Your Favorite Artist Isn't Underrated.

Discredit the title, because your favorite artist may actually be underrated. I'm just making that the title to make a point, that an artist isn't underrated just simply because they're your favorite.

Let's say a new user joins, and makes their name JesusIsMySavior666. They then make remixes to show who their favorite artists are, and let's just say they have Judas Priest as their favorite artist. They see Judas Priest on the most overrated artists list, so they leave a comment defending them. Except their comment is something along the lines of "I am Judaz Prees fan, thay is goodd and ar undratid." It's frustrating to read somebody ranting about how their favorite artist is underrated, just simply because that's their favorite artist. Now, let's say that JesusIsMySavior666 makes a competent comment instead, pointing out how Judas Priest has been one of the driving forces for metal in the past 50 years and still doesn't get the recognition they deserve. I don't know about you, but I'd feel like I could have an actual conversation with them without feeling like I'm talking to an edgy 6 year old.

Also, another reason why this is dumb is because of who your favorite artist might be. I'm a Queen fan and you don't hear me talking about how underrated they are, because they're one of the most celebrated bands ever. My brother is a Kendrick Lamar fan, and he doesn't go shouting about how Kendrick's underrated, because Kendrick is seen as the current king of hip-hop and is probably the most well-loved modern rapper. It's not a good idea.

I guess the point I'm trying to make here is this: don't say your favorite artist is underrated just because they're your favorite artist, say they're underrated with legitimate facts as to why they are underrated. And please don't be dumb about it, because if you sound like an idiot, people will assume you're an idiot.

Welp, this was a thing.