Full-fledged List Analysis: Most Important Events of the 2000s

NuMetalManiak What a decade right? People thought the world would end before it started. Anyways, lots of stuff happened, so which are important and which ones not so much?

1. September 11, 2001: It's been 7 days since the 18th anniversary of this and people are still deriving bad conspiracy theories on it. Who cares, it was a terrible attack made by militants from Al-Qaeda that killed thousands of people and that's universally bad.
2. 7 July 2005 London Bombings: So accordingly, this is Britain's 9/11, something that they would remember the same way.
3. Michael Jackson dies: Calling this tragic is one thing. Calling it the "most important event of the 2000s" is another. This is a celebrity death, and while a bigger scale than others, it's less important than major political decisions.
4. 2008 Mumbai Attacks: India's 9/11 here.
5. Hurricane Katrina: While recent hurricanes are likely gonna be worse, this was a huge deal for its deaths and flooding.
6. Election of Barack Obama: Considered important for almost all the wrong reasons, but at least he made several good reforms.
7. 2009 Iran Protests: How bad were these I wonder?
8. Burger King Creates Chicken Fries: HAHAHAHAHA this is not important at all.
9. The Economy Collapses: Who's at fault? I blame the boomers as a whole and their greedy companies.
10. Boston Marathon Bombing: This ain't about the 2010s, it's about the 2000s.
11. Africa's Population Reaches 1 Billion: That's nice, but it needs to be sustainable.
12. Green River Killer Captured: If it's something entertainment related with no regard to real life, what's important?
13. BTK Captured: So this is Dennis Rader.
14. Cave of the Crystals First Discovered: How rich did the guys get after discovering it?
15. Michael Jackson Molestation Trial: Yep, the controversial Michael Jackson makes news everywhere.
16. Death of Bin Laden: Happened in 2011, not relevant here.
17. Pluto.No longer a planet.: I guess people were close-minded on what is the brunt of our solar system.
18. Saddam Hussein Captured: This was a good moment during the war on terror.
19. Euro Comes to Europe: And with the new currency comes the European Union, the same one the UK wants to leave now!
20. Tsunami in East Asia: One of the deadliest moments in 2000s, shouldn't have stuff over this.
21. Disney Bought Marvel Entertainment: Something big buys something else big. But does it impact the daily 2000s life?
22. YouTube Forms: Well, it was great back then...
23. War On Terror: It's basically not possible to stop all terrorism. A faction will rise up over something and will do terrorism to send messages to the government.
24. Water Is Found On the Moon: Haha, already someone is calling a fake. But who cares, it seems like it was important chemically speaking.
25. Ronald Reagan dies: He really was the best president to have done loads of reform in recent times (because not all of Obama's reforms came through).
26. The Virginia Tech Mass Shooting: Easily the worst shooting at a college campus, I worked with Virginia Tech graduates before.
27. The 2000 Election in Florida: If you must know, this recalls the extremely close race between Bush and Gore, and the controversy over Florida. I wonder if this is how Florida became such a controversial state.
28. Johnny Cash Dies: Oh a celebrity death is more important than a lot of people dying to a disaster.
29. Marvel NOW! Begins: And something that starts and is either really good or really bad is also important?
30. Outbreak of Ebola (2014-2015): Just look at the years here and this is already an invalid item.
31. The Lord of the Rings Film Trilogy Was Released: Entertainment stuff should have its own category of importance.
32. Dick Cheney Shoots Friend: If anybody in the Bush administration gets loads of flak, it's this guy.
33. The beginning of Bionicle: Yes I liked this when I was little. No it's not that important. You kids need to stop adding items that are less important than you think.
34. Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: It's incredibly tragic but at the same time this happened in 2012 so it doesn't belong here.
35. Glee Premiere (2009): Basically another High School Musical. Also ANOTHER ENTERTAINMENT ITEM.
36. Lakers win their 15th championship: And do people who don't watch basketball care?
37. DC Comics Starts New 52: Not important, nerds.
38. Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton: If there's anything that should never be considered national headlines for any reason, it's royal weddings in the UK. How many people care? Also this happened in 2011.
39. Pope John Paul II Dies: He was perhaps the most notable pope due to his own reforms.
40. November 26, 2008: Specific date, no specific event?
41. Plane Lands In Hudson River: The Miracle on the Hudson was a fantastic aversion of a potential disaster, how great that was.
42. Lebron Wins a Ring: This is wedding? Pass.
43. Tool Released Lateralus: Cool, a great album, but how is it more important than other things here.
44. Titanic: The Legend Goes on Was Released: Can somebody please wire your attention spans to stop thinking that entertainment stuff is less important than major issues that plague the 2000s please?
45. Kony 2012: Just look at the year and you'll know this item doesn't belong here.
46. Eminem Releases the Marshall Mathers LP: SHUT UP.
47. Celtics Win Their 17th Championship: WHO CARES
48. Shaq Retires: I swear there's no actually relevant important items on this list anymore.
49. New Movie 3 Stooges Released On Big Screen: It's a remake, the original stooges are already dead.
50. Typhoon Yolanda: Happened in 2013.
51. Les Paul Dies: ALL GUITARISTS MUST KNOW THIS ALL GUITARISTS MUST KNOW THIS! That's what you sound like. As if his death meant the death of every guitarist worldwide.
52. The 2004 release of Cave Story: I cannot understand TheTopTens obsession with Cave Story.
53. Revolution in Ukraine 2013-2014: Finally an important ite-no wait a minute this happened in the 2010s.
54. Election of Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister of India: I'm guessing this guy did some major reforms in India? Close enough.
55. 2000 Sydney Olympics: And I'm guessing this was a worthwhile piece of entertainment that had major moments.
56. Hurricane Wilma (2005): The strongest Atlantic hurricane of meteorlogical importance to the region, and generally one of the worst too.
57. The Song 'Down with the Sickness' Was Created: NOT IMPORTANT.

Half of this list can be separated into Most Important ENTERTAINMENT events in the 2000s and should not be mixed in with actually important stuff that happens worldwide. Please follow that, guys.


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