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1 Abbey Road

Unlike their other albums, this album lacks flaws. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band has A Day in the Life, true, but it also has When I'm 64, which, while not bad, is rather worthless. Every song on Abbey Road could easily be said to be in their ten best songs. The concluding medley is a masterpiece, George Harrison has his catchiest tune and arguable the best Beatles love song, Ringo has his own fun little ditty, Because has the beautiful triple vocal harmony... Then you have the three rockers, Come Together, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, and I Want You. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the fact this was not universally recognised as their best effort continually amazes me.

This is the best album,
The last track on the first side is I want you (she's so heavy) and when it ends we get something so sweet like here comes the sun.
But the best thing is The Medley.

A milestone in rock history is ageing with grace (not mentioning phenomenal production to its day). Best Fab Four (monumental) release, most important album of rock history, still basis-and-source of inspiration, all the different genres it spawned (together with Pepper), that originated, splitted over the evolution of rock up to this day. No filler, no weaker song, just absolute perfection of a sheer musical genius (especially classic trio I Want You-Here Comes The Sun-Because being my favorite). A paragon for numerous later creations by different artists which reached similar level of sheer brilliance, depth and pure sincere - music industry independent - fun. Immortal.

Abbey Road is a marvel to listen to and is something that I would recomend to anyone. It just isn't in a style that I personally prefer to Peppers and Revolver. Will it has some rocking songs like Come Together and one of, if not the, best love songs with Something. Incredible catchy ones like Maxwell's Silver Hammer and Here Comes the Sun and (personally) Mean Mr Mustard, and Ringo's fun sing along in Octopus's Garden. The second halve if just very operatic (at least that's how I describe it) and I don't like listening to it as much as something like And Your Bird Can Sing, or Getting Better. Great album, 10/10, just not my favorite.

2 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Absolutely the best Beatles album with Abbey road coming up for second. Great hits like 'A Day In The Life', and other great hits although I love every Beatles album nothing even comes close to Sgt. Peppers. My grandmother showed me this album and we listened to it while painting the walls and since then I was hooked. I was 8 years old at the time but now I'm 13 and know so much more about the Beatles. My grandmother also showed me abbey road and let it be.

1. ) Sgt peppers lonely hearts club band

2. ) Abbey Road

3. ) Let it Be

4. ) White album

5. ) Revolver

6. ) Rubber Soul

7. ) Magical mystery tour

8. ) A Hard Day's Night

9. ) Yellow Submarine

10. ) Please Please Me

11. ) Beatles For sale

12. ) With the Beatles

13. ) Help!

14. ) Yesterday and today

15. ) Past masters

It's hard to choose but Sgt. Pepper always comes out on top for me. It's surprised me so much that in recent years people have started to deride the album, some critics not even ranking it in their top five. I think the reason for this is that albums like Abbey Road and Revolver are better collections of songs, being that almost every song is among their best, but Sgt. Peppers works as an album so much more. It flows together. It is less a collection of songs, and more an experience. And that isn't just because of Day in the Life. She's Leaving Home is a masterpiece, who doesn't love Getting Better, and Within You Without You gets more and more entertaining with each listen. 11/10

It's so brilliant even the fillers are catchy. Every song in this album is my favorite except "She's Leaving Home" ( which I regard as McCartney's saccharine piece). "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" may have childlike elements coming from all direction, from Lennon's tripped-out singing and bizarre lyrics about a new world, but its synth line gives a haunting melody, making the song having edges. "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite" may be a psychedelic tune, it's a lot more experimental than most other songs by the Fab Four by having questionable solos.

Sgt. Pepper is the ultimate moment in rock. An absolute landmark. After stopping touring they wanted a sort of show album and with pretending being another band they were not limited in their ideas. The first three songs on the album are the ouverture and with the Sgt. Pepper reprise and A Day in the Life they had a great final. It was called the first 40 minute single in the world.

When it comes to impact, production, technique and the diversity of songs you can say this is the greatest album of all time. But when it comes purely to the songs I put Revolver at #1.

3 Revolver

Sgt. Pepper maybe more influential and important than Revolver, but Revolver is certainly the Beatles at their best. Each band member is fully engrossed in the project here, something that's absent in Sgt. Pepper. There's a song here for everyone, from Yellow Submarine to Tomorrow Never Knows. The Beatles are practically creating new musical genres with each step they take on this album. And, after all that, this isn't even my favorite Beatles album. That title goes to Abbey Road. This is just a smidgen better than everything else, though. Ringo's drumming is imaginative as ever, Paul's bass playing is sweet and melodic, and the guitars are very heavy and distorted for 1966. The voices are stunningly beautiful, something that the Beatles nail every time. The single released in 1966, Paperback Writer b/w Rain, is the perfect companion to this record. If you can't decide which album to buy next, go for this one.

This and Rubber Soul is responsible for the rapid progression The Beatles undertook to what ultimately became the Trilogy of Sgt. Pepper, White Album and Abbey Road. To me, Revolver is the most seamless album since it has no weak songs that stand out, but still formulates classics such as Tomorrow Never Knows and She Said She Said. Instead of looking at The Beatles via albums, it is much better to assess them through time periods. Rain and Paperback Writer should be on this album and were recorded during the session, but omitted to become a single. To those saying Sgt. Pepper is overrated and inconsistent, you aren't educated enough to remark that. It is one of the greatest of all time, and it changed music for the better. Listen to A Day In The Life and try not to be taken away by it.

Incredibly balanced album, with an incredibly innovative substance.

This Album is a perfect album. Every Song from track 1-14 is worth buying. There is something for everyone, with beautiful harmonies in 'And Your Bird Can Sing' & 'Here, There and Everywhere'. Further, the creative innovation in the psychedelic music, from Harrison introducing the sitar in 'Love You To' to backward tape loops in Lennon's 'Tomorrow Never Knows' rivals the experimentation in even Sgt Peppers. Then we come to arguably the best ever Beatles song 'Eleanor Rigby' a McCartney masterpiece of baroque pop that may as well have defined the genre itself. I can't recommend this album enough, it is the best of the Beatles, encompassing all they were good at. All their best musicianship, vocal harmonies, compositional genius and togetherness is showcased in this precious album.
Although I firmly believe every track is definitely worth listening to, my personal favourites are:

2. Eleanor Rigby
3. I'm Only Sleeping
7. She Said She Said
10. For No One
14. Tomorrow ...more

I understand why people really like Sgt Pepper but in my opinion Rubber Soul, Abbey Road and especially Revolver are far more consistently good and varied. I also prefer White Album to Sgt Pepper but neither are very consistent to be honest. I think Revolver is the closest album of all time to perfection, with Rubber Soul, Abbey Road, Nevermind, Doolittle, Plastic Ono Band, Velvet Underground and Nico, and Dark Side Of The Moon also close. Definitely not Sgt Pepper though it's the most influential album ever but nowhere near perfection.

4 The White Album

It wins in terms of quantity of great songs but when you take the average quality it drops a little bit on the ranking. But still roughly on the same tier as Revolver, AR and Pepper's

I went through a phase where Abbey Road was my favourite Beatles album. Then it was Pepper. Then it was Revolver. Then it was Abbey Road again. Now it's the White Album.

A lot of people look at the white album and see awful filler like Revolution 9 and the Honey Pies. Then they see some mediocre songs like Why Don't We Do It In The Road? , Don't Pass Me By, Rocky Racoon and Good Night. Some people even hate Bungalow Bill and Ob-La-the. But I don't. Every time I listen to it, I t takes me farther way than Pepper. It's more bittersweet then Abbey Road and more experimental than Revolver. Every single song has a purpose. The next song is always so different from the last, that I can't help but enjoy them all. Every song is placed so perfectly that they are all made enjoyable.

If this was shortened to a single LP, that would have been the worst decision the Beatles ever made. The Double White is not the Double White missing any of these songs.

My favourite tracks are ...more

My favorite album used to be Sgt. Pepper. But over the past few months, I started appreciating The Beatles (White Album) better. It's a double album, and the group is at their best! Side One is more like folk rock. The songs have a sense of fun to them. Side Two is probably the weakest, but it's still great. "Julia" is on Side Two and it is just beautiful! It's just that songs like "Don't Pass Me By" and "Why Don't We Do It In The Road? " are kind of forgettable. Side Three, in my opinion, is my favorite part of the White Album. I love "Yer Blues". Definitely one of my favorite Beatles songs. "Long, Long, Long" is my favorite song on the White Album. It is very quiet. It makes me feel peaceful...until I fall asleep and have nightmares because of the ending. Side Four is great, too. It has more of a menacing feel to its tracks, most notably "Cry Baby Cry". And "Revolution 9" is just "Revolution 9". Overall, this is a must-hear for any music fan, period. You have got to listen to it ...more

Each Beatles album gives us perspectives of each of the Beatles both separately and together as a band. However, no other album gives such a deep insight of each artist's creation process by their own and with others as much as this self-titled double album.

The songs voice Harrison's, Lennon's, McCartney's, and Starkey's opinions about their world and subtly showcase their almost-visible personalities and chemistry. They range from sarcastic (The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill, Piggies) to emotional (While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Julia), and from simple (Why Don't We Do It In the Road? , Don't Pass Me By) to complex (Revolution 9). There are genre imitations and parodies (Back to the U.S.S.R., Good Night, Rocky Raccoon), and personal experiences (Dear Prudence, I'm So Tired). Every song is indivually unique and different from the one before and after it with each having a new flavor while encompassing a creative spirit only found in The Beatles.

5 Rubber Soul

Their best album for no other reason than being released before the time they became canonized. Rubber Soul established the rise of a legendary band, seen in the depth and maturity of songs like In My Life. It is one of the only two albums by The Beatles, along with Abbey Road, where absolutely every song on the album is a pleasure to listen to.

For me I voted for Rubber Soul as their best. I was a musician in the 60s but more importantly I was a teenager. Nothing compared to this Album. One can argue what are are the favorites on this Album but there are many great ones. Many Beatles Albums have some iconic songs in it but this Album just flows. In My Life, I'm Looking through You, Norwegian Wood,Michelle, Girl, You Won't See Me, Wait, Nowhere Man, …When your 15-16 you're pretty impressionable and what an impression this Album had on me.

The moment when they became a force to be reckoned with. It isn't their peak, but it's their most important album, because it opened the doors for them to create their best work.
My Top Ten Beatles Albums:
1) Revolver
2) Sgt Pepper
3) Rubber Soul
4) Abbey Road
5) The White Album
6) Magical Mystery Tour
7) Help!
8) A Hard Day's Night
9) Beatles for Sale
10) Please Please Me

Never really got into Sgt. Pepper like everyone else, this album on the other hand is a really lovely collection of songs. It shows great maturity but hadn't quite gone into the full fledged acid trip psychedelia yet. Which I'm fine with, Pink Floyd does that best in my opinion.

6 Magical Mystery Tour

The album version can compete with the best Beatles albums. Even the EP version is underrated. The title track is so infectious.

If I got a single penny every time somebody put this too low on a ranking, I'd be Bill Gates level rich. It is commonly agreed that some of the songs on this album are the best Beatles songs ever - most notably Strawberry Fields Forever, Penny Lane, I am the Walrus, and All You Need Is Love stand out (Hello Goodbye is very underrated and should be up there as well. The Fool on the Hill and Blue Jay Way are also great as well as the title cut being underrated). On Sgt. Peppers you have the title track, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, and A Day in the Life (you could count With A Little Help From My Friends as well as one of their greats). There are many songs on that album that aren't too great, such as Within You Without You, Fixing a Hole, and Good Morning Good Morning. The tracks Getting Better, Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite, etc. are in the middle of the Beatles' catalogue, and though I like these songs it doesn't make the best Beatles album.

B Side of Sgt Pepper, The Psychedelic Sound continued in the Climatic Period. And Great Songs like I am the Walrus, Hello Goodbye, Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane, Blue Jay Way, and All You Need is Love. Ringo should've got one on it but they had Flying which is Credited to All the Members and it's instrumental. It's underrated surprisingly but great has great stuff 7.5/10

This album is just beyond words, and so very underrated. Magical Mystery Tour is most definitely my favourite album from The Beatles. It stands out from all the others, and there's not a bad song on it. Every time I listen to it, I find myself singing along cheerfully. Unmistakably their best work.

7 A Hard Day's Night

It seems like a lot of the time the Beatles' older albums get overlooked, which is a real shame, because A Hard Day's Night is absolutely fantastic. I would even go as far as to say it's one of their top 5 best albums. It's got classics like "A Hard Day's Night," "If I Fell," and "Can't Buy Me Love," as well as underrated gems such as "Tell Me Why" and "Things We Said Today." I'd recommend this one to just about anybody. I'd say it's up there with Revolver, Abbey Road, and Sgt. Pepper's.

I go through phases with Beatle albums, the last 20 years I would have said their later stuff, especially pepper and the white album.Recently though I've rediscovered a passion for a hard days night, check out 'you can't do that, completely forgot what a brilliant song that is. Would put the album in my top 10 just now.

First album ever of all original songs by a single artist or band. Before this album, all albums were full of covers and songs written by song writers. All songs written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney

I think I'm in the minority when I say that this is up there with Revolver, Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper, but to me it's just as good, but the sound is different.

8 Help!

Yesterday, Help, Ticket to Road and a load of underrated McCartney songs. Still, Dizzy Miss Lizzy is below average and George wasnt quite there yet in terms of songwriting. Overall very underrated album.

Where They start to change and build up but still be a Rock Band Paul's has a Song without the others called Yesterday. John Lennon shines a lot too with The Title Track, Ticket to Ride, and You've Got to Hide Your Love Away, George starts writing more and this is the Last Album to have Covers like Dizzy Miss Lizzy til Let it Be and John Plays Organ. on it 8/10.

Probably my favorite Beatles album. The music is simple yet effective and the lyrics basically tell the story of a relationship, which I think is something we can all relate to. I'll admit there is some filler but overall I'd say it's their best effort as a whole group. I love the movie, too

Such an undderated album. It had such amazing songs like the title track, yesterday, youve got to hide your love away, ticket to ride, I've just seen a face etc etc..

9 Let It Be

Two of Us - A great opening to an underrated album.
Dig a Pony - Though it's lyrics aren't good, the tune's catchy.
Across the Universe - Love everything except for John's vocals.
I Me Mine - A highlight of George Harrison's and best on the album.
Dig It - Short but sweet.
Let it Be - One of the best songs on the album.
Maggie Mae - The Beatles are doing covers again!
I've Got a Feeling - There are so many great sections on the song.
One After 909 - The first song they ever wrote.
The Long and Winding Road - A highlight of Paul's career.
For You Blue - The last song they ever wrote.
Get Back - Amazing closer to an amazing album.

You can hear that this album was a bit thrown together in the chaos of Paul's departure, but the first side is actually filled with great and underrated batles songs.

Two of Us - Classic McCartney

Dig a Pony - Lovely song with a good solo

Across The Universe - Peaceful track, very Lennon

I Me Mine - Great vocals from Harrison

Dig It - Well I mean, it's more of a build up for Let It Be

Let It Be - Come on, who doesn't love this song. McCartney's vocals and piano and one of Harrison's greatest solos. Almost a Hey Jude Part 2

Maggie Mae - This song was supposed to be longer, and I think if it had been completed it would have been a solid song

Hmm... I am sort of ambivalent about this album. I mean, it has some amazing songs including Let It Be, Get Back, Across the Universe. But they put different versions of the songs on, which I don't like. it also has a lot of short pointless songs. I do like One After 909, The Long and Winding Road, and Two of Us though.

Let It Be, Across The Universe, the live version of Get Back, The Long And Winding Road, Dig A Pony, Two Of Us, I Me Mine (one of the greatest guitar moments by Harrison), I've Got A Feeling, the late version of One After 909, For You Blue, even Dig It is good. Maggie Mae is the lowest point and his worst recording ever.

10 Please Please Me

I'm not a big fan of this album, due to all the cover songs. If I'm counting only the original songs, I'd give this a 7/10. but the cover songs bring it down to a 6.

There isn't a lot of oppinions that cam into my next rankings, but Please Please Me takes #6 because it has Misery, PS I Love You, and Twist and Shout that just get stuck in my head and I love it.

My god. It's bad. Just listen Baby it's You, it's the worst Beatles album ever. It was the beginning of everything, though.

To have so many originals on one album at the time was unheard off. This album set the stage for all albums after this one

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11 With The Beatles

I absolutely love this album and for some reason like it more than the rest, I love Revolver and Abbey Road, but the covers on this are brilliant and I have played tracks on this album more than any other, so I have to say this is my favorite, it wasn't an easy choice. "Please Mr Postman" and "All My Loving" are legendary!
1) With The Beatles
2) Abbey Road
3) Revolver
4) Rubber Soul
5) Let It Be
6) The White Album
7) St Peppers Lonely Club Heart Band
8) Help
9) Please Please Me
10) Magical Mystery Tour

(By the way I haven't listend to all their albums, such as Beatles For Sale and Yellow Submarine, so don't judge me if you think they should be mentioned, laugh out loud)

This is the last album of the Beatles recorded on two tracks. It has a beautiful warm sound and they were very energetic on this album. If the singles I want to Hold Your Hand and She Loves You (+ their B-sides) replace the few weaker songs, this album would be the ultimate album of their early years. Now this honour goes to Hard Days Night.

This album never gets any respect, honestly it doesn't matter if most of the songs in here are covers, they are great covers and easily joins number 2 in my favorite Beatles albums of all time!

12 Beatles For Sale

This album is actually a bit underrated. Sure, the tone is a little uneven, with melancholy tracks such as I'm a Loser and Baby's in Black mixed in with cheerful tracks like Eight Days a Week and Every Little Thing, but that doesn't stop the songs from being AWESOME! The original songs are very catchy and very meaningful and the covers are great, too. Also, the reason they included so many covers was because they played those songs back in the Liverpool days and they wanted to put some of those on an album.

This album is very underrated. In lyrics and melody The Beatles made quick progress. Some of the covers are great like Rock 'n Roll Music, Words of Love and Everybody's Trying to be my Baby. The other three covers are average quality.

I think the original songs are actually REALLY good. Like the best songs from the early Beatles. Those songs I would rate 8/10. I wish the album didn't have so many covers though. I'd rate this a 7 due to the covers.

Much better than With the Beatles in my opinion. First three songs are classics and Rock and Roll Music is the best cover by the Beatles.

13 Let It Be... Naked

No, they were not naked while recording this. This album was released in 2008, by Paul McCartney as a better alternative to the original Let it Be album. While they did remove 2 songs (Dig It, and Maggie Mae), these were pretty useless and bad songs. They did however, add another song (Don't Let Me Down), which is a phenomenal song. One other thing they did, was remove all of the background chatter that would happen before some songs, like Two of Us' chatter in the beginning, Dig A Pony's false start, and the chatter before Get Back. The songs are also rearranged in a better order.

I like this album more than the 1970 release. Paul had a point with all the added stuff from Spector.

Not bothered if they had done it naked but people where prudes back then.

Even though sgt peppers is my favorite this deserves to be so much higher. It is perfection

14 Love

Collaboration of all The Beatles greatest hits. Number 1 in all aspects. Yes, they remix some of the songs, but I don't think it hurts the song. I actually like how the album flows. Not just my favorite Beatles album, but my favorite album PERIOD.

The version of Strawberry Fields Forever on this album is utterly amazing, same with While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

They morphed "within you without you" with "tomorrow never knows" in this album and it is best psychedelic song I've ever heard.

15 The Beatles 1

It introduced a new generation to the Beatles. It's one of their most important albums. It's also the definitive greatest hits album released by the band, in that all the songs are on one disc and this album shows just how big they were; 27 number one hits in total between the US and UK.

Though there were some great Beatles songs left out of this masterpiece collection ('Sgt Pepper's' and 'Twist & Shout' comes to mind) I love this album. I think that I captures the Beatles's growth as artists, and is perfect to introduce kids (like me) to the legendary Beatles!

Although it's a collection of songs from actual albums, this collection introduced a new generation of The Beatles.

I'm still puzzled as to why Please Please Me was left off of this album. It was their first #1 single in the UK!

16 Yellow Submarine

It's the C Side of Sgt Pepper not much on it but Great Soundtrack with The Title Track, It's All Too Much, All Together Now, and Hey Bulldog. This is the Most Underrated Beatles Album ever, unlike Sgt Pepper although They are Similar. 5/10

Okay, let me get something straight. I love Yellow Submarine. Hey Bulldog is cool, All Together Now is a nice little sing along, and Ringo's vocals on Yellow Submarine is amazing. Some people may consider Yellow Submarine as a weak moment for the Beatles, and others consider it as a great sing along for children. I don't understand why it's so hated, Yellow Submarine is one of my favorite Beatles albums!

I don't understand why most people dislike this album. It has two of the best Beatles at their experimental side songs, and the two of them are Harrison's songs. And the fact that we have George Martin doing "classical" music (I'd rather the term "academic"), it's the point that set his brilliance in the band for deserving the spot of the fifth beatle. And by the way, that part of the album is amazing.

So, "Only a northern song", "It's all too much", and the "Martin's medley" should put this album as a great piece.

Yellow Submarine - Everyone knows it, everyone loves it.

Only a Northern Song - Great song with funny lyrics ("If you're listening to this song/you may think the chords are going wrong/but they're not/we just wrote it like that").

All Together Now - Sounds like a nursery rhyme, but still great.

Hey Bulldog - One of the best Beatles songs ever. Piano riff is so memorable. The bass is incredible.

It's All Too Much - The Beatles' last psychedelic song to be released is excellent (Dig a Pony and Come Together aren't really psychedelic, they just have weird lyrics. What's the New Mary Jane is avant garde, not psychedelic.).

All You Need Is Love - Another song that everyone knows and loves.

George Martin's Instrumentals - Great listen if you can sit down and relax.

Overall, it's a great album and the fact that it's the last thing on the list is a shame. This album is even better than Help! in my opinion, which I love.

17 Past Masters, Vol. 1

Their second-best early Album, only to A Hard Day's Night. It has the original version of Love Me Do, From Me to You, She Loves You, I Want to Hold Your Hand, This Boy, Yes it Is, and so much more!

18 Past Masters, Vol. 2

This album was released in 1988 for the box set. This one and volume 1 were created to have every song not on the original 13 albums

So many songs that should have been on albums. Like Revolution.

19 Yesterday and Today

I think it's the best. Fantastic rockers like Daytripper and And your Bird Can Sing plus thoughtful songs like Yesterday and Nowhere Man. Much better than some of the others ranked higher.

US capital Beatles albums (pre 1966) are disgusting.

It's very good

20 Meet the Beatles

This is the best beatles album!

21 Love Songs
22 Anthology

I love the Beatles early and alternative songs.

Needs more attention 3 2

23 Anthology 2
24 Beatles '65
25 Beatles VI
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