Eve Online Is Stale

Played Eve Online for nearly ten years. Frankly it has gotten quite stale, and the customer servie is practically non-existent. GM's (I use that term loosely) in the game have absolutely no idea of what they are doing when replying to petitions. or they blantantly refuse to look into an issue. If players attempt to correct them they slap them with the EULA and ban them. While they had corrected some of the issues with customer service a couple years ago, including an aplogy from the CEO, the dismal customer service from the GM's is reverted to a worse level than before. Add in the fact it is not much of a PvP game anylonger, it has become more of a blob lag fest, hampered even further by the corruption of game play by GM's and Devs. Not to mention certain player groups associated with said CCP empolyees that manipulate game exploits to their beneifits.The Council for Stellar Management (CSM) is nothing more than a joke which represents everything that is wrong with the game.

Until CCP cleans house, I for one would not recommend this game and I doubt DUST 514 can save this game from slowly dying. After nearly ten years of playing I am looking for new territory.


"I doubt DUST 514 can save this game from slowly dying. "... EVE is the only one game that is actually still growing. - visitor