Full-fledged List Analysis: Most Overused (and Annoying) Words Online

NuMetalManiak Two posts in one day, go me. Anyways, an FFLA on something I've actually waited to do. What overused words, or actually phrases in most cases, are the most annoying?

1. LOL/ROFL/LMAO: First item is so bad it includes THREE TERMS. Basically the lazy goto internet abbrevations for when you find something funny. Except on the screen, it doesn't convey laughter.
2. Overrated: The word itself is actually overrated on this site, get it? You know, just because something is overrated, is it bad? Not really.
3. Gay: The goto phrase for the homophobic students in middle school or whatever. Basically it's used to negatively connotate things that people just don't like, which is bad for the LGBT culture who actually would prefer respect for the gays.
4. KYS: This abbrevation is commonly referred to as "kill yourself". Nothing but a term used to get a reaction out of someone. But what would happen if someone does decide to kill themselves?
5. Cringe: It's all thanks to the internet that a once decent word is now used to describe things that are hated. Basically it's like Gay except this time with more pretentiousness and nothing really to notate.
6. Autistic: "Hey look, this person is behaving immaturely online! Autistic!" Not to mention there are actually very good autistic people in the world, so this word has been ruined by the Internet.
7. OMG: You're too lazy to just say Oh my god? Or are you sacrilegious?
8. First!: For the idiots on the Youtube comment section, basically. Nothing but attention-seeking.
9. Sucks: Well yeah, life sucks. But there's no need to overuse this word on the internet to describe everything.
10. WTF: Man, a lot of these are abbreviations. Basically another reactionary one. Nothing much else to say about it.
11. Troll: Often used by sensitive people when dealing with others online. Though most do try to get a reaction out of the sensitive ones. Just ignore.
12. Racist: This one is unfortunately overused for such menial things. If someone is committing a crime, does that make them racist? Unless it's specifically a hate crime then no.
13. Cancer: Awful, awful problem for many individuals. Used about as much as Autistic just to offend others.
14. YOLO: One of the worser abbreviations, because it really doesn't tell anyone anything good.
15. Daddy: Don't see this one used much.
16. Epic Fail!: Often seen in videos of people getting hurt or otherwise. Um, it's pretty much something in most video descriptions.
17. Your Mum!: Mum is pretty much the redneck version of "mom". Also this isn't elementary school.
18. Harassment: Thanks a lot #metoo. You've ruined all credibility of what harassment means and I'm not gonna believe your reports unless you have physical evidence.
19. F***: Basically "It's the internet! I have free speech! I can say F*** and other cuss words!" actually if you act like this online then your free speech deserves to be regulated.
20. Elitist: In which everyone technically is one. Good elitists don't shove opinions.
21. Terrible: Is this actually terrible to use? I don't see it overused.
22. Duh: Probably more annoying in actual verbal conversations.
23. Triggered: Perhaps this is used by the ones trolling the SJW type of people. If you intentionally make their life hard, well, that's on you too you know.
24. Swag: High school rap culture gave birth to this one, pretty sure. People use this just to be annoying.
25. Salty: I love salty foods. Also this one probably came from League of Legends players.
26. Bae: It means poop in Danish? The more you know. It's not even a word.
27. Homophobe: Nah, gay is more overused.
28. Poser: Rarely do I see this one get overused. But poser people do exist.
29. SJW: Perhaps if the SJW kind of people would stop using some of these words or exemplifying these words, SJW could lose its meaning. But for right now, it stands.
30. Bro: No, I'm not your "bro", stop acting like a casual dude when you actually annoy people with that word, bro.
31. Dank: As if there was any more ways to ruin good memes.
32. Sexist: Ah no. Just as bad as racist.
33. Holla: Well, what can I say here that isn't gonna make me sound racist, hmm.
34. Illuminati: You're not a part of the Illuminati. No one is. Quit your stupid conspiracy theories and live normally in reality.
35. Ripoff: I guess this is used in video game chatrooms that take about games that are similar to each other.
36. Selfie: Selfies themselves are annoying enough.
37. Savage: Savage nowadays just means annoying behavior that is somehow considered as awesome. It really isn't. Annoying is annoying no matter what it is.
38. Liberal: Good liberals do exist, overshadowed by the SJW types that have unfortunately ruined the word.
39. Yo: Often succeeded by Mama.
40. Butthurt: You'll notice a lot of these can be synonyms, but still annoying. Like this and Triggered.
41. Chilling/Chill: Probably an Instagram word, not really that overused.
42. Pwned: Lame intentional typo is lame.
43. K: The classic stereotype of you replying to a girl in a text message and she replies back with K pretty much spawned this, this letter as annoying.
44. Meh: Not bad. Basically means it's slightly interesting but not really worthwhile.
45. -Ass: This is a suffix, basically put a word in and put the suffix in just to, well, sound like an ass.
46. Legit: The more people use it, the less they sound legit.
47. Clickbait: Don't click it then.
48. C**k: This can honestly refer to one of two possible cuss words, one of which became a political cuss word.
49. Chillax: I remember a near-impossible Doom wad that came by this name.
50. FTW: Either "For the win" or the opposite of WTF. Abbreviations are dumb.
51. Stat padding: I'd rather honestly be a stat padder than someone who gets annoyed by one.
52. Epic: It's the name of a good Faith No More song. Also the name of a good Doom wad and its sequel.
53. Noob: Surprised this one isn't exceptionally high on the list.
54. What's up?: I think "Wazzup" is worse, but nothing's up, doc.
55. Geez: Isn't that bad, even though it's not really a word.
56. So: Said by people who are emotionless and careless. Usually only said as a one-word response.
57. Hater: "REEEE SCREW YOO HATERZ" well maybe they have a reason for hating something. Do you know it?
58. Trololol: As if trolling on the internet could get dumber.
59. Hella: This term actually originated from South Park, and just as expected, another lame slang term.
60. Crap: Yes, keep talking about poop. You really love changing this site's reputation for the worse, don't you?
61. Jerk: To be fair, lots of people are jerks online.
62. F*** You (British Version): Apparently a cuss word is so bad there's a BRITISH VERSION. Wow.
63. 21: This almost made me screw up the list ordering. A number isn't a word. The age of 21 is the legal age of drinking in the United States. And you know what? This term is only annoying because of a lame addition meme no one cared about.
64. Dope: Love how it shows the nu metal band. They're actually dope.
65. Bruh: The worded version of rolling your eyes.
66. Fortnite: A game apparently has become an annoying word. How is that even possible.
67. Bitch: Don't let your mother catch you saying swear words online.
68. Corny: Barely see this one used.
69. Eww: May not be too annoying since it's always used to describe something that's usually disgusting. Of course, some people overreact.
70. Woot: Good job at succeeding in something. The slang term isn't necessary.
71. So what?: I see Anti-Nowhere League's song, or perhaps the Metallica cover, has annoyed some people.
72. Lolol: Okay you can stop with the variations of lol now.
73. lol: Thanks for ruining this list with duplicates.
74. Dawg: I actually do use this word sometimes. I dunno, growing up in a ghetto neighborhood causes me to assimilate some of their vocabulistics into my everyday life. It's okay.
75. Ayy Lmao: No one cares.
76. Like: Really genuinely surprised how far to dig deep just to see a word that's not just annoying on the internet, but in real life culture as well. Ruining a word used for similes isn't great, man.
77. Literally: I literally love this list.
78. Weeb: Watch ONE anime and someone who notices you watch it will instantly call you this. Weebs are the more obsessed version of anime fans.
79. Snowflake: Again, another synonym for a certain group of people. They must really be bad to have so many of them at them.
80. Edgy: Also used too often, for people who act like tough guys mostly.
81. Misogynist: Who's worse, a misogynist or a misandrist? Both are overly sexist.
82. Yuck: Eww is easier to type.
83. Man: Why don't you man up.
84. Moron: Well, sadly, there are people who act as such.
85. ASAP: Having just finished Phantom Brave and actually seeing this term used, um, it's not that bad.
86. Hilarious: Your reaction to something is to say it is hilarious but it's not hilarious for everyone.
87. hmmmmmm: Very condescending. Basically over-speculativeness.
89. Playa: So you can speak Spanish, huh? I like the beach too, even though sand is coarse, rough, irritating, and gets everywhere.
90. Dude: More annoying outside the online communities.
91. This: Yeah, I'm lazy so I'm just gonna quote someone and say this to confer I like the post. I'm a first time on the Internet kid!
92. Banter: More likely a synonym of this word gets used instead.
93. Lag: Not an annoying word, an annoying thing that happens.
94. Boom: Haha, well not really. Ready or not, here comes the boys from Lasal.
95. Rude: Unfortunately the rudest people online use practically every one of these words.
96. Smol: Someone please tell me where this one came from because I have no idea what it is.
97. Clod: Same with this. I don't hear this one used at all.
98. Beautiful: Whoever put this on here must be ugly.
99. Trash: I have Danny Devito to thank for making this word legendary.
100. Hashtag: Yay, another way to make the number sign annoying. Or the pound sign. Whatever.
101. MLG: You're not MLG. You're not a pro gamer. You're just there to be a nuisance.
102. Over-hated: You don't even want to remove the hyphen because you know spell check doesn't count it as a word.
103. Rustled: To rustle like leaves one must imagine. A soft, crackling sound created by dry leaves on a paper.
104. Graphics: Are definitely not over gameplay, let's put it at that.
105. Frames Per Second: FPS is probably more annoying since this is the full term. The abbreviation can also be confusing because it also stands for First Person Shooter.
106. Nazi: A goto phrase for the SJW crowd.
107. Nuked: "REEE I HATE YOU GO GET NUKED!" First of all, you wanna nuke someone, you're also nuking millions and causing catastrophe. Also you're not classified to even handle nukes.
108. Humble: This term is so humble that non-humble people find it annoying.
109. Shishter (Sister): This isn't even a term.
110. Furry: The community is mostly sheltered.
111. Ship: Used to put two fictional characters (often crossed over) together. Ruined by such fans.
112. Holiday: I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies.

Ooh, how will you react to each of these words?