The Angry Outlaw #22 Roman Reigns

htoutlaws2012 Hey there ladies and gentleman its wrestlemania season, and its getting closer to the big PPV, so to start with every post this week will relate to anything Wrestlemania related. Today's topic is more focused on the star then how he got there. It makes me sick to my stomach talking about this man.

His the meanest outlaw in all of america,
He does not hold back from anything or anyone,
he'd rather stick it up there's and go screw a limp wang,
Then talk about the dreaded terror of furious strength in full power of rage there is no stopping him,
He is the Angry! Angry! Outlaw!

Powerhouse to Booman Reigns: Words Can not describe how much the world hates Roman Reigns right now, and since the end of 2014, but why is that? ''Vince McMahon loves sweaty men.'' I remember back in 2012 when I actually was liking the guy as apart of the shield as a heel. Something new and fresh that wasn't done before. The shield dominated the whole 2013 year, 2014 started and well the one good spot of the rumble was reigns eliminating his teammates, he thought they were gonna get him out. Ambrose tries to reason with Rollins to stop, but ultimately was ineffective. Reigns went on to the final two only to be eliminated by Bootista. ''can you believe in nightmares!'' Yes, Yes I can sadly. Split from the shield by backstabber Seth Rollins who went on a great heel run. Ambrose and Reigns were not pushed as hard when they went there singles ways in 2014. I think the hate started with his weird some say rigged slammy superstar of the year win. Which should of went to Brock Lesnar, but I digress in BS right. Enter the 2015 Royal Rumble Match, It was safe to say that Daniel Bryan should have lasted longer in this match instead of like what 6 7 minutes tops which is ridiculous for a guy who was at his prime moment. This was the beginning of the end for this match as Roman Reigns comes out #19 the crowd was complete opposite of the reaction he got last year as the underdog. Know the favoly predicted to win. Oh what do you know Final Four, Reigns (oh no), Kane and Big Show (heels), Rusev (heel, and underneath the ring). The rock comes out tries to halt the booing very ineffective the crowd still s***ing on this match. Even worse Rock pretty much gives away Rusev's cover thank a lot rock. Reigns wins, and beings a endless cycling of the now popular nicknamed Booman reigns. Once used for Batista, now Its officially, and still is Booman Reigns. Odd enough since that whole I guess outrage they decided to give Daniel Bryan another chance. Unfortunately that turned into a sick joke as Reigns won the match. Moving on to WM 31, and the match was alright. Seth Rollins made it better by cashing in on Reigns that makes the end to this PPV a happy victory for everyone who hated Reigns with a passion.

Lower Card, Back to the World Title Picture: It looked like they were doing something right by having reigns start from the back of the line for a good 7 months, until winning the so disappointing deadly game tournament 2. Saved by Sheamus, although that show should be more creative and not bland. Now sets sight on the league of nation loses in the ladder match, next night on raw wins the title. It looks like the help of Vince McMahon really trying to get you to cheer him on right? 2016 Royal rumble comes knocking, and Reigns was the clear number one entrant, and coming into the area the crowd was still anti-reigns (The pop for Styles was epic by the way). Final Four Sheamus, Triple H, Dean Ambrose, & of course Reigns. Sheamus gets eliminated then Triple H quickly gets reigns out (the crowd is loving it). Triple H wins the match, and most likely faces reigns in an obvious set up. Wreslemania 32 the stage is set, and the crowd is ready for the boolicious entrance of roman reigns. Man did they booed to the top of the voices. Reigns wins the heavily booed match throughout, thus begins the awful roman empire era. Reigns then goes to fight AJ Styles (who deserved better then to make Roman look way to strong. Thankfully Seth Rollins came back and took the title away from Reigns, but how long would that last?

Brand Extension Returns & Still Baby Face Heat: It was announced WWE was going to bring back the popular Brand Extension, during the draft at round 3 or maybe 4 Raw picked the 2nd most (behind Muhammad Hassan) unwelcomed choice in draft history that being of course Roman Reigns. At the time he was suspended for wellness policy which may have played a factor in his brief long title run. Skip down to the 2017 Royal Rumble, and well the show was not terrible like the last few years. Its just I question why they went this route. Owens retaining is the wise move, Strowman's unexpected interference must mean he won't win the rumble right? This rumble match had a lot of misses then hits. First Strowman should lasted longer then he did since he cleared one third of the field. Tell me how the hell Roman Reigns coming out at number 30 makes any logical sense!! For one I thought he would not be even in the match, think about this WHY DOES HE GET ANOTHER SHOT! If AJ Styles Lost against Cena earlier in the PPV, WHY THE HELL would you put Roman Reigns as the final entrant? There was so many speculation as to who it could of been, Samoa Joe would have been perfect(even if he wasn't going to win), Finn Balor (coming back from injury would of been great seeing), Shelton Benjamin (great Royal Rumble Performer originally supposed to be on Smackdown, but got hurt what's going with him now), but no Vince McMahon said let's troll the audience by giving them something to remind us all of the last 2 dam years of shoving Reigns down our throats on essentially the royal rumble match. Should I go on? Gir! If you were not pissed off by now well the way the match was going how could you not be. Reigns not only eliminated most of man in the ring, but the Undertaker to boot. Orton shockingly, somehow got an RKO on reigns, and then eventually through him out. Reigns was on his from really making this one of the top 3 worst rumbles in recent memory.

Assumption: I do not hate the real Life person, I hate the character being portrayed and booked. Similar to a super cena like booking. Remember how much people had began to hate John Cena? He kept winning matches and rarely put over anyone (well he did recently, but still). If they keep this jeering up, Then WWE has accomplished one thing. Make a clone of the super cena character and literally jeer the living hell outta him to death. If he goes into Wrestlemania 33 (predictably gets booed, and actually beats Undertaker) fans are gonna be incredibly pissed off with reigns.


Vince McMahon: They want Samoa Joe as entrant Number 30 in the Royal Rumble, so for entrant Number 30, let's give them a Samoan who's first name is Joe!

Great rant by the way. - visitor