John Frusciante

fruman Please kiddies, you are too young for drugs. Please put down the crack pipes and come to your senses. And, just say no to drugs. I've been around this planet long enough and have witnessed enough guitar greats to know that you cannot be serious with some of these selections for Top Ten guitarists ranking ahead of John Frusciante, aside from many others. Synyster Gates? Dimebag Darrell? Slash? At least Slash has some credibility....he had to endure that jackass Axl Rose. Take these names out for a spin, ever hear of James Marshall Hendrix?, Stevie Ray Vaughan?, Alvin Lee?, Eric Johnson?, Steve Howe? David Gilmour? Adrian Belew? Robert Fripp? And then there is John Frusciante, simply and purely a genious. A genious in every sense of the word; lyrically, musically, and dimensionally. Now for the kiddies out there.....there's more to being a great guitarist than trying to catch your fingers on fire. Speed isn't everything. No drug reference there. Melody, music theory, varying techniques, constantly trying to be better than yourself and not the other guy. Because usually, the other guy is crap. Look at John's contribution to RHCP...success before he left and after he returned. There is a reason for that. And another thing, John isn't in the business of being popular or selling a ton of CD's...almost said records....if you like his stuff, great and if you don't, he's fine with that as well. And if you don't like it, well, I feel sorry for you. John is in love with music and not the music industry. He will play anything and play with anyone, any genre, any time. And he will bring his gift to all. Give John a try, you'll like it.


Couldn't agree more. Frusciante could be a lead singer if he wanted too. Check out his vocals on By The Way (album not song). - Chickenlegs

he is my personal god!!!!!!!!i think he is the best of all the others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
clean it up johnieeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
- visitor

i completely agree john is a god! celluloid love got john frusciante!
- visitor