Why Does Everyone Like Ariel?

I feel like Frozen covers up for the making of 'The Little Mermaid', 'Sleeping Beauty', and 'Cinderella', because it shows that true love isn't having googly eyes on a hot guy and then marrying him after a day or five minutes of dancing or whatever..

Be honest, wouldn't Ariel fall much more for Hans then anyone else? Honestly, if Ariel was in Anna's place, "OH, 'TIS A HOT GUY, I LOVE HIM, I MUST MARRY HIM LATER ON IN THE MOVIE.", which is how she felt about Eric, then later they dance at Elsa's ceremony and eat sandwiches and chocolate, and sing a corny, yet romantic duet, that pretty much solidifies it, and when Hans asks her if she wants to marry him, duh the answer is yes.

BUT THAT'S WRONG, THAT'S WHAT FROZEN WAS TRYING TO IMPLY. Honestly, is it right in any way to make a deal with the criminal enemy of your father, trade your voice for plastic surgery, and leave everything behind, JUST TO IMPRESS ONE GUY, I mean I know SOMEBODY'S going to say something like "Well, it was true love 'cause she saved him and she always watches him.", um yeah, if you save a hot guy and you watch him all the time, which is (please don't kill me), kind of stalking, he's not going to fall in love with you. MARRYING SOMEONE THE NEXT DAY IS NOT RIGHT.

Come on, don't you think that's the slightest bit weird? How would you like it if a mermaid princess neglected her duties, like not even bothering to show up in a recital that she was the star of, just for the sake of 'adventure', and she has a statue of you that she always cozies up to, which could get disturbing fast, and she always watches you on your boat, heck, she could watch you when you're sleeping, and then one day she saves you and sings to you, probably so you can 'fall in love' with her, but turns out her dad doesn't approve of her liking you, so she goes to a criminal's lair and trades her voice for plastic surgery and only considers what she's leaving behind for a few seconds. She can't speak, she's wearing a sail on herself, and she brushes her hair with a fork, and the only thing completely feasible about her is that she's trying too hard, but she's really pretty, so that makes up for it. Pfft. You meet another girl and realize the weird, pretty red-head wasn't the one, but of course, that doesn't cut ice for her, so she gets her friends to sabotage your girlfriend as you get married one day---of course, she's a criminal, but the real reason for sabotaging is "YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM.", and then she turns out to be a giant sea witch that you have to murder with a harpoon, of course, the red-head doesn't care about your well-being as you lie on the beach unconscious, she's only worried about your relationship status, so she gets her dad to give her a sparkly dress so you can fall in love with her and marry her the next day.

How is any of that right? , what are Ariel fans going to think?


Hahah, you are so right. I've always tought the same thing. Belle, Elsa and Rapunzel are way better characters. Ariel is kind of stupid teen girl to me. Ok she is pretty and has great singing voice AND she's a mermaid. All of this is cool and makes her a likeble character, but the best Disney princess... ehm, no. - visitor

True. Ariel is kinda like the others. I mean all the princesses have there own personality and stuff! - WaltDisneytoptens1937

I completely agree. I like jasmine better. Jas would have been like "hel no! " - coolactress198

Ariel is a little mean and selfish I mean she disobeys her father and then falls in love with a guy just because of their looks. This is exactly why princess Belle is the best she doesn't care about looks and her family comes first to her because she unlike Ariel cares about her father more then herself or anyone else. - visitor

Sure, Ariel is a part of the Disney Princesses, but through comparison, princesses like Belle, Mulan, Jasmine, Rapunzel and Tiana prove that she is by no means the best. - visitor

I'm sorry, but you're completely wrong there. Falling in love with Hans would be an easy mistake to make at first, and trust me, a lot of disney princesses would make it. Anna is not one of those dreamy girls but Hans managed to manipulate her. Maybe Ariel could fall in love with him, but she'd soon realize that he's a jerk. And Ariel did NOT just love Eric because of his looks, it was true love and her destiny. This might not convince you but if you look at her later movies she's got an amazing happy relationship with him and they're perfect for one another. When Ariel first fell in love with Eric it was a bit of a crush but later on, she found out what a great guy he was an fell in love for WHO HE IS! So I'm sorry but you're wrong - visitor

I agree. - coolactress198

She's right - visitor