Cheerleading; Very Dangerous!

Okay, yes i know a ton of people look at this list and laugh. They say this " This list is so pathetic cheerleading is not a real sport!" If you think this, think again. Cheerleading is on the National sports list. If you don't beileve me look it up yourself. In cheerleading I'm a flyer everyday for 2-3 hours i stretch to get my heelstretch, scorpion and scale higher. My heelstretch is already up to my head! In cheerleading at the flyers point your thrown up in the air doing a very dangerous trick and hoping not knowing that your bases are going to catch you. I have been cheerleading for 7 years now and i have broken, sprained many bones in my body. i have pulled many muscles in my body. At competitions on average about 10 girls get hurt each competition! They have stretcher and everything there just waiting for a girl to get hurt. If your the kind of person who wants to join cheerleading then do it! It has been shown that most kids that are involved in a afterschool activity are the kind of kids who will have better grades, won't get involved in drugs, and have more friends! Yes, cheerleading is dangerous but i have to say horseback riding is a little not a lot more dangerous than cheerleading. My cousin does both and she is complaining way more about cheerleading than horseback riding. whenever someone says cheerleading isn't a sport i say this and you can too! I laugh and sayHow would you like being thrown up not knowing if someone is going to catch or not. How would you like it if you had to tumble until you collapsed? Practice makes perfect and that is what cheerleading is.


First of all, cheerleading IS a sport. A sport is defined as 1. Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and engaged competitvly. We are very physically active in cheerleading, we conditition on a daily basis and work just as hard if not harder than other sports, and we do compete for a national title. And cheerleading does have rules, we have stunts that are so dangerous they are banned from competitions. 2. Usually, an object of some sort( ex. a ball or puck.) is being thrown through the air or hit around between players. HELLO!!!! We throw people through the air!!! Cheerleading IS a SPORT. Cheerleading is dangerous. Girls get killed, paralyzed, and injured daily with this sport. My own experiences, being a flyer since the day i started, I've had four concussions, a broken wrist, a sprained wrist, multiple sprained ankles, i have bad knees, i've had sprained backs, and i still keep going. I don't stop because i fell on my head because the girls under me didn't catch me after throwing me twenty feet into the air, i get up and do it again until the stunt is flawless. Cheerleading is highly dangerous. Flyers get thrown extremelly high into the air, and we're not on grass, we're either on a track, a wooden basketball floor, or a mat thats maybe an inch thick and barelly gives at all. Cheerleading is not number 2, cheerleading is most definatlly the first most dangerous sport of all time. - cheeringislife

Im a cheerleader and i have heart and even broke alot of bones just from cheer! I come home from cheer and i have atleast 2 bruises just from that day at cheer. Cheer is a very dangerous sport

-SH - visitor

i love this website ... people who understand ME , and if someone make's fun of cheerleading i could beat them up in a heart beat (i'm not a bully) i have a 6 pack of abb's leg muscles u could not belive and when i flex my muscles and u feal them u think it's my bone ( i am not over exsaggerating ) - cheerluvr

practice makes perfect is NOT a saying ... it's a way of life - cheerluvr

today i was on youtube looking at cheerleading vidioes and i clicked on 1 that said carolina level 6 , i thought oh my gosh level 6 WOW i looked at the vidio and there waz this part where they were doing the pyramid and they had 2 men doing a thy stand with a 6 ft man on top of them doing a 1 man stunt with a girl on top of him after that they through up a girl and she did a double full about 20 - 25 ft in the air - cheerluvr

oooo two bruses that is horrible!!! - Horsegirl

cheerleading IS a sport. idc wat anybody says. its 1 of the hardest and IS the most dangerous sports. no other sport are you throwing girls into the air, and ANYTHING can happen. today at practice i watched as 1 of the gurls fell from a stunt and landed on her head on the hard track. she was taken away in an ambulence to the hospital. this isnt the first time ive seen girls fall and hit their heads. ive fallen many times as a backspotter, and it hurts. plus, no padding or equitment. football:pads. hockey:pads. soccer:shin guards etc. volleyball:knee pads. etc. pretty much you have some form of protection in any other sport, cheerleading. you fall, youre hurt. i dont care if you fall from a half, or from tumbling on the ground, anything can happen. - nikkiX3cheer

Maybe you all should learn to spell correctly. - visitor

Hmm, cheerleading may be dangerous, and I dont deny that its a sport, but I'm all for riding being first. And to the person who posted in the top ten most dangerous that they went riding ONCE and you couldn't compare the 2, I'd like to see you actually ride at my level. Honestly! you probably had someone in front holding your horse with a lead rope, so even if the horse freaks out you dont have to do anything, but I'd like to see you break horses, or jump over things with something that has its own mind, and can decide hm I dont want to jump that, I'll go this way (at a fast canter) and throw you off onto a fence, maybe run you over after? So riding definitely #1. - visitor

I'm so tired of these whiney girls complaining and they can't spell! But not everyone is amazing at spelling. Cheering is a sport, I was a cheerleader and I know it's hard, but honestly, you may break a few bones, get a few bruises, etc. but in riding you'll break ribs, sprain necks, get concussions, might even lose your life, get paralyzed. We only have our heads protected by plastic, and even then we still get head injuries. Horses are dangerous to be around, on and off. One kick could cause you to lose your life or break ribs, etc. my friend was going over a 4 foot jump and then horse decided to gallop at it, rather than a controlled canter. He stopped right before and she went flying. She was slammed into a medal gate. Everyone thinks we sit there, we don't.

Put it this way:

A soccer ball wil not move without a soccer player.
A basketball will not move without a basketball player.
A football will not move with a football player.
A pyramid in cheerleading will not form without cheerleaders.
A horse will NOT jump over obstacles, do dressage, race, slide, etc. without a rider.

Sometimes we'll let our horses free jump, but you put them in an arena and they'll just walk around. Maybe get bored and jump over a few. There's many things that are included in riding than there is in cheerleading, football, etc. Every sport has their hard parts and easy parts. All sports aren't easy to a beginner. All sports are the SAME in some prospects. People just need to start respecting their sports and others'. If you don't like people dissing your sport, then don't diss their's. - equestrian502

If you cheerleaders say cheer is so dangerous, then why don't you wear helmets, safety vests, medical arm bands etc?
-horseback is more dangerous - visitor