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I am an avid craigslister and almost live off of craigslist but in no way am I biased in my opinion here.After researching through all the websites listed here and on the other lists, I found that only stand true to their reputation of Global, Trashfree, Clean, LOCAL classifieds. Another close competitor to craigslist is . To put it simply, I think of Selldude as 'Craigslist on Steroids'. But the site is new and has a long way to go in building customer base. Good never the less.

Below are the factors that I used to come up with my decision.

Money Minded:

The term classifieds is a bit murky. Craigslist redefined classified with the fact that only individuals selling used items were allowed to post in classifieds. Whether a website is classifieds, Used items site or Ads. Someone needs to sit down and define these terms. With the advent of new classifieds websites and with the amount of GOOGLE adsense junk that they post on their website, it is our responsibility to maek sure that the website is being responsible for its actions. Embedding hundreds of adsense ads in its listing just isnt the right thing to do.


If you think a website is LOCAL Classifieds listing only, one should understand what it means. Itmeans that nobody should be allowed to create a NATION or STATE level advertisement. Local means Local.

The end user does not have enough time to browse through junk just to find one small thing in the neighbourhood.

Bells and Whistles:

Do you really want Facebook, friendster, google etc etc integration when trying to post something? Does it make sense to advertise your entire life when in fact you are just trying to post a free ad for a small used item that you wish to sell? Get ride of all that social media junk.


Keep it plain, keep it simple.


Good Article. I really like craigslist too. And for that matter I really like any website that is simple as well. However, based on my experience as a webmaster I've realized that cultures such as India, China, Europe, South America are more inclined towards flash stuff. More adsense pictures popping up somehow gives them a feeling of 'genuinity' of the site :). - visitor

Well said - visitor

Nice clean website that Selldude is. Thanks for sharing. Had gotten tired of messy sites with thousands of adsense ads. - visitor