Ht's Analysis: NFL 2018 Week 1 Recap

htoutlaws2012 Ladies and gentleman this was one of the more unpredictable week 1's in recent history, and that's in a good way. I enjoyed majority of these games, and the moments within them, and let's dive into the madness that was Week 1.

Thursday Night Football

Atlanta Falcons Vs Philadelphia Eagles: This was a hard fought game between two very good defenses in the end Atlanta's wounds were not enough to prevail over the underdogs once again Philly soaring high thanks to Jay Ajayi getting two big touchdown on the ground.

Sunday Games (1:00)

Houston Texans Vs New England Patriots: Oh my did Watson not get off to a fast start immediately he got swallowed up by that Patriots's Defense you don't say. The big killer though was the Texans's defense not doing its job stopping Tom Brady thus Gronkowski was almost couldn't be matched by any of the defenders no matter what they could do.

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs New York Giants: Well i'm kinda impressed with what the Giants ended up doing against one of the five best defenses from last year, and keeping the game very tight to the wire however there was too much to handle even at home.

San Francisco 49ers Vs Minnesota Vikings: Jimmy G's streak is intact, and he fought with everything he had not a good game in term of stats, but man he tried to put the pedal to the medal to the Vikings defense who was wrecking havoc on the niners offense not getting much going early on thus the winning streak was no more the undefeated has been broken.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs New Orleans Saints: I'm absolutely speechless for one this was my survival lock of the week, and I lost the Saints actually lost to a team that wasn't expected to win that many games stun the world as Ryan Fitzpatrick his best game of his career throwing those balls all over the field and even more so how did New Orleans allow no pressure to begin with so many problems being seen early on from what is suppose to be a favorite of the NFC South is looking to be on alert. Yes its one game, but if this continues onto the next game and week after that. This defense needs fixes now before its too late. You can't have Drew Brees do it all if your defense gives up 40+ every single game that's undisciplined football.

Tennessee Titans Vs Miami Dolphins: Ugh... honestly this is the one game I didn't like, and to be honest it hurt Tennessee significantly there already heading into the season as a very injured plagued team they already deactivated two of their draft picks, and a key offensive lineman. In this game in between the two weather delays Mariota gets hurt twice, Delanie Walker ends up being out for the year, and things were looking good to now looking down south on the offensive side of the football. This could be a long season for first year coach Mike Vrabel. Plus This Miami I don't consider legitimate considering the fact they played a team that was not even 100%, and the fact they basically wanted to leave due to the fact they had to stick it out this badly, and never cancelled the game.

Buffalo Bills Vs Baltimore Ravens: Holy crap that was a ''molly whop'' for the ages folks Baltimore absolutely destroyed the Bills with mean spirit fueled in John Harbuagh after just missing the playoffs last season this is there way of saying payback. Also why would you start a guy who is not exactly experienced in Nathan Peterman, and cut AJ McCarron if your not fully confident in your rookie this could potentially be the worst offense in football.

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Cleveland Browns: Awe man I pulled so hard for the Browns to finally end their losing drought to the Steelers Big Ben looked terrible out there, and frankly Pittsburgh didn't deserve to tie how amazing this game was for like the first 4 Quarters was very exciting took my breath way to be honest with you. Cleveland's defense put a ton of pressure not relenting staying aggressive only to not have the game winning field goal blocked that sucks to what could of been a classic in the making.

Cincinnati Bengals Vs Indianapolis Colts: This was a very close game surprisingly I expected Bengals to really put the breaks on Luck all day luckily they won by snatch out Doyle's hands as the unknown player who recovered the football took off like a rocket as Bengals get away with the well earned W in Indy.

Sunday Games continued (4:15)

Kansas City Chiefs Vs Los Angeles Chargers: Another good game i'd say I wouldn't say great, but for the most part I liked what I saw from both offenses. The defenses as looked to be expected were very bad and not having Joey Bosa is a big factor to why they ended up losing this game barely any pressure put on Patrick Mahomes when he aired that ball out to Tyreek Hill who mind was running like a juggernaut on the field. Chargers ended up picking back up the pace, but only to make a boneheaded decision by not going for it, but go for a field goal while that's the soft way of keeping it close its worse when you probably should of went on that 4th down when Phillip Rivers was on a hot streak that's one that coach should reexamine himself.

Seattle Seahawks Vs Denver Broncos: Both in the middle type teams that went out and put on a pretty good show in mile high, and even when Russell Wilson was sacked a whopping 6 times he still managed to get it to his others receiver Brandon Marshall, and made Will Dissly a nobody a star in this game Denver was not expecting. Case Keenum did not have a pretty game, but started to really roll it out to his receivers when Thomas, and Sanders started to get involved things really picked up, than finally the running game got going, but not in the way you expect as the duo of Royce Freeman and Phillip Lindsay for over 142 yards combined that's right not Devontae Booker this unknown was running back did enough damaged for them to get that extra field goal needed.

Washington Redskins Vs Arizona Cardinals: This was of the least looked forward games to me, and well somebody had to win this game in the battle of mediocrity Washington just did better controlling on both sides of the ball I mean 30 first downs, and one notable thing of this game is how good the duo of Chris Thompson, and Adrian Peterson was really throwing off this hat looks to be tanking Cardinals team. Keep losing, and help Josh Rosen that's the agenda stick to it.

Dallas Cowboys Vs Carolina Panthers: What was labeled the game of the week okay being America's team traveling to Carolina. Both defenses fought real hard, but in the end not even zeke Elliott could run the offense all by himself against that 4-3 defense. Some say it was an upset no not to me they were not favored in my mind infact I have better question why hype this team up the way you did?

Sunday Night Football

Chicago Bears Vs Green Bay Packers: This was looking to be a disappointer when it looked like Aaron Rodgers was carted off not from the back, but in the front of the cart which I found to be very intriguing to see happen. Khalil Mack was wrecking Green Bay early on things were looking familiar without Rodgers, but than suddenly he came back out of the locker room fine towards the end, and He looked like the immortal quarterback nobody could fend off back in his prime came back to be Da Bears that was incredible not many quarterbacks can do that.

Monday Night Football

New York Jets Vs Detroit Lions: Dear God the Lions legitimately look atrocious like there gonna be the bottom cellars of the tough NFC North division if this defense continues to be this bad. Stafford looked awful, the running game was horrible. The only positive out of this is Kenny Golladay was the player of the game, and his best play was keeping Trumaine from having Jets get back the football other than that this team look like garbage. Meanwhile Sam Darnold looked similar like a young Brett Favre out there, but I don't believe that offense quite yet.

Los Angeles Rams Vs Oakland Raiders: I honestly went to sleep at this rate because that Lions Jets game was so bad I didn't want to go on, but eventually waking up I don't look surprised that the Rams dominated for the most part as they should meanwhile a long season ahead for Gruden's Raiders.


I was just as surprised as you were with that Buccaneers game. Also, that Sunday Night game sure was thrilling. - PackFan2005