Terrible Advice

Advice can be good. Its great for games, HW, and lots of other stuff. But bad advice, like, "jump of this cliff! Zeus will save you!" is terrible. Here is one piece of terrible advice:

[Follow your dreams]

Now, you might be thinking, "what? how is this terrible advice? this is GREAT advice!" but in reality, it's not. How can someone tell you to follow your dreams if they don't know what your dreams are? Think about it. If your passion was to, say, get on American Idol, it doesn't mean you will. In fact, thousands of people try out for American Idol, and most get rejected because they didn't have the talent. They go home, sad, and think they're ruined forever. See, passion and talent don't go together.

Say that you are looking for a job. You want to be a engineer. That was your passion. By only looking in that one direction, you've missed out on a whole bunch of opportunities that could of left you with a great life. You could of made yourself into the richest person in the world, the most famous, the most awesome, or just a pretty normal life.

After college, graduates are rushing to find jobs that are "socially acceptable" and rejecting the others. this causes masses of people applying for a certain group of jobs that is already stable and needs no employees, and no one applying for the rest of the jobs that so many bosses are working relentlessly to get a stable number of employees.

I'm not saying to not have passions. You should. But just keep it in your hobbies. Do your passions when you have the chance. But don't do your passions when you're making the money that helps to support you.



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