Big Cats

This is definatly not the right list. Leopard should be No.1 because they can bring down prey such as Buffalo, Gaur and Giraffe which can be more than 5times their weight, they can swim, climb, run at top speeds and they are super camaflauged, they can live in almost any habitat, have the biggest range of any wild cat and are the most elegant big cat also they are the strongest animal to body size. Tigers are next because they are the biggest cat and really powerful. Lions are next because they are deadly hunters but have to work as a team to bring down large prey. Jaguars are next because they have most powerful bite. Pumas are next becaues they have the 2nd largest range of any wild cat and can do almost anything. Snow Leopards are next because they superb stalkers and live in harsh conditions. Eurasian Lynx' are next because they can take down huge deer such as Moose and Caribou in the icey arctic. Cheetahs are next because they are the fastest land animal but are 8th because they are not as powerful as above. Next are CLouded Leopard because they live solely in the trees and jump down on large prey from above or chase monkeys. Ocelots are next because they are by far most beautiful cat and can take down monkeys, Capybaras and deer.

My List:

1. Leopard

2. Tiger

3. Lion

4. Jaguar

5. Puma

6. Snow Leopard

7. Eurasian Lynx

8. Cheetah

9. Clouded Leopard

10. Ocelot


Absolutely brilliant right list definitively - visitor

Brilliant - visitor

TIGERS 1 - hsd

My favorite is the black panther - visitor

I've gotta say TIGERS RULE! - rainbowdashrules

This was my list. I'm not joking I did it a while ago. I'm was only 10. I do think it's the right list that was just in reply to the one where Bengal Tigers are top. - visitor