room 101: fat people

Obesity Is a huge problem in many countries across the world. But I have a very different view on this "issue".

A lot of fat people complain about being fat. It takes over their life and they say stuff like "I'm trying to lose weight, its just so hard", "I wish I wasn't fat, its not my fault" or "its harder to lose weight than you think". Well all these "excuses" are so lame. I don't buy any of this rubbish. How can I believe any of this? I hope people agree with this, and I hope some fat people are reading this. Here is my reasons:

First of all, let's talk about those who complain its too hard. All you have to do is you have to stop eating cake, start eating fruit and exercise. People then complain it's too hard to exercise. No, you just have to try, don't just run 100m and then say it's hard, keep at it! The more you exercise, the easier it is, so just try. PLEASE! Now, food. This is one of the most addicting things in the world, but you can STOP EATING. When you go to the shop, just don't buy sweets, buy something healthy.

People also blame others. They say it's not my fault, I have problems. Yes you do have a problem, the problem being you eat too much. They just tell someone who tells them its a mental thing. Anyway, false mental illnesses are for a blog post for another day. I also hate parents who complain their kids are fat. IF YOUR KIDS ARE FAT, STOP GIVING THEM A MCDONALDS EVERY DAY! Just think.

People also try to lose weight by eating less food. This is not the case. Just replace fat foods with healthy ones. If you get to slim, that is just as bad. I hate it when I hear people say they hate fat people when the look as slim as a twig. I'm not talking about those who are a little fat, but those who are obese. I also hate when someone complains they are fat when they are just normal.

So, don't judge me on this if you have weight problems, just read this blog post and do something about your weight. So this is how it works: in the comments, write if you agree or disagree and the one with the most votes will happen. Don't take it as offence, take it as advice. Please give reasons to, because I want to know what you think. Coming up on room 101: mental illnesses.


The fatter people get, the harder it is for them to fix themselves, and the more I pity them for it. But if your BMI is only 27 instead of 50, you don't have the excuse to get fatter and fatter. Work it off before it's too late. - PositronWildhawk

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Some people can't afford healthy food here in the US. It just depends on what situation the person is in, on what you should feel for them. - Turkeyasylum

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There are some genuine cases, but most people just make excuses. Although that's the same for anything. We're living in a world today where youths in particular will always take the easy way out and have little will power. Shame. Just think what it'll be like when those people are running the countries.

I myself am actually really underweight, like really bad, I'm 6ft but only 9 stone, I have the opposite problem: I can't put weight on :-D but I don't go on about it. I could if I really tried and sat eating all the time. Just like how obese people CAN lose weight if they stop watching T.V. , get off their ass and exercise for longer than five minutes and on regular intervals. - EvilAngel

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It's not just diet and exercise. Science has tried to prove this method over and over but it's always failed. Food addiction, genetics, and what your mom does during pregnancy all figure in.

So basically, exercise, eat healthy, make sure your mom marries someone with skinny genes, doesn't smoke, get stressed out, or eat a lot when you're in the womb, and you should be good to go. However, I hate how fat people are looked down on for being lazy and gluttonous. I'm lazy and gluttonous, I just don't look it. If you're going to look down on people who fat, without knowing anything about any disease they may have, their metabolism, or their genetics, you might as well look down on me too. - keycha1n

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While poor diet is basically the reason, it should also be known that quite a few obese people are the products of abuse, neglect, low body image, and low self-esteem that often comes from childhood trauma and/or unrealistic beauty standards created by society to give people the delusion that there is a “perfect“ body we all require albeit there being people of all shapes and sizes.

Simply telling them to get fit or they will be shunned destroys what self-esteem they have left. It's like telling a teen to either quit cutting themselves or you will leave them: it may seem that if they really like/love you, they would stop, but in reality, it strips them of the very people that should cheer them on for when they make accomplishments big and small. Of course, there are the lazy ones who just don't want to lose weight, but what use is it to degrade and humiliate them when you can help them with advise and other help and not to mention, the only body that you need to focus on is YOUR OWN BODY and not your neighbour's unless you have their consent to do so.

Anyways, if we want to curb obesity, we shouldn't go off about how “disgusting“ they are. Instead, we should go after the roots like the ones I had mentioned in the first paragraph. That should actually lower the numbers a bit. - DieGedankenSindFrei

I'm lucky I'm not fat. - visitor

Gosh half the kids in my grade are fat. I'm legit the only one in the whole grade who's less than 40 kg. - DankGodX