Ryan is the best-off and on the field

Ryan truly was the greatest. Yes is win/loss total was nothing to write home about, but if I were a manager in a most win situation, Ryan is the go to guy. Lower ERA than Carlton. Carlton didnt know when to stop. Had he bowed out 6 years prior, I may give a nod or to in his favor. Ryan was intimidating, dominating and still a down to earth guy. Off the field, he wasnt blowing his money at lavish parties or buying fancy cars, he invested his money. He never lost his style, or his love of the game. These guys now get payed more than most world leaders do and still complain and pitch 230 innings per year. Clemens was dominating, but lets be honest, not the guy I want my son looking up to for any lessons on character. Ryan was a professional. He didn't whine about doing his job. Most guys do nothing in the off-season, Ryan took his exercise and off season workouts as part of the job description. No doubt when he took the mound, you had better make sure that you had your a game on, cause you werent gettin many hits. He certainly walked more than an unGodly amount of batters, but thats what makes his numbers that much more impressive. They still couldnt score. His teams certainly did not come to his aid in that area either. If he had played for the Orioles in the 70's or the Reds, you would be looking at a 400 game winner for sure. Most lists are based on stats, thats the game. Stats are a huge part, but they dont always tell the whole story. Nolan, you are still the class act.