Media Showdown Episode 43 - Pennywise vs Laughing Jack

Clowns. Those things are horrifying. And these 2 killer clowns are no exception. Pennywise from the movie It, and Laughing Jack from the creepypastas. Welcome to Media Showdown. I am your host Ultron123 and let’s get on with the characters.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is the Pennywise from the recent movie It, not the Dark Tower Pennywise or the book It Pennywise. Nevertheless, Pennywise is still a force to be reckoned with. Pennywise has its shapeshifting, which lets it morph into anything it wants. It can also sense anyone’s greatest fear, like a mummy, a clown, Mike’s burning family and Bev’s dad. Pennywise also controls all of Derry and it can also regenerate from wounds. It also is visible only to its victim. Needless to say, Pennywise is horrifying, but it’s not perfect. It scorns and underestimates humanity and considers them toys aka it’s cocky. It’s also very illogical and does random things for the sake of it. Also, it gets stronger from fear and is sensitive to psychic energy, so fearlessness, collective belief and courage can overcome it. Last but not least, when it shapeshifts to something, it has to follow the rules of that specific something, which can be put as a disadvantage.

Laughing Jack is a creepypasta who lures in children, usually neglected or lonely ones and pretends to be their friend. However, this is just pretend. He later kills them by ripping out their insides and stuffing them with candy. He has teleportation and invisibility to help him get into the house and to stay hidden. He can also create hallucinations and nightmares in order to break the minds of his victim and to trick his victim. His arms are also clawed, allowing him to stratch his opponents. Also his arms are elastic, stretching long distances. He can casually pick up other creepypastas and can throw them. He can also make shockwaves into pavement. Laughing Jack isn’t perfect by any means though. He has his powers, but even though he isn’t necessarily a human, he should have the durability of a human, and that’s a generous high ball, since he’s a jack in the box personified.

Post Analysis:

⛸🚴⛸ SPEED 🚴⛸🚴:

Pennywise: 375 MPH
Laughing Jack: 40 MPH

Without considering the teleportation of both of them, Pennywise can move at the speed of a bullet train. Giving him the absolute benefit of the doubt, he moved over 375 MPH. Laughing Jack is described as peak human, which is 40 MPH. Pennywise is clearly superior.

🤜🏻⚔️🤛🏻 STRENGTH 🤛🏻⚔️🤜🏻:

Pennywise: 1,000 pounds
Laughing Jack: 1,000 pounds

This is a tie. Both a considered peak human. 1,000 pounds is basically how much a Olympic champion can lift. So this is a tie.


Pennywise: Power - Town Level
Durability - 206 pounds
Laughing Jack: Power - 1,000 pounds
Durability - 1,000 pounds

Pennywise’s power is at least town level, since he controls all of Derry. His durability, however, usually varies. But his base form clown can take hits from 7 children smacking him on the side. Lowballing this would be 206 pounds. Laughing Jack has the power of peak human, which is 1000 pounds and he should also have the durability of peak human which is also 1000 pounds. The winner in durability is Laughing Jack, but the winner in destructive capability is Pennywise.



+ Existed Before Time And Space
+ Great Manipulator Of Minds
+ Great Mental And Physical Fighter
+ Exists In An Alternate Realm
+ Killed A Lot Of Children
- Underestimates And Scorns Humanity
- Does A Lot Of Illogical Things

Laughing Jack:

+ Great Manipulator Of Minds
+ Sneaky As Heck
+ Killed A Lot Of Children
- Not Many Feats

When it comes to both experience and intelligence, Pennywise easily wins. Pennywise existed beyond time and space and killed children since Derry existed. Laughing Jack has killed a lot of children and is good at using his abilities, but never to the extent of Pennywise. These two categories go to Pennywise.

❌🗒❌ X-FACTORS 🗒❌🗒:


+ Shapeshifting
+ Hallucinations
+ Invisibility
+ Regeneration
- Has To Follow Rules Of The Object It Shapeshifts Into
- Sensitive To Psychic Energy And Bravery, Collective Belief, Fearlessness, etc

Laughing Jack:

+ Elastic
+ Teleportation
+ Invisibility
+ Hallucinations
+ Claws
- Is Only Human

The winner in X factors is Pennywise. His abilities are more impressive and he has more experience using that power. And not only that, his weakness of psychic energy and collective belief, etc., can’t be exploited and every other weakness is hard for Laughing Jack to exploit.

🎊🎉🎊 THE VICTOR 🎉🎊🎉:

🥇 Winner: Pennywise

How Easily: 7 - PRETTY EASILY

• 9.375 faster
• 2,000 times more powerful
• Smarter
• More Experienced
• Better X-Factors

• Strength

• 4.854 times less durable

If you want to see a slashers vs creepypasta war, then just let me know and I’ll try to do it.

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