Toptenner joke contest: Sign up

Martinglez Toptenners can be really funny, they tell great jokes.
So why not host a joke contest?
Here are the rules:
1- Tell me in the comment section bellow if you want to be in the contest
2- Message me the joke you want to enter to the contest
3- I will post your joke, allong with the other contestant jokes. Then, people will vote the funniest and most original one bellow.
There can be 10 contestants (one of them is me):
1- Martinglez
2- purpleyoshi98
3- MontyPython
4- NESSquid
5- bobbythebrony
6- SirSkeletorThe3rd
7- Nateawesomeness
8- FerrariDude64
May the best joke win
Sign ups are over, I will post the contest next monday


I will (just messaged ya) - visitor

Me - NESSquid

I will - bobbythebrony

Okay, message me your joke - Martinglez