Top Ten Most Awkward Common Situations

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1 Walking into a classroom and realizing you're in the wrong class

This happened to me when I was in kindergarten. I was walking in line and suddenly went into another line and the teacher and I had no idea until I got to the classroom. The teacher told us to go to the table with my name on it, but there wasn't one with my name because I wasn't in that class! So I told the teacher and she found out that I wasn't in her class, and so she brought me to my class, which took a while because I forgot where my class was! I was feeling very awkward and when I arrived to class, everyone was staring at me as if I had murdered someone.

2 When you start talking to a stranger, thinking they're your friend

I asked my friend at school (on valentines day) "if someone asked you to be their valentine, who do you think it would be?" It took me a little while to realize that I was talking to this random student!

This happens me once, in a Boxing Club while I was training whit one of my friends.

Well that's how friendships form!

3 Needing the toilet in a public place where the nearest toilet is miles away

On a trip to Tennessee I had to use the toilet but since I was on a tour bus and we can't use the toilets on the bus, I had to hold it in for over a half an hour!

Yep! Or just needing the toilet and you're teacher says "no you can't go." Jokes on those teachers! We can go and we will!

I don't use public toilets because of social anxiety so I have it worse.

4 When your device auto-corrects what you're typing into something totally different

I hate this so much! And one day, I was bored and laughed at some funny ones. Apparently, auto correct is pretty perverted...

Especially when it auto corrects stuff that's spelled right.

It messed up my assignment when I typed Barangaroo in Australia, it auto - corrected into Barangaroo in Austria.

5 When you say a joke but you're the only one laughing

At my birthday party, I told a joke that wasn't even funny, but knowing me, I have no sense of humor whatsoever. I started laughing really hard and everyone just stared at me.

Why are friends like bananas?

Because if you peel off their skin and eat them, they die!

... Anyone?

What instrument do users of TheTopTens play?
A TopTenor saxophone!
No one likes that joke.

6 Forgetting someone's name

I hate forgetting someone's name. Once, I was in basketball class, and we were told to call each other's names when we threw the basketball at them. So, I threw it as someone and I forgot their name and I had to say it quietly because I was afraid I got it all wrong.

My Asian family all have Chinese names but only my aunts, uncles, parents, cousins, sister, and I have American names. The older adults (great-aunts and great-uncles) don't. I wish they have American names, too.

I don't know half of my own family's names.

7 When your family manages to force/trick you to dance with someone, especially the opposite gender

Why the opposit sex? There are people who are attracted to their own gender.

8 Meeting your boy/girlfriend's parents

I'm single but I'm mainly attracted to guys so this would be pretty awkward..

9 Being late

I was late in first grade once, people stared at me like I murdered five kids.

10 First date

My first date was actually fun. I got to know my boyfriend better

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11 Forgetting your purse/wallet at the checkout
12 When you wave or say 'hi' to the wrong person

I accidentally said hi to someone who tells everyone my kills in Fortnite are fake cause I have more than him, because I though it was my friend because their hair looks the same from the back.

I once saw someone I know saying "hi", and I said "hi" back but he was actually saying "hi" to the person behind me.

Or when you think someone said 'Hi' or waved to you so you do it back and realize that they weren't talking to you. That's just awkward!

13 Farting during a test when it's quiet

Class: Doing an exam and being really quite.
Me: *farts*
Someone: Who farted?
Everyone: Looks at me.

I did that once in fifth grade and the girl sitting next to me leaned over and said, "It's okay everybody does it"

14 When you're in a quiet room but you're so hungry your stomach starts making weird noises

Class: Is extremely silent during exam
Stomach: I shall now demonstrate what many call a whale's mating call!

For example, when you're in class and suddenly your stomach makes noises that sound like a dying whale.

15 When you say 'bye' to someone and then realize you're both going in the same direction

This made me laugh. So awkward. What do you do in this situation? Do you pretend that you haven't noticed them still walking at your side for the next two hundred yards? What is the correct etiquette for this type of awkward social situation? The only possible good thing about this is the knowledge that they're probably just as embarrassed as you are.

This once happened to be. I was visiting my family, and we did this 6 times and realised we were going the same way every time.

Walk into a room as fast as possible or take a turn or turn the other way, trust me, I do it all the time.

16 First kiss

I had my first kiss when I was 13. My boyfriend and I were on a date and when I said goodbye, he asked if he could give me a kiss. I said sure. It was quick and a teeny bit awkward, but it was an amazing experience for me at the time. When I was in the car with my dad that day, I felt like I was on top of the world

17 Walking into the wrong room

Once I walked in in my parents doing it.

Like walking into your parents, It happend to me... scared for life

18 Meeting new people

So, this one time a whole other school in our school and we had to do joint lessons! These kids from the other school were sitting across the desk from me and we were just silent. it was awkward, especially because my school and this school were mortal enemies!

Hands down the most awkward thing ever! Especially if you have social anxiety like me!

Ah this is horrible, I have the dreaded horrible social anxiety which does not help.

19 When you think your earphones are plugged in so the volume is up but they're not plugged in

Had this in the middle of an exam. Thank God I got high scores, but what really happened earlier...

Me: (hurriedly hides earphones under hoodie)
Students: (already started answering)
Me: (forgets to plug in earphones) (presses play button)
Me: *hears guitar riff and thinks it's from outside*
Students: (stare at me)
Me: (starts stuttering) (tries to lower down volume, instead goes to the max) (gives up and plugs the damn thing in)
Nearby student: Aw dammit, that was fun...

Oml, to the person who was listening to the One Punch Man theme, I LOVE that song! And this actually happened to me in my 6th grade year when I was listening to this really weird Japanese rock band. Thankfully, my class was really loud as it is, so no one heard anything

20 Seeing someone you know in a store and hoping they don't recognize you

Happened with my gym teacher. Luckily I was very quiet and he didn't notice.

This happened with my old PE teacher luckily he didn't notice me

21 When your friend(s) bring their friend(s) but you don't know them

Me in that situation: "*stares at them*"
Friend's Friend: "*Stares at me*"
Me: "*Stares at them*"
Friend's friend: "*stares at me*"
*We start a staring contest*
Friend: "The hell? "

22 When your friend leaves the room but you're stuck with their family

Bro! My friend would always leave me hanging in her kitchen with her mom. Like why?

I don't know what's worse: Being stuck with their parents, or their siblings.

Especially if their parents don't like you!

23 When you send a message to the wrong person

Once I sent a message asking my mom where she was, but I sent it to my friend.

Oh god... Bad memories are returning.

Lol one time a girl on this group chat I was in sent us a message saying that she was going to the bathroom. The message was technically for her dad...

24 Walking in the same direction as someone approaching you
25 Assume someone is talking to you and respond when they were actually talking to someone else

Someone: "How was your day?"
Me: "Great!"
The person behind me: "Good."
Me: Standing there feeling awkward.

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