The Fault In Our Stars: Book Review

I recently read John Green's famous book titled The Fault in Our Stars. This post is going to be my honest review of the book.

*Spoiler warning*

Short summary: The Fault in Our Stars is a story of a sick girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster. When Hazel's mom has her join a support group for cancer kids, she meets the love of her life, Augustus Waters. After becoming good friends with Augustus, she shows him her favorite book, An Imperial Affliction. Augustus loves the book, and decides to take Hazel to meet the author in The Netherlands. The do find him, but he turns out to be a total jerk. A few weeks after they return home, Augustus dies of his cancer. At the end, Hazel reads a letter written by Augustus and bursts into tears.

Age Rating: 12+

The Fault in Our Stars contains very mild sexual content. It mostly contains just flirting between Hazel and Augustus, but in one scene, they lie in bed together, only wearing their undergarments.
Sexual content: 11+

Kids die from cancer. There's not much violence.
Violence: 6+

Augustus owns a pack of cigarettes, although he never lights them.
Drugs and Alcohol: 6+

A few bad words, one F-bomb.
Language: 12+

The Fault in Our Stars is John Green's most famous book, but is it his best? I'd say not quite.

Beginning: 10/10

The book is really easy to get into, like most of John Green's books. It starts off by introducing the characters, and soon starts getting to the main plot of the story. Out of all of John Green's books I've read, it seems the easiest of the bunch to start.

Middle: 8/10

I actually feel like the book goes downhill after the halfway point. When Hazel and Augustus return from Amsterdam, it becomes a bit slow. There was also one part I hated, the part when Hazel yelled at Peter when he was trying to apologize. Thankfully, it picks up a bit near the end.

Ending: 9/10

The ending of this book has quite a nice ending. After being mean to poor Peter, she eventually comes to her senses and hears him out. I'm not going to say much more, since I've already spoiled nearly everything.

Final score: 8.5/10: Deserves its fame, but most of John Green's other books deserve the same.