Emoji Movie Teaser Trailer Thoughts/Rant

MegaSoulhero This is actually a thing! What the heck!? Why would ANYONE think this would be a good idea!? I wasn't originally going to talk about this trailer, but I just couldn't let it slide! This is by far one of the dumbest movie ideas I have ever heard about!

I can already tell that this will be the worst movie of 2017! There have been times when I thought a movie was going to be bad but they turn out to be good! Finding Dory for example! But there is NO way that a movie about emojis can EVER be good! So in the trailer, it shows one of the emojis talking about the movie in a boring voice. He basically acts like he doesn't care about the movie! And I don't blame him! Because NOBODY cares about this movie! We also see the ice cream emoji and then we get a poop joke involving the poop emoji. And he speaks in a voice that I was not expecting to come from the poop emoji. To sum up the trailer, IT LOOKS AWFUL!!! Did someone seriously sit down one day and thought "Hey! Everyone really loves emojis! So let's make an entire movie about them!"

The only reason this movie was even is because emojis are so popular and everyone uses them a lot so it would be easy to make money from an emoji movie! But I'm pretty sure that NO ONE asked for this! The trailer even has over 32 thousand dislikes on YouTube! There is LITERALLY a character in this movie who is a piece of crap! And that's pretty much what this movie is going to be! A piece of crap! Movies like Lego Movie and Trolls are more understandable! They could be considered as cash grabs but at least there are great ideas they can do with those movies! An emoji movie, however, is just stupid! This pretty much looks like a bad version of Lego Movie! And I really love Lego Movie! I'm really excited for the Lego Batman movie! Basically, the way movies like the emoji movie get made are by finding out what kids like these days! What's next? A hashtag movie? A Snapchat movie? A meme movie? A TheTopTens movie? They basically make movies about EVERYTHING these days!

The Emoji Movie definitely looks like it's going to suck! I can't believe they would ever greenlight something like this! It is such a stupid idea! Just look at the designs of the characters! There's not much you can do with emoji characters! Do I think it will be the worst animated movie ever? Of course not. But this is a movie that I will probably skip.


Nice rant. - visitor

Yeah I Can Agree, It Looks Pretty Bland - VideoGamefan5

Preach - Nonpointed

What if it happens to be nice? That's still possible. A 50-50 chance. - FieryKnightFloyd

Looks bland, but there will probably be worse movies released in 2017 - Martinglez

I don't think it would be bad JUST BECAUSE it's about emojis.
What it does mean is that it will age HORRIBLY. - djpenquin999

Sony, you guys are trying to pander to children HARD. First Angry Birds, and now something even worse. - DCfnaf

Have you guys seen LewToons?

If so, the animated movies of 2017 will probably all be horrible, (except TLBM.) - TristGamer

This is gonna look so dated... - ProPanda

Oh my they still think people care about Candy Crush Saga. - djpenquin999

That trailer was pretty terrible. I don't think I'll have any intentions in seeing the movie when it comes out. - visitor

Eww I mean emojis are great but if this movie is the person texting the whole entire time with emojis 1/10 - 1507563

What's next, the wallpaper movie? - TwilightKitsune

Well to be fair it does have a 6% on Rotten Tomatoes so yeah it's pretty much set in stone that it sucks. I saw the commercials and they looked bad so I didn't see the movie (but hey it doesn't look as bad as the horror show known as Foodfight! ). - Anonymousxcxc