Full-fledged List Analysis: Top Ten Dead Memes

NuMetalManiak Let us pay tribute to the memes that are no longer meme material. Or the ones that deserved to die, or what not.

1. Doge: It's such a face, isn't it? I'm not a fan of dogs anyways and it's as condescending as most other memes.
2. Uganda Knuckles: One of the more annoying ones that deserved its sentence, only because someone on something called VRChat made a really dumb meme out of a Sonic character with no real context.
3. Harambe: Now if only the mother of that child kept the little punk away from Harambe he wouldn't have been not just a dead meme, but a meme in general.
4. MLG: Technically this is still around in spades and is more than one meme.
5. Tide Pods: This deserves its death sentence because it could kill people.
6. Dabbing: Also still around in a way. It's still just a dumb pose that really shouldn't even be a meme.
7. Damn Daniel: What even was Damn Daniel? I never knew.
8. Grumpy Cat: RIP, Tartar Sauce. Yes, that's the name. It holds a distinction in that its actually dead.
9. Somebody Toucha My Spaghet: Wow, another meme I never heard about that really actually deserved to die.
10. Nyan Cat: A 8-bit cat that poops rainbows and is a pop tart. It's surprisingly original but crappier memes overshadowed it.
11. We are Number One - Robbie Rotten: Is it weird that I never heard of this song? It probably sucks.
12. Yodeling kid: I thought the yodeling kid was a girl.
13. Trollface: Please bring back rage comics. These things were all the rage (yes) and are very relatable.
14. Dat Boi: Like Nyan Cat, surprisingly original by being a frog on a unicycle, except this thing definitely didn't last.
15. Overly Attached Girlfriend: Imagine having one of these.
16. Bad Luck Brian: He may potentially die a lot. But he and his bad luck live on.
17. Big Chungus: Yep, I agree, unfunny while it was alive.
18. Logan Paul: When you are a crummy person and everything you do becomes an awful meme, you might want to lay low the rest of your life.
19. Harlem Shake - Ba'auer: It's pretty much plagiarizing the Peanuts dance, so it deserves to go.
20. What Are Those: Three words were a meme, okay.
21. Cocaine, So Much Cocaine: I bet I won't have a clue what the rest of these are.
22. Deez Nuts: Yeah I bet joke election candidates win a lot of votes, right?
23. Caveman SpongeBob: There's honestly nothing in Spongebob that isn't memeworthy.
24. This is Sparta!: One of the oldest and goldest, although I hated the movie it was in though.
25. Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru: To think this old classic would already be dead, revived, and killed off again.
26. 9+10=21: What a pointless and insulting to math meme this is.
27. Fidget Spinners: All they are are toys, really.
28. Rickroll: Never give up on Rick roll. Revive it now.
29. He Need Some Milk: Who?
30. Globgogabgalab: This looks like some stop-motion think like Wallace & Gromit except horrible.
31. Just Monika: Should I know what this? Should anyone know what this is?
32. Pen Pineapple Apple Pen: You would think it would overtake Gangnam Style but it barely made a mark.
33. Durr Plant: Durr meme
34. Pink Guy: Well this guy's retired, not really dead.
35. Windows XP: I'm guessing this is about the Windows XP startup sound and how loud it is.
36. WTF BOOM!: An old classic from the Newgrounds days of memery and can still actually be used.
37. Burger King Foot Lettuce: Hands down the most notable meme of 2018, all because this guy has a funny voice and the whole thing just seemed so silly.
38. Yee: It's just three letters, yeesh.
39. I'm Gay: That's okay.
40. Pingas: Another oldie, that never really took off in hindsight.
41. All Star - Smash Mouth: This is one that definitely won't die any time soon.
42. Rappin’ for Jesus: Jesus can just be some random Spanish dude. Also this never was a meme to begin with.
43. Bert is Evil: "Hey, let's vilify our childhood characters to creep out children!" -weirdos who made this meme.
44. 360 NO SCOPE: Clearly this is why mature people don't play COD.
45. Numa Numa: I really wish this stayed alive. This is another Newgrounds oldie all because of the fat guy who sang it.
46. Sanic: Well yeah, all memes are stupid but then again, some are well done. This is just a crappy drawing made into a meme though.
47. #NoChin: A meme based off of a hashtag is very unoriginal.
48. The Nutshack: Never heard of it, also this is a TV show that certainly did not spawn a meme I knew of.
50. Clorox Bleach: You mean "drinking bleach" which ties into "cringe" which means this isn't a meme.
51. Yo mama: You should take a look at the Top Ten Yo Mama Jokes list. It's proof these aren't dead.
52. Cash Me Outside: Bad grammar memes are dumb and should go away.
53. Man's Not Hot: Rapper memes are honestly even worse.
54. Keep Calm: Admit it, you all keep calm but on the inside you're probably boiling.
55. Crash Bandicoot "Woah": This was a case of a meme that just sort of resurfaced for no real reason only to die again soonafter.
56. Listen Linda: Is this like Damn Daniel's sweetheart? Cause I still never heard of it.
57. Handsome Squidward - Spongebob Squarepants: Actually not that cool to look at.
58. Shooting Stars: Context, please.
59. Dame Tu Cosita - El Chombo: This is honestly disturbing.
60. Sprite Cranberry: Can't you just buy cranberry at the grocery store instead.
61. 2 Girls 1 Cup: Not really a meme but a nasty video.
62. Caramelldansen: Yeah, as if culture that rarely hits the Western world from Japan should become a meme.
63. Extra Thicc: Why is there a picture of Aku from Samurai Jack here?
64. Evil Patrick: I'm pretty sure the meme was Savage Patrick actually. Like all other Spongebob memes it comes and it goes.
65. 9/11: The memes that come from this often come from both liberals and conspiracy theorists, as believable as they are.
66. Chacarron - El Chombo: Hey, another Newgrounds classic meme. Also I personally like this one to be revived.
67. 2 guys 1 horse: Basically 2 girls 1 cup except for gay people.
68. I Play Pokemon Go Everyday - DJ Remix Fellow: Yeah, show of hands. Who's heard this one?
69. Look at My Horse: Look at this meme no one knows about
70. Unfitting Music: In what cases? Is this referring to Ween's Ocean Man?
71. Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae) - Silentó: Pop songs shouldn't be memes.
72. Please Let This Be A Normal Field Trip: Don't remember the exact context but I feel like this still rings a bell.
73. Protegent Antivirus: This is a vinesauce meme.
74. Salad Man: Yeah I am pretty sure this is just some dumb superhero name conceived out of nowhere that didn't catch on.
75. Anaconda - Nicki Minaj: This was not a meme. Nicki Minaj may be, but not her songs.
76. Han Solo: Not a meme to begin with

So there's our tribute and your FFLA of the week, to the dead memes of yesteryore. Also including the ones that really weren't memes in the first place.