Grey Areas : The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Skullkid755 Wow, this site is so weird on an iPhone. After 2 years of using it on my laptop it’s so strange. I should really dust my laptop fans sometime. Oh well, it’s better than being nuked. Japan was nuked, whether it was the right choice or not is a grey area. I should analyze the for side and the against side this episode. I’ll do it now.

FOR - Why would people support it you may ask. I’ll answer that for you. People are for it because it was how the war was ended. There could’ve been another way, but tell me what another way could’ve been. We probably would’ve dragged out the war so long that even more Japanese lives were lost than those lost thanks to the bombing. Some say it’s because they bombed us first, but who did more damage? Should the punishment be way more severe than the crime? And did bombing Pearl Harbor cause birth defects and cancer?

AGAINST- Now you’re asking why people are against it. I’ll give you an answer to. People are against it, because they’re against the deaths of innocent people. I understand that. It’s a great reason to be against the bombings. But the world isn’t all black and white, sacrifices are gonna be necessary whether you like it or not. People against this also believe there was another way. There may have been but look at what I already said. And the method used in real life was the one that was proven to end WWII, no other way has been proven to work. And if the war went on until one side surrendered because they were obliterated, more lives may have been lost. And imagine if the axis won WWII...

So, like all things grey, bombing Japan with nukes twice isn’t black or white. No side is wrong when it comes to supporting or not supporting it. Which side do I agree with? Well, sacrifices are sometimes necessary in my eyes. And bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki was how WWII was ended and won by the Allies, other ways could’ve worked but which one did? Plus if the war would’ve been dragged out more lives would’ve been lost. So, I am for the bombings. But not because Japan was the first attacker, because revenge shouldn’t be more severe than the reason for it. I’m now done with this post so bye.


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What were we supposed to do ask them? I believe it was worth it. Atom bombs are quite a interesting story... deadly to the world as well. - visitor

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