LightningStrike Album Review: Bat out of Hell - Meat Loaf

Album review number 3.

This is a debut Meat Loaf album released in September of 1977, Labeled by Cleveland International! Look at that. The length is 46:33, the genre is a mixture of musical and heavy metal kind of, and what's weird about this is that it's not based off of a musical at all. Hard to believe but it's true. It's also one of the most highest selling albums of all time too! Wow! Let's get to the review!


Bat out of hell:

It starts with guitars then a fast piano and features bells kind of. This into has got to be one of the most mind blowing introductions i've ever heard in my life, especially for a start of an album, the intro is about 2 minutes long and this whole song is over 9 minutes long! That's as long as heck! The opening lyrics is talking about some weird things going on with the place like there evil in the air and thunder in the sky. After that is a complement lyric the mixes with a we will survive style. The tone of the chorus is harder and beautiful too. Bat out of hell is like a knight of an evil kingdom that made the right choice. I think i'm starting to get a good message from this. Very nice tune so far. I LOVE it! As the tone drops soft after it goes back to the tone of the verses. The second verse is describing what a moving motorbike is like especially with feeling and talking about being damned. And a guitar solo mixed with a piano solo after that yeah that too. After the second chorus appears a motorbike noise which kinda made me uncomfortable but it's there just to show what it's like for some true epicness! Love the tone and the guitar solo as well. The lyrics after that is showing what it's like being fearless! After that is the bike crashing and now has depressing lyrics with a bit of Hope in the heart as it describes. And the end features more "Bat out of hell"s. And a soft ending. This has got to be a mind blowing song even though it sounds like a musical even though it's not.

You took the words right out of my mouth:

"On a hot summer night. Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?Will he offer me his mouth?
Will he offer me his teeth?
Will he offer me his jaws?
Will he offer me his hunger?
Again, will he offer me his hunger?
And will he starve without me?
And does he love me?
On a hot summer night
Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?
I bet you to say that to all the boys"
That's the opening quotes, a man and a woman talking to each other. Duh. The tune is happy and cheery and the lyrics describes complements with natural features! Nice. I also love the chorus too, it sounds memorable and happy. Roll credits? Eh. Anyways the second verse has the same details, just different experiences, that's all. And it's also a bit harder this time too. Chorus after that and I'm feeling happy already! Took the words right out of my mouth! This song rules beautifully. After that features that same title as it goes from soft to hard then some clapping during the chorus as the music fades away at the end. Very nice.

Heaven can wait:

Ok this one is probably in my opinion the least memorable but it's still good, don't get me wrong. The tune is always soft that goes a bit harder through the whole song. I'll just be talking about the lyrics now. The lyrics are about being protected by Angels and being praised by gods. Indeed this is very nice especially if you want things to happen like this to you am I right. Second verse talks about not caring about bad things happening and not even knowing either. This song pretty much teaches you to be in the positive side of things. Like don't worry be happy or something like that. That's what I do too, I don't listen to the radio or care about politics! I must be a lucky guy. But I'm mostly about music so there's that.

All revved up with no place to go:

Sax intro. Yes indeed. Catchiness? It's fair, not as catchy as the first song but it's still good the way it is. The lyrics are about looking for something new and then came up to some girl and is feeling a bit stoned especially when it describes what playing a guitar is like and when having fever is like at a specific time. I think i'm getting this, it's about looking for something unique in life and how uncomfortable it is to make it kind of. And after all of that, the music gets harder and the lyrics plays the first verse again.

Two out of three ain't that bad:

Another relaxing tune intro with guitar and piano. The lyrics are about having a conversation with someone but the guy you're talking to feels very uncomfortable maybe about the snow that it's also describing or you. Which one is it? Oh I see, it's the feeling that effects the conversation. Sad. But the chorus is telling us that that person needs you and says so and telling you to not feel down. Wait... Is that really the chorus? And then it's about failing to find something unique underground, then he tells about his girl from years ago and his stories about him and her. And she left and he begged and it's the chorus again. So I guess I'm right. Very nice song, and great meaning too.

Paradise by the dashboard light:

Great catchy intro. And a catchy tune for it's time. And this song is also very long too. Oh great another long song. Lyrics are just romance with kids at school and taking place at a side of a lake. Comfortable bodies in one cold place? You got that right. Meaning has it all. This is greatly defining lyrics right here. It also shows that they're young and barely dressed. And having a date? As young people? I don't care, let's pretend they're not that young. Chorus again and after that is a tone changing stuff and back to the tone of the song. Then right after that appears a different change of the song with the we're gonna go all the way tonight repeating lyrics, with a different beat. Ok here we go. And the radio sound has sports sounds on the radio with talking from stereo to stereo. And then there's a "STOP RIGHT THERE" with a question of do you actually love me. A promise of course. And the let me sleep on it. I don't know what that exactly means but it's there. And then questions from the girl. What's it gonna be, yes or no? And they keep on asking the question over and over again. And he answered "I'll love you till the end of time". And then it's the chorus again sung by different stereos with the two people for each one. And it fades away.

For crying out loud:

It starts with a soft tune softer than any song on this album with lyrics showing the answer to the previous song. The answer is yes but the lyrics are a lot more clear to that. For crying out loud it is! It gets harder as the song goes. It also explains the whole experiences through the album and it's also 8 minutes long. So that is ANOTHER long song on this album but only with 7 songs? Ok. It gets hard to soft then back to hard then to soft with the finishing lyric "you know I love you" now this is a promising romance song. Especially for it being an answer to the previous song. I'm not a fan of romance but it's that way. Isn't it unique to have an album like this? I know right.


Overall, it's another mind blowing story to an album experience. This whole album is just a romance story but having it be an album puts it like you're really going through a story with music. Because for the love of God, it's an album, a unique one. And also one of the most highest selling albums of all time too. I enjoyed the first songs more especially bat out of hell being one of my personal favorites of all time. Very nice album even though I am not a fan of romance.
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