Disney On Ice: Worlds of Enchantment Review

MegaSoulhero I don't usually review Disney On Ice shows, but I felt like I needed to talk about this one. I just saw it recently at the Valley View Casino Center. It was good but I do have some problems with it. I will review this show by talking about each segment!

Toy Story 3: This segment was WAY too long! It took up a total of 40 minutes! And it was at the beginning of the show! It was mostly filled with moments that were only added in either to fill up time or to show that they can do it! I know they're skaters and they want to show off their talent, but they could at least do it in a way that makes sense! For example, Barbie and Ken have this really nice dance number but it comes out of nowhere! They meet each other for the first time and then go into a dance routine without even saying a word! There's a part where Ken tries on different clothes and I felt like that scene could've been shortened! The dance scene with Mexican Buzz and Jessie made sense but I still thought it was pointless. The skaters still do a very good job! That scene with the soldiers was very awesome! The character costumes, however, were just awful! They're some of the worst costumes I've seen in a show like this! I understand they need to make the costumes comfortable for the skaters, but they just looked very creepy! This segments was kind of boring but there were still things I liked about it!

The Little Mermaid: Toy Story 3 I felt was too long, and Little Mermaid I felt was too short! In fact, it seemed kind of rushed at certain parts. We see Ariel turn into a human and then only a minute a later, they do the "Kiss the Girl" scene! Somehow I hate Ariel and Eric as a couple more in this show than I do in the movie. However, the little dance routine they do is really cute! The skating is really well choreographed! The Under the Sea portion was very well done! Ariel has this skating solo for Part of Your World. The skater is very talented! My main problem with this segment, however, is the ending! They completely ruined the ending of Little Mermaid! In the movie, Ursula turns giant and Eric defeats her by impaling her with his ship. In this show, Ursula stays her normal size and she gets defeated when Ariel and Eric kiss each other. I've seen another Disney On Ice show in which they got the ending right! I don't know what happened here! But I really enjoyed this segment! Beautiful skating and beautiful scenery! It was short but amazing!

Cars: Kind of pointless to put Cars on ice. Don't you think? The thing is, they're actual cars, so they're not skating. They're just driving on the ice. This segment features Mater, Sally, Ramone, Flo, and McQueen trying to wake up Mickey and Minnie's car. Also, Mater broke down. He wasn't moving for most of the segment. Kind of made the entire thing awkward. After they wake up Mickey and Minnie's car, they randomly dance around the ice while "Life is a Highway" is playing. The way the cars are driving on the ice looks really cool! I must admit, as pointless as this segment was, I really liked it! Other than Mater not working, it was very enjoyable! This is the only show in existence where we get to see Sally, Ramone, and Flo in person! This was the shortest segment in the show, but there's not much you can do with cars on ice.

Frozen: This is the last segment in the show! And quite possibly the best one! Also, Frozen is featured in a bunch of Disney On Ice shows! Which makes sense since frozen and ice kind of go together. Just like the Little Mermaid segment, parts were a little rushed. I guess that's because they decided to make the Toy Story segment as long as possible! Also, in every Disney On Ice show, they like to use pyrotechnics. There were none in the first half, but there were a bunch in the second half! Especially during Frozen! I felt like they were used pretty good at the right moments. The Anna and Elsa skaters were very amazing! That Let it Go scene was spectacular! Kristoff was also awesome! Olaf... was tolerable. But I have one question. Where was Sven!? How could they do Frozen without Sven!? One thing I really loved about this segment was the use props and scenery! They had a backdrop made to look like the Arendelle castle! I thought that was pretty cool! They also made it snow in the arena! It must be very hard to skate in all that fake snow! I also enjoyed the song "In Summer" in this show more than I did in the movie! The dance routine done here was amazingly choreographed! Frozen was definitely the best part of the show and I'm glad the kids in the building really loved it!

Overall, Disney On Ice: Worlds of Enchantment is a really fun show! It has problems such as Toy Story dragging on for too long and some pacing issues, but it's still very enjoyable! I'm sure kids will love it! I'm really excited for Follow Your Heart to come to San Diego! I don't know when it's coming, but I'll be sure to see it since it has Inside Out in it!

Score: 7/10


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