Full-fledged List Analysis: Best Things Related to or that Happened in 2018

NuMetalManiak Time to get away from all this downer stuff by looking at some good things that happened in 2018. Or so I would think.

1. Net Neutrality Repeal is Overruled: This is one I'm hoping is true but I don't really believe that it truly was repealed. FCC has been trying to do this, and yet they just don't realize how it affects everyone. I noticed my internet speed got throttled recently.
2. 90,000 Valentines Sent to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital: Hmm, as happy as it is, I'm not sure the children will ever know who these people are.
3. Avengers: Infinity War: I STILL haven't seen it yet.
4. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Got Married: Probably the most overrated event of 2018. Congrats to them, but really, it needed that much media coverage?
5. SpaceX Launched and Landed the Falcon Heavy: The first item I can definitely agree on. I'm all for space stuff.
6. Bill Cosby Found Guilty on All Counts of Indecent Sexual Assault in Retrial: R.I.P. career.
7. Eagles win their first Super Bowl in Franchise History: I'm getting tired of Patriots anyways. Also payback for 2004.
8. Logan Paul Quit Daily Vlogs: You people still care about Logan Paul?
9. Winter Olympics: I must've missed most of this, then again I don't watch sports.
10. Los Angeles Parking Meters Helped Homeless People: You see that Great Britain? Do this. Don't put spikes on benches to prevent homeless people from finding someplace comfortable when they can't afford it.
11. Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse of January 31: Alright enough once in a blue moon jokes. It's not exciting.
12. ISIS is contained: So it really is just an ideology huh? Guess it won't go away but it should be a thing of the past aside from a very small and non-influential group.
13. Childhood Cancer STAR Act Passed: This really does need to be a step forward.
14. North Korea & South Korea border meeting: Let's hope that a meeting between opposing forces is a peaceful one.
15. March for Our Lives Rally: There are honestly better ways to spread awareness like writing to senators. While it's a nice public outcry, quite a few students do this just to get out of school without knowing the context.
16. Trenton Lewis's 11 Mile Daily Walk to Work: Feel bad for the guy.
17. My Hero Academia Season 3: No, let's not put new TV shows here. They are not the most important thing in your lives.
18. The page item limit goes from 20 to 50 on TheTopTens: A step back to the ways TheTopTens used to be. Good one.
19. Brexit: I'm pretty sure a lot of people disagree with this one.
20. Attack on Titan Season 3: Things like this shouldn't be this high.
21. MY LEG - Spongebob Squarepants: Isn't this old?
22. Justin Timberlake's Halftime Performance on the 2018 Superbowl: The halftime show is my least favorite part of superbowls and everyone overrates it. Pay attention to the game.
23. White Hare - The Loud House: What an awful comment on this item.
24. Paul Ryan announces that he will resign: This isn't good for some people. Do not bring propaganda into this list.
25. Conchita Wurst's emotional coming out as HIV positive that inspired the entire country to show solidarity: Okay this is a weird coming out where you reveal you have a disease. Solidarity is fine, but honestly that really does suck to have that disease.
26. God of War (2018): BOY
27. Fortnite: Battle Royale: So I guess everyone no longer likes Overwatch because of this.
28. Star vs the Forces of Evil's Season 3 and 4: Come on. It's not that important.
29. Pepperoni Pizza Removed from Dominos India: What in the world even is this. Pepperoni is an amazing topping too.
30. Uganda Knuckles: No wae.
31. 16th-Seed Umbc Trounces 1-seed Virginia: WAY too specific.
32. Stitch’s Great Escape closes: I never even saw this, but hearing bad things about it and that it is seasonal (it hasn't closed) makes me wonder.
33. No Justin Bieber: Troll item. I have no hope for this list now.
34. Ending of the Thundermans: Seriously you all must grow up one of these days.
35. PBS Kids Dot and Dash are Back: NOT IMPORTANT.
36. Tide Pod Challenge: If you mean it ended then yes, otherwise get it off the list, stupid troll.
37. Deadpool 2: Yeah, okay, a movie is considered the greatest thing ever.
38. Lars von Trier allowed back to Cannes: Seriously? Stop finding excuses for racism to kick someone out.
39. Firepower - Judas Priest: Hmm, a new album, oh wait that's just more pop culture.
40. Cinemas open in Saudi Arabia for the first time: Well now Saudi Arabia is starting to become a good country.
41. A Quiet Place: Nope, not gonna bother here.
42. OnePlus 6: A nice advancement in technology and should be higher on this list.
43. Retail sale of marijuana begins in California: Hmm, an interesting step forward here.
44. Ready Player One: Stop overrating movie and media on a list where we need to look at positive outlooks worldwide. Media should not be on these lists unless it is a technological advancement.
45. Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting: Saying this is the best thing proves that this particular troll needed to get shot. What a disgusting sociopath.
46. BTS World Tour: Love Yourself: A South Korean boy band on a list like this. What has this list come to?
47. Nintendo Announces Super Smash Bros for Switch: Well that's cool, and even funnier to watch all the Waluigi fanboys cry.
48. Cavs knock off Celtics: Um, nevermind.
49. Ghost Released Prequelle: The rats.
50. The Loud House Victory Dance Off from Come Sale Away: This is a specific moment from a specific episode from a specific show. You people are seriously this, this DENSE.
51. NASA Curiosity Rover Found Ancient Organic Materials on Mars: Good.
52. Gloria Williams Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison: Okay that's screwed up.
53. Bad Witch - Nine Inch Nails: Oh so it just got released. Only 6 songs? Still doesn't actually qualify for this list.
54. The Heathers Reboot Was Cancelled: Shut up already.
55. Doki Doki Literature Club!: Oh my god you people are pathetic.

Overall, things that count as best things are technological advancements and peaceful diplomat conventions. Also removing of actually bad people from power too, along with the rise of good things from nations that need good things. Good things are NOT media-related, to tv show premieres/cancellations or movies or albums coming out. Rethink your life if these things are more important than worldwide matters.


I still like Overwatch actually, yeah that wedding was very overrated. - visitor

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And again, Ready Player One is an atrociously bad movie anyway (I actually AGREE with Ralph Sepe on that front) - xandermartin98

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