Comparison Battle NewArena Vs Ht Ranking All 32 NFL Starting Running Backs From Worst To Best

htoutlaws2012 Welcome back to another comparison post this time instead of going after the radio i'll go after an obscure site not this was made in late July compared to mine which is well late August the irony so they go first than I go second like usual.

NewArena's List

#32 Marlon Mack, Can't disagree having a Colt dead last on here seeing that Indy will having either Mack, or that Wilkins guy they just drafted.

#31 Devontae Booker, Probably a no go for me the guy to watch out for that could be sneaky good is Royce Freeman.

#30 Derrius Guice, I had such high hopes this guy was gonna be a superstar, but sadly he has to wait his turn another year which means either Chris Thompson or Adrian Peterson are gonna get the carries of what he could of had this year.

#29 Sony Michel, not so sure on this one Belichick doesn't really care too much whose running the ball it could be anybody different as the weeks go on. I mean if I give the nod to somebody over there strangely its Burkhead the guy who hurt Brady's hand.

#28 Jamaal Williams, Could be a surprise hit this year nobody sees coming Philbin is back and the running game has been terrible since the departure of Eddie Lacy that needs to change this year. Williams could be that shining or that Aaron jones guy when he comes off the suspension list.

#27 Ronald Jones II, He might be the Doug Martin guy however I like what I see outta Peyton Barber more than I do from what I've seen from Jones I'm not impressed with.

#26 Rashaad Penny, I don't like Penny at all to be honest. Barely tape of how he'll look, but i'm going to assume with that O-line he will not be that successful in his rookie year just no way Chris Carson maybe, but he got hurt last year which did not help much for Seattle.

#25 Isaiah Crowell, Still a decent tail back with some fumble knocks here and there, but could be sneaky good he did have that one solid year with Cleveland. He could fit in well in Bowles scheme perhaps.

#24 Joe Mixon, Way too low Mixon had a okay rookie year, but he could have a big year two change it all depends on how the O-line will look while it looks bad on paper they did get Billy Price which could help things up deep in the middle more and more punch in goal line opportunities.

#23 Marshawn Lynch, Could have a great bounce back year seeing how many doubters there are Beast mode might come back to form this season his better than some of the tail backs ranked above him.

#22 Kenyan Drake, I would rank him way lower on the list just because there's a three headed monster at running back, and you truly don't know whose getting the most reps of those three guys thus the fact his 22 feels a bit too high.

#21 LeGarrette Blount, Sure he'll be clutch getting in the goal-line I hope that's why we got him for, but Kerryon has to be big immediately this season for me to feel comfortable in this Lions team down the road on the running game.

#20 Jerick McKinnon, Small, and speedy that's what worked for Minnesota when Dalvin Cook got injured they gave off to him more than Murray at most times. McKinnon creates confusion hitting the hole thus 49ers will like this upgrade in the running game, and that Alfred Morris is a solid #2 tail back even if he ends up not playing a few games.

#19 Dalvin Cook, Wow only nineteen really should be at least top 15 Cook could get a lot of touches this season could
strike fear into opposing rushing defenses.

#18 Carlos Hyde, Somebody who shouldn't be on the list yes his the projected starter sure, but Nick Chubb is the wildcard that could be a cerebral assassin for the Browns this year I just think Carlos Hyde is gonna have those demonic like fumbles like he had with San Fran, and that's all there is to it.

#17 Lamar Miller, Way too high Lamar Miller to me is just an average running back with no new tricks his very predictable, and that his never had a good Offensive line in his career.

#16 Derrick Henry, Yeah that's about the area I would put him actually his gonna be splitting with Dion Lewis, but he is the leading back just slightly over him at least. His style of running could be very effective in a lot of games where here gonna have to commit to the run and short thrown balls.

#15 Alex Collins, His a sneaky could tail back, and if he stays consistent this season than the Ravens might have the next Jamal Lewis on our hands a guy they could rely on for years whose pretty half way decent to good to take some pressure off of the quarterback.

#14 Christian McCaffrey, Could have a huge year he had a very fair rookie year not a total bomb, but he did get a lot of target just not the big yardage Alvin Kamara had that same year. With dead weight Jonathan Stewart out of the way McCaffrey should really starts getting the most touch reps of anybody on the offense yes even more than a close to done Greg Olsen.

#13 Jay Ajayi, That's fair I guess to have him at 13 if Wentz ends up not playing early on he could provide being a huge helping the first few games if they can managed to escape with some of those wins Jay is the go to guy, and his behind a very impressive Offensive line.

#12 Melvin Gordon, Hopefully this time he gets the most carries, and Austin Ekeler can be more of the short pass type guy for Rivers to open up to if every man is covered down the field.

#11 Saquon Barkley, Honestly top 15 is very fair top 10 you are absolutely crazy because I would not be surprised if he has a very soso rookie performance just based on his O-line is okay, but not entirely great as some put it just based on the two major upgrades.

#10 Devonta Freeman, Freeman is a very solid back the last few years always reliable in the endzone, and extend plays for Matty ice i'm fine with him just barely being top 10.

#9 Jordan Howard, Yes I think Jordan can be a dynamic player this year if he can catch the short balls he can go the distance with anybody in the league.

#8 Kareem Hunt, Second year player... but this one I can trust being where his at because Patrick Mahomes I have no idea who he is gonna trow to mostly, but Hunt should have another solid year just based on the fact is he gonna start strong, but finish strong as well if so truly a legend in the making in Kansas City.

#7 Alvin Kamara, Kamara is gonna have a down year this year second player I'd put him 10 9 at worst knowing yes he'll be an important player, but Saints I have a feeling will be more of a passing team than a run team this year. Plus You also got Mark Ingram need I say more on that situation once his off the suspended list.

#6 Leonard Fournette, I like where Fournette is at Six I do believe he is almost their entire offense aside from another guy that could be big this year for the Jaguars Fournette could pound on many defenses up front causing rush D-lines to panic in his war path to TD's.

#5 LeSean McCoy, Probably the biggest risk taker headache of ll these running backs while yes Shady is a great player let's hope he isn't found guilty of that evidence of beating up his girlfriend gruesomely otherwise begin at five is more of a two path way of looking at it.

#4 Ezekiel Elliott, I can't deny the top 4 tail backs in the order at where there are more personal favorites, but there at least accurate. Ezekiel Elliott to be completely honest is the Cowboys entire offense rest on his shoulders to move the ball. The passing game a total question mark meanwhile we know Dallas can the football commando style storm down thus Elliott for me is a top 3 running back just base don vital importance to a football team.

#3 David Johnson, Could have a very great seaso if everything stays the way it is David Johnson if healthy could return to glory how we remembered him in 2016. Arizona to me is in a rebuilding season Larry isn't gonna last any longer, and when you have Sam Bradford starting a couple of games that probably means something is wrong here so they'll lose with dignity this season. All eyes on David Johnson because he has shown he can do it all.

#2 Todd Gurley, Should be the top guy well at least to me Todd Gurley is the most electrifying player today and he proved it last year. That had to be one of the best bounce back years for a very terrible second year I have ever seen. As the season progress he just kept getting more faster and deadly in both the run, and pass game its like he took what David Johnson did, but made it more exciting to watch that Rams team last year Marshall Faulk watches on with a smile indeed.

#1 Le'Veon Bell, Finally we got Bell who I get why his the top choice his in a contract year his final year as a Steeler what will he do next he better be wise exactly where he plays next because that could be the testament of his career. A guy who was great in Pittsburgh, but let's say there was no way he could withstand the Colts O-line you know what I mean? Imagine that after having a what looks to be solid year, and going t get all the reps base don how banged up Brown, and Juju are Bell is the ultimate weapon when the triple B's are all not on the field.

That ends their list ugh... now here's my take Now I've given you my take on all 32 plus other I have on my list, and then take a look at the stands i'm at with this. I will not re explain (like before), but just give the idea, and tell me in the comment which of these is better looking overall.

Ht's List
#32 Marlon Mack
#31 Rek Burkhead
#30 Chris Carson
#29 Kenyan Drake
#28 Jamaal Williams
#27 Kerryon Johnson
#26 Nick Chubb
#25 Lamar Miller
#24 Isaiah Crowell
#23 Chris Thompson
#22 Peyton Barber
#21 Royce Freeman
#20 Marshawn Lynch
#19 Derrick Henry
#18 Jerick McKinnon
#17 Jay Ajayi
#16 Joe Mixon
#15 Saquon Barkley
#14 LeSean McCoy
#13 Christian McCaffrey
#12 Alex Collins
#11 Melvin Gordon
#10 Alvin Kamara
#9 Devonta Freeman
#8 Kareem Hunt
#7 Leonard Fournette
#6 Jordan Howard
#5 Dalvin Cook
#4 David Johnson
#3 Le'Veon Bell
#2 Ezekiel Elliott
#1 Todd Gurley

Thank you i'll see you next time.