Hardest sports

People saying swimming is easy obviously have no understanding of the sport and it makes me laugh when they say it's easy. They all search the topic because they are ignorant people and just care about getting the credit they think they deserve for their sport and say none could be harder. It is completely stupid I'm a swimmer and had to quit all other sports at 12 to give time for swimming as i was told i was undertraining as an 11 year old training 8swim sessions a week and 5 dryland sessions, i had made the state team for soccer at 12 and soccer is harder in no aspect in the terms of what is actually "hard" (soccer had the most people trying to claim it was harder than swimming, obviously you don't understand the sport ).

I'm now a 16 year old swimmer and i train 11 swimming sessions a week every morning and night through the week and a saturday morning. i also do 3 gym sessions after training on 3 of those mornings and 5 dryland sessions before training in the afternoon and anyone who is descent at the sport trains around that much. So to start with obviously we put in a lot more hours than nearly any other sport. The sets we do are ridiculous.

When we swim the majority of the sets involve trying to sprint at your best as your shoulders start to give way, your holding down spew waiting till you reach the end to spew and then you keep going and pushing yourself so hard your heart rate exceeds maximum BPM and you still keep going and pass the point of complete exhaustion. That's what seperates swimming from team sports, i'm not trying to say they are easy but there's not many other sports i hear where an athlete has passed out from pure exhaustion, their shoulders and forarms have gone red and swelled up purely from how hard they've pushed themselves not an injury, they've pushed their legs beyond the point where they can no longer walk.

Admittidly we don't have someone trying to stop us, or beat us up but it makes up for that in terms of how hard we push ourselves and i know when i've been punched in the face, broken a bone etc it is no where near as painful as training. I'm probably not going to convince any of you that swimming is harder than your sport because you are arrogant and aren't willing to accept anyone could train harder than you, but hopefully those who are saying it's easy might understand the reasons why swimmers are saying it's not.

I respect the athletes from gymnastics as i know they put as many hours into gymnastic as what we do into swimming but nearly everyone has just come hear to to claim they're sport is the hardest and the rest are easy and it's annoying, it's completely understandable that you think swimming is easy because what you have done with swimming has been but I can assure you it's not.
It'd be like you saying "gymnastics is easy because i can do a backflip" those doing gymnastics obviously push themselves a lot further than just doing a backflip. In the past i've done gymnastics through school for sport and can say that was easy but i'm not going to say gymnastics is easy because what i did there and what gymnists do are completely different. similar to the way swimmers push themselves a lot harder than just swimming.

I'm not saying it's the only hard sport but it's hard an people need to acknowledge it.

The reason swimming is so underrated is because people don't understand the sport and what it takes to train for it at an elite level. I'm not going to try and claim it's hard to be able to learn to swim.

but training for swimming is one of hardest sports their is (I don't say the hardest because once you reach a certain level of difficulty on the list, it's down to how hard each athlete from each sport is willing to push themselves).

Michael Phelps has half the average lactate levels of not just the average person, but half that of a proffesional athlete. Your body doesn't become that much stronger than proffesional athletes by training easier than what they do.


And those who do water polo, I've seen representative teams train in the lanes beside us swimming plenty of times and your training is not hard not once have I seen the water polo players get out of the pool barely able to walk spewing while their heart rate is at it's maximum possible level. - visitor

Its hard right! - visitor

I am a swimmer, male, aged 16.
I train 14-16 times a week for 6 hours per day, sometimes exceeding 8 hours if I feel up to the task.
The rest of the hours of gym and core landtraining, we swim around 80KM a week and drop down to 30k on taper. Swimming is the hardest sport in my opinion.
Competition is the worst by far, all those lengths you put in, training year-round to shave off that half second, I couldn't explain the pain into enough detail. (Excuse the bad grammer and spelling) - visitor

I am 8 years old and I have been swimming my whole life I am a second away from a record! - visitor