 players of the same position as bold as that sounds you could good trade investments out of it.

Don't #5: Don't draft players you hate, and chose to trade them right away play it out, or don't even go that route.

Do #6: Go after the unavoidable primary tail backs because there gonna get all the touches rather the guy who is just gonna be there to backup whoever the super tail back is you draft Bell, Elliott, Johnson, Fournette, Gurley, etc.

Don't #6: Do not go for the unknown #1 Wide Receiver projected, or the running back by committee run players. This would include teams like Dolphins, Cowboys, Titans, & Redskins there the only four teams who you can't really trust with a wide Receiver enough to say maybe they could be that guy until the end of the season. There's a lot of team that run a committee system these include Saints who used it effective last year, Lions, Packers, Titans, Redskins, Seahawks, Dolphins, Patriots, Browns, Raiders, basically half of these teams who don't have a definitive #1 tail back just yet. Avoid these ideas because it will hurt your team let that play out when injuries play a factor.

There is my six takes on what you should do, and don't do now next is the players themselves who should you target as sleepers, and who should you avoid in this years draft well let's go through each one by position, and work our way to hopefully getting that feel is real.

Avoid These Guys

Cam Newton - Yes his more fantasy player than he is actual stats, and thus this year I would not take him as high as he is projected as a top 5 to 10 fantasy player this year I don't know about that he can move, but his O-line looks really bad for him to do it all by himself.

Ben Roethlisberger - Although its gonna be the final farewell perhaps for Big Ben he may not have a happy end this year his receivers are already banged up, and the two weapons I see him going for is Bell, a not 100% Antonio Brown, and Juju. An emerging Jessie James perhaps, even as a top 15 fantasy quarterback I'd be every cautious with Big Ben even in his final year.

Alex Smith - Alex Smith comes off his best season statistically, and now he trades in the awesome supporting cast around to a not very healthy/worse supporting cast. Guice is out so you get the duo of Thompson, and Peterson which who knows how that will look, and one of the worst receiving core groups on paper. When I say not very healthy well Crowder was banged up dropped balls, and Jordan Reed barely played last season i'll get to him a little later actually, but still why trade him to a team that's average on offense?

Jameis Winston - Simple he might not even play in 2018 possibly Ryan Fitzpatrick everywhere he goes takes away the starting job to those expected to start,and thus Crab legs Winston could be out in Tampa based on the tension between him, and the head coach Koetter who may be out likely if he doesn't have any progress above his division rivals.

Dak Prescott - Despite an impressive offensive line his behind oh wait 3 of those guys are banged up look out Dallas might be in trouble in the passing game. Its all about zeke Elliott, Prescott is not the answer for a backup nor a starter for your team.


LeSean McCoy - For me the guy who is the offense for Buffalo is gonna monitored very carefully he is this years Ezekiel Elliott he could be out at any moment if the case with his girlfriend is brought back up again he'll be a massive headache for anybody who dares take him as a 2nd round pick.

Kenyan Drake - In terms of how unpredictable this Dolphins offense has become I wouldn't draft a guy who is not necessarily a #1 tail back of his own squad. Creates massive headaches Between Frank Gore, and that rookie they picked up Ballage. Drake being as high as his projected is a calculated risk, and one that can easily be avoided just by the look of the roster, and how that shapes up.

Ronald Jones II - Jones has looked super vanilla so far, and i'm more impressed with Peyton Barber a guy who could quietly make a name for himself this year in fantasy he started coming through towards the end, and seeing his got the starting job his deep sleeper compared to Jones who is gonna be more less the #2 behind Barber.

Rashaad Penny - Definitely not even a #2 tail back I'd trust he'll slip a lot on a ton of fantasy drafts many should look at offensive line, and realize how weak Seattle's O-line truly is, and if you easily foresee that happening than yes getting a guy like Penny is completely useless.

Lamar Miller - An average running back at best more like a flex player a weak one at best, or a backup your gonna have to pickup, but really you want nothing to do with.


Demaryius Thomas - Thomas is in a weird surrounding in 2018 he had a luke warm still decent, but not nearly how it was a year before that, and Case Keenum is at quarterback, and he could throw more to Emmanuel Sanders, or Courtland Sutton the rookie, or even Royce Freeman while Demaryius could be a mid-season trade casualty i'm scared to even bother with.

Josh Gordon - His been out of football for a longtime, and while i like the guy to comeback in the form he was in 2013... i'm just not sure if he'll be that same guy who dominated in a single season.

Kenny Stills - Does anybody know the true #1 in Miami because frankly I can't tell between every guy who is no clear cut one, and Stills was nothing more than a 3 or 4 when he was in New Orleans, while the other two were nothing more than 2's more than anything. Parker is in a tough situation his suppose to be this 1st round pick a couple of years to be that big two next to Landry, but instead Stills was slightly better which means are any Miami players worth a draft receiver wise?

Alshon Jeffery - Jeffery looks to be out the first half of the season a big loss for the Eagles here's the bigger situation that's high risk will he be back to give you help in free agency or is he gonna be out for the season, and on the pup that's the risk you take.

Devin Funchess - Not a #1 in Carolina just not to me in the slightest, Torrey Smith I might as well add next to Funchess as avoid because the guy you should target D.J Moore might be the guy to aim for despite being labeled a three in their roster could be big in that offense.


Evan Engram - Second year player which means he won't be as good thus go for Odell, and if your that confident go after the rookie sensation, but Engram will have a down year, and his already banged up to boot if that doesn't give you a sign of things to come I don't know what does.

Jordan Reed - Injured Prone could be out after this year go after Vernon Davis instead could be a sleeper nobody thinks of, but go back to his San Fran days he was great when Alex Smith was his favorite weapon.

Tyler Eifert - Again almost the same reason injured Prone a lot like Jordan Reed, and Not sure if Kroft is guy to go for instead I'd say there are better options around him.

Eric Ebron - Don't buy into the Pre-season hype Jack Doyle is their guy not Ebron he'll get less of those touches and be inconsistent like he was in Detroit.

Jared Cook - Speaking of inconsistent go back and check the stats on Cook not the guy he was in Green Bay, and Derek Carr is gonna more to his three receivers than opposed to his Tight End who barely gets thrown to him.


Chargers DST - Chargers defense has been pretty banged up, and wow it could be in the middle of the road there not a top 10 defense for me.

Patriots DST - Looked super exposed, and I don't see it getting any better maybe up front, but everywhere else looks very ugly on paper usually an average defense, but sometimes average is not enough ask Nick Foles, or Alex Smith.

Lions DST - I gotta be honest that whole defensive Coordinator change is gonna show, suddenly Lions went from a decent defensive team to probably what could be one of the worst defensive scheme in football I just do not like this feeling one bit.

Steelers DST - Okay let's be honest Steelers Defense is not that great as it once was, and next how bad they are against elite rushers is a bigger concern moving forward the team is a bit bad on both side of the ball at times, and that could create a problem this season, and Steelers will not look as unstoppable like previous years.

Cowboys DST - They were one of the worst last season, and there is not that much of a difference here i'm just not sure if there gonna be good enough consistently to have teams score less than 20 points even with a secondary with a ton of question marks.

Alright almost done now we get into our 10 Big sleepers nobody thinks about that could your secret key you should role with if that player is still available.

10 Mike Gesicki, Rookie Tight End from Penn State this is the only guy in the draft that could be a sneaky good top 10 guy based on the fact his overlooked based on the surroundings of weapons Tannehill has which is above average at best, could this best his best target by the end of the season I bet it could very well be.

9 Falcons's DST, Atlanta is getting better on the defensive side of the football, and that might be a way that not all hope is lost for Atlanta if the offense turns around than this team is back in full force contention. The rush could be the weakness, but a pretty solid core linebacking group, and fairly good secondary can be underestimated by many as a well balanced sorta defense all around.

8 Marquise Goodwin, He is projected the #2, but he plays like a one over there thus a big threat for Jimmy G to go to for how freakishly fast he is back as the Olympian sprint to victory.

7 Royce Freeman, Probably one of the few rookie running back I actually really like where he sits in both the real draft, and in this one an unknown, but one that could have the juice Keenum needs to confuse opposing defenses with, and if all works Broncos might be a surprising contender this year.

6 Mitchell Trubisky, The only Quarterback a lot of people are giving him some harsh low rankings in fantasy football pretty huge disrespect considering look at the weapons around him Allen Robinson, Anthony Miller the rookie, Trey Burton, Jordan Howard, and Tarik Cohen this is an underrated stacked offensive unit right here that almost remind me of the 204 season back when their offense was extremely good look out because Da bears could be a lot better this year under new head coach a offensive guru.

5 Vernon Davis, Like I said Jordan Reed is damaged goods, and I like the fact there is a possibility Davis and Smith could connect a lot this season realistically makes sense for how god awful the whole offense looks.

4 Peyton Barber, I'm telling ya do not go for Ronald Jones while yes his a young back he does not look like the guy I fought he might be going into the season, and I like Barber because he did look very good towards the end of last season, and might have relations with another NFL legend Tiki Barber

3 Kerryon Johnson, This might be a bit homer bias, but i was not a fan of this pick of Johnson, but I could still be right, or wrong. I expect the Lion to have a failure season in year one of the Midwest Patriot Way in Detroit, and in doing so what I wanna see moving forward a massively improved running game Kerryon gets all the touches, while Blount can get the goal-line touchdowns deal?

2 Keelan Cole, Why is he on nobody's radar seriously this guy was a star toward the end of fantasy football. Cole is that guy who have a much bigger year, and look more like Bortles's favorite target to go to, and if you pass him up you will regret making that move for either going into auto pick, or whatever else you see that's not nearly defensible.

1 John Ross, My boldest sleeper this year could be John Ross many say he is the technical fastest player in the game by the numbers, and if so he should really be having a much better second year hopefully if all goes well if he gets hurt again, an again its a matter of time before we label Ross a big flat out bust in both realistically, and in fantasy.

There is my full guideline for all of you, and good luck in your drafts this year I hope this helped you until next time bye.