Ht's Analysis: 2018 NFL Draft NFC Draft Grades

htoutlaws2012 Unlike having to go by all eight division i'll just combine each conference, and do this way thus space it out fairly done to the point you know i'm not having 8 posts quickly done like that let's get more advanced now shall we. The NFC conference many of which I did like how they approached their draft, and yeah there was a few I didn't like, but I say a lot more winner than losers on this side of the fence. With that said let's take one more look back at the NFC conference 16 teams how they could fair well in the draft, and shape up in the regular season moving forward. Well go by alphabetical order no favoritism by any means.

Arizona Cardinals: I was surprised how well Arizona did their draft, if we look back, and Rosen becomes the guy than Thank goodness because Arizona has had enough of seeing quarterbacks in their 30's as starting premiere guys to count on that are pretty much damaged goods. Kirk is small compared to Fitzgerald who could use some help since his rarely had a great #2 which Anquan Boldin as the last really good serviceable player to that. Getting a center late in draft seems about right for a terrible offensive line that needs to build, and build. Than they just completely crazy taking a running back in the 4th, and a corner in the 5th ending with a tackle who will be cut in pre-season tryouts. Arizona was fairly decent in a good way that I didn't expect them to take what I believe is the best quarterback of the four, and if that Rosen guy develops into a great player then mission accomplished on the long term player rather than a used parts hunk of garbage in Sam Bradford or a Mike Glennon. C+

Atlanta Falcons: Atlanta started off pretty hot with Ridley, and Oliver, but then they hit a road block of a ton of these questionable moves like Ito Smith, and Russell Cage. I get you wanna stock up on offense, but sometimes its best you wanna have a ton help on defense I mean its Dan Quinn here. C

Carolina Panthers: Carolina's draft was for the most part a puzzled out mixed bag. Like Atlanta it started off with a lot of upside, but the they go an take an extra corner for what reason who knows. They should of had the chance to snatch up somebody like Arden Key still on the board pair him with A veteran like Julius Peppers than yeah you got something building, but missed shot there. They chose to do some strange things on day 3 of the draft like taking a depth Tight Ends, and take not 1, not 2, but three extra linebackers why are we into that a lot in past Ron Rivera? Another thing that bothered about Carolina is they never once took an offensive lineman in this draft Cam Newton needs protection to find some space. C-

Chicago Bears: ''I really like this draft from Da Bears than I did last year, you didn't need to overreach for anybody in this draft they got what they needed without panicking. A lance Briggs like stud in Roquan Smith, a steal center in James Daniels (who may rotate into guard apparently), and also the fact they gave Mitchell Trubisky an extra weapon at receiver in Miller made me Bears won big in terms of the first two days they did a really good job.'' B-

Dallas Cowboys: ''I really thought the Cowboys went all wild card from beginning to end with what they ended up with ultimately a stunner pick with Vander Esch which does make sense since there are injury concerns of Sean Lee, but the bigger need in the first round as a Wide out Dez Bryant was released weeks heading into this. Next thing you know Jason Witten really throws off Jerry Jones's game by announcing his retirement, and thus they waited all the way to day 3 to finally take basically a blocking Tight End. They met there needs, but a lot of questionable moves made in a short amount of time Dallas probably wishes for a redo.'' C-

Detroit Lions: ''I like the Center pick I have nothing wrong with it he seems like a rock there, but the fact they actually kept going on the offense really got mixed for me sure the fullback late in the round I get to fill in for protection, but then you only draft two defensive players that are depth picks at best. Not a good balance, but Bob Quinn still has a soft side for Bill Belichick that's what we learned most of all in Day 2 of the draft.'' D+

Green Bay Packers: ''Okay one thing in there draft I didn't like is that they reached only on their first pick other than that they did an excellent job upgrading pretty well for Both Aaron Rodgers, and the secondary getting treated with proper care.'' B

Los Angeles Rams: I gotta say for a team that didn't do a lot of activity in the draft in LA's A team in the Rams they have some deep talent they grabbed up inn the later rounds some really big steals in the trench like Ogbonnia Okoronkwo a guy I though was a day 2 pick for anybody that needed an interior defensive player. They drafted some interesting prospects all of which have a great chance to stick around even. B

Minnesota Vikings: Its hard to really say where Minnesota stands as a winner, or a loser honestly there very neutral to defer from the halves. I fought Mike Hughes was an immediate wasted pick sense Vikings look great in the secondary. Hughes is only shot is beating Trae Waynes who at times isn't always onto of his game. I do like the tackle depth in round two definitely seems to fit sense Minnesota had some big issues there, and could use more help there in case something goes down like that again. They even took an offensive lineman who can play both Tackle, and Guard which works out hopefully well. Some con things I sensed is that Minnesota got too crazy taking defensive end pickups that make absolutely no sense. Kyle Rudolph is secured, but maybe taking another depth guy somewhat fits, but then to take a kicker right after loses all credibility might as well of had that guy undrafted. C-

New Orleans Saints: I'll be honest and say I did not like what the Saints did in their approach to this draft. The one thing I do like is they went out, and took Davenport who they suspect to there key to the defensive line for major disruption. I get the wide receiver pick, and all, but at that point taking a Tight End would of worked since Coby Fleener is terrible in their offensive scheme. Then they just added a lot of secondary unlikely to start depth guys which gave me the sense wait a minute there is two glaring position that should of been better cared one of those I pointed out blatantly, and linebacking core is not quite on par as you think that middle core in the defense is the weakest line. D+

New York Giants: ''Oh man Giants hit some straight up gold in this draft from taking the generational back to providing that with protection, and than take some trench depth on defense as well as a backup quarterback late which is unlikely to to take Eli's starting job anytime soon. While they probably won't get better right away... the New York football Giants are int he right direction of rebuilding in a future to look forward to this process.'' A-

Philadelphia Eagles: ''The First time super bowl champion Eagles had a very good draft for waiting as long as they did David Akers taunting Dallas was great, and to top it off steal the guy they wanted in round 2 thanks to Jason Witten's sudden retirement announcement genius move by Doug Pederson, than you get a pair of steal pick Sweat fell hard in Day 3, as well as this very unique last pick from Australia. If that guy can transition from Rugby to the NFL oh man the Eagles could be repeat champs.'' B+

San Francisco 49ers: ''Ugh... I still like the McGlinchey pick by far, but they passed on Christian Kirk for Dante Pettis that was quite the overreach at round 2, and than to draft only one linebacker really makes no sense. The secondary had improved last year, and yet Reuben Foster this mental case has been doing some bad off-field issues things does give you more choices out there in case of loon activities. Way too many picks in the secondary not sure what John Lynch thought of that process on day 3 other than yes I get it he played Safety himself, but come on.'' D+

Seattle Seahawks: ''Rasheem Green is probably going to be the one bold spot outta this draft class sense they really gambled on the one hand sensation Shaqum Griffin in the 5th round now reunites with his brother let's how the griffin era does in Seattle my bet it won't last long. Other things I absolutely had a distaste with the Seahawks draft is the amount overreaching on guys like Rashaad Penny, Will Dissly, even a punter in the 5th round. Usually Pete Carroll is brilliant with these late day 3 picks, but this year I'm not impressed one bit.'' D-

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: A lotta experts loved the Buccaneers draft, and the way they played it out was pretty impressive not reaching super hard, and being able to pickup some extra picks within this years draft. Their first selection of Vea looks really good he could be that Warren Sapp they have been missing for awhile now, and to replace Doug Martin with Ronald Jones the II ironically in the second round. You take two corners one that probably should been a safety, than take the second corner who looks better on tape. Needless to say they addressed one big vocal point of a dead last passing defense. Like many others teams that barely bothered with offensive line help, and thus we will find out if Jameis Winston can finally get himself back to his rookie year when he was showing the doubters all wrong he has upside to make plays for that offense. B-

Washington Redskins: ''Washington had a very sneaky good draft in my estimation while Payne was a bit of a reach he'll help compliment Jonathan Allen in the defensive line stopping the run in pursuit of any incoming quarterback. Then you get what I think was one of the biggest steals of this entire draft grabbing a guy like Derrius Guice of LSU who slid way down than from the anticipated late first rounder just insane to me everyone though the character thing was a concern yet Mayfield, and Allen still went as they were so why Guice for? Needless to say he'll fit perfectly with a deadly running attack Washington looks set with paired with Chris Thompson who looked absolutely phenomenal until injury now you got some insurance policy to really give Alex Smith look more confident throwing passes. One nitpick though is they should grabbed more receiver because I'm not a fan of the team receiving core, but hey you drafted some great first 3 round talent.'' B-

That is all for now until next time we will be closer to regular until than let's see what the future will hold for some of these teams as they prepare for some competition to stay on their respective roster.