New considerations for the best guitarist.

windycityboy Maybe it's just because I'm a bit older than my esteemed reviewers but I'd suggest two guitarists to the list. First, consider Laurindo Almeida. A classicaly trained Brazilian guitarist. Next, and don't hurt me for this one...consider Glen Campbell. Most people just think of him in one way but if you really want to get an idea of what a fast guitar is, listen to his video of the William Tell Overture. It'll spin your head and give you a new appreciation of his skills. I'm really not about what's hot or popular, I like to find quality. These two artists deliver quality but were not in the mainstream of this category. Anyone who appreciates guitar can enjoy these two exceptional musical artists.


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Check out Shawn Lane. He was in the truest sense of the word a prodigy. He was touring with Black Oak Arkansas since He was 14 and went on to create his own methods of playing. Noone can shred this fat man. - visitor

Howard L. Johnson is just as good if not better than any of the top ten list. There is nothing he cant play when it comes to the guitar and even has quite a few original chords of his own. Just not as recognized as the others. With over 2000+ Songs written with the abililty to create a new hit song on any subject, in any genre, anytime. - visitor

I think that Brian May from Queen must be considerate as one of best guitarist of the world cuase he's versatility for play many rythms is awesome - visitor

Steve Ouimette, I think is the best gutarist ever, just amazing what he does with old school songs like devil went down to georgia and we three kings, amazing - visitor