Full-fledged List Analysis: Top Ten Most Awkward Common Situations

NuMetalManiak Too many times in our lives we deal with situations that are good, bad, or in this case, awkward as hell and could possibly ruin our day. Only 31 items to this list, but regardless, let's take an in-depth look at some truly awkward situations.

1. Walking into a classroom and realizing you're in the wrong class: Happened to me a few times in college. Usually though, this happens only on the first day, or perhaps when everyone is moving from class-to-class. The awkwardness dial goes up if you get into a classroom but the teacher is already teaching, so you inadvertently disrupt class without realizing it.
2. When you start talking to a stranger, thinking they're your friend: This may or may not be awkward. For the introverts, yes, the extroverts, definitely not. To be fair, casual conversation isn't frowned upon, and neither is ignoring conversation. To me, it is much more awkward when you keep hearing things that are more tiring than interesting in a conversation.
3. Needing the toilet in a public place where the nearest toilet is miles away: Isn't it obvious? I'd rather take the loo in my own home, where I'm okay with making the sounds. Having to use it in a public area just seems awkward, and especially worse if it's a public area that is popular, meaning the toilets are almost always occupied with people. Now, if it's miles away, then you're probably in bad luck, unless you're brave enough to do it in an outside place with reasonable modesty.
4. First date: Sort of similar to #2 except you probably know of the person already. But you try to do a good job of impressing your date and not making things feel boring, which can be hard depending on who you date.
5. When your device auto-corrects what you're typing into something totally different: Autocorrect helps if you are lazy to text, if you're not, or you're making a proper noun it doesn't recognize, then it practically trolls you. ALWAYS keep an eye on what you send in texts though, I'd rather not make a seemingly awkward situation dangerous.
6. Forgetting someone's name: Happens on the first few meetings with certain people you should know. If its coworkers, know them by name tag or something similar, get their messages or something, and walla, problem solved. It also helps to remember a face, so you can associate a name to a face to make it easier to remember.
7. Meeting new people: Introverts, this is where we grow up. It's problematic, especially since you don't know what anyone out there could be doing, but it's of importance to know who people are. You WILL get to know who people are in your surroundings though.
8. Being late: There are many reasons to be late, most of all forgetting things. I always travel super early to avoid deadbeat traffic, and I always check EVERY SINGLE THING because if I don't, the return trip will cost me quite a lot.
9. When you say a joke but you're the only one laughing: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GENUINELY MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH NOWADAYS. I'm serious. They've all heard the same amount of jokes, trounce all over social media like slaves, making them exposed to all sorts of content that they find funny once, then never again. You see, one of the ways to impress someone, say on a date, is to try to say a good joke. It's become impossible to do that due to how much exposure we have to media. Now we understand and acknowledge everything. I miss the good old days.
10. Job Interview: So much wrong with interviews, lets see, they keep saying they have a high volume of applicants (especially blatant lies if the company is small), they say they'll keep in contact but NEVER DO, and they expect full "professional" behavior when quite frankly, there's not a whole lot of actual professionalism. They also demand perfectionists out of their applicants, which isn't gonna happen.
11. Walking into the wrong room: This is just a repeat of the first item.
12. First kiss: I got a kiss out of nowhere once. Doesn't mean I'm attracted to this girl though.
13. Meeting your boy/girlfriend's parents: The fears of high school men at prom. Apparently girls have overprotective fathers who demand the most out of their daughters' dates. And on the possibility that they get married, they become the in-laws, people that are generally not fun.
14. Forgetting your purse/wallet at the checkout: This isn't awkward, it's actually terrifying. There's a reason I have pockets I can feel, because I know I can't afford to lose my money at all.
15. When your family manages to force/trick you to dance with someone, especially the opposite gender: Erm, if you're looking for love, maybe it's not a bad thing. If your family forces you to dance with someone you are either unfamiliar with or feel terribly awkward dancing (especially in my case where I had to dance with my 90-year old aunt, cannot BELIEVE that), then your family is awkward and you need to escape from them.
16. When you wave or say 'hi' to the wrong person: May or may not be awkward depending on how they feel about it.
17. When you say 'bye' to someone and then realize you're both going in the same direction: Well put it this way, you can say "bye" at another "bye-pass".
18. Farting during a test when it's quiet: If it is loud, definitely. May have to check your diet and hold it better if that's the case. Otherwise, if it's silent, people will smell it, but stay low and maybe people won't think it's you.
19. When you're in a quiet room but you're so hungry your stomach starts making weird noises: Could possibly be even more awkward than the fart. I ensure that I have a dosage of snacks at hand, because this noise is insufferable to hear.
20. When you think your earphones are plugged in so the volume is up but they're not plugged in: Easily happens, but even when earphones are plugged in, I hear it in the classrooms, cause people always like to burden their ears with heavy sound. Regardless, this is a common awkward disruption and it should be toned down. ALWAYS mute your stuff before using anything sound-related.
21. When you send a message to the wrong person: Check the number and/or the address, all the time.
22. When your friend(s) bring their friend(s) but you don't know them: Well, get to know them since they like them. Friends circles always expand.
23. When your friend leaves the room but you're stuck with their family: Depends on how awkward or bad your family is.
24. Pointing at something and saying look but when they look they don’t see it: Perhaps this should be #1. Something extraordinary happens and you seem to be the only one who notices it, yet no one else does. It's even a cliche in fiction.
25. Trying to impress someone you like but it goes horribly wrong: HAPPENS ALL THE TIME.
26. Tickling someone who isn't ticklish: I hate tickling. Why do people think it's a cute thing to do?
27. Holding hands with your girlfriend during school: May or may not be awkward. It depends on your school environment really. Some school staff see it as PDA, while classmates will obviously gossip everywhere.
28. Submitting the wrong file to your teacher for a project: This is NOT the thing you want to ever do. Always keep things organized. There's a reason I have a flashdrive dedicated completely to school stuff.
29. When you buy something, the cashier says, "Enjoy this new whatever!" and you say, "You too!": That's an example of an awkward conversation. I don't see cashiers saying to enjoy a product they buy, but the response to that statement is worse.
30. Get called on for the answer but get it wrong: If there's anything I hate, it's automatic participation. Yeah, cool, call up someone who's not gonna get the answer right, put them on the spotlight and embarrass them. It's sickening.
31. Seeing someone you know in a store and hoping they don't recognize you: This definitely speaks volumes. I really hate how small our world is, we get to go places, I'm with a family member I'm not fond of, and then the friend is like "hello" and it hurts to say hello back because I have someone I'm not fond of near me. It's actually a lot less awkward without that someone around.

So there's probably more you guys can think of that is awkward. Pretty good list to analyze though.