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1 Memories, Pt. II

This is the most dramatic and best song I have ever heard by almost any artist. I am deeply in love with this song so much.

It is a really deep song and add John it was a really good song pulling at your heart strings.

Amazing song brings me back to my senior year!

His deepest and best song by far.

2 Guap

Best Big Sean song hands down! Just listening to it makes me want to listen to this song even more. Big Sean made his very own masterpiece. DOPE!

Really unique beat. Song makes you want to go out and get some guap.

I love this song its... guap

Absolutely goes in here

3 24K of Gold

Stays in your head, I think a really deep song; he shares his dreams with us that came true

4 My Last

Great song.. Very good artist and he is still very young... Hope their is more.

In my opinion, Big Sean's best. Listen to this everyday.

Great party song...When you're graduating or something it moves me to tears

What? Why is this number 1?

5 Bounce Back

On its surface, bounce back is a top-notch crowd mover, complete with amazing production by Metro Boomin. Dig a little deeper, however, and you'll find an inspiring message about coming back from your past mistakes and failures. This song can't be beat!

As a huge Big Sean fan, this is his best work, showing how great of a lyricist he can be, with an amazing flow and an amazing beat.

Amazing song, great beat and lyrics. Probably my favourite song of his!

6 Control

Best flow I have ever heard from the self proclaimed Sean Don. Also features tight verse that caused an incredible amount of controversy from Kendrick. Sean delivers in this song better than any other I can say he made, perhaps besides Burn with Meek Mill. Big Sean for life!

This song is only popular because of Kendrick. Big Sean did an unbelievable job on this song, but it's not top ten material.

How is this not further up?! Big Seans verse is so damn tight and Kendrick explodes his lines! Brilliant spit from all three rappers

This may be seans best verse and its not even the best verse on this track..

7 1st Quarter

Listen to it, great beat

Best big sean

8 I Don't F**k with You

Great song! Not to many artists keep it real anymore! Really though, the message I get and interrupt is this keep it 100%! Be yourself, Be You who cares about what others think. It's what you think, feel and value most in your life that's most important. Also, If you want something or anything! If you know your worth then go get your worth! F! Everyone else the world is yours!... and stay away from drugs the fake people and stay with the righteous the ones that love you Family is also and always will be #1. you receive what you give in life.(aka) the secret to life. Love and be Loved, Hate and receive the same in return. #Truth

Really. Not the best song by him. He wrote this song, yet he also wrote, my favorite song by him... One Man Can Change the World. But the same person also wrote this? I'm not sure if I'm even listening to the same person.

I think this song should be in the top three. This song can easily get you hype and everyone can relate to this one song. This song makes people come together.

Kids who get bullied should sing this at a talent show for all the haters at school.

9 Mercy

One of the best rap collaborations of all time. Was also deemed the rap song of 2012. I personally feel that way about it. The song was perfect. Everybody's flow was on point and there's wasn't a glitch no where to be found. #DawnOfWaves

10 Marvin & Chardonnay

If it wasn't for this song I wouldn't even know of big sean. Even though ass came out first, this song is what made him famous. Should be top 3! Vote'er up guys.

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11 Beware

This song is so dope... repeat for dayz

Best song from big sean. Should be n1

Not only my favourite big sean song but 1 of my fave hip hop songz... #dope4dayz

This song is off the chain.

12 Blessings

Don't even trying arguing that there was a single weak bar in this song.

I know it's new but it is easily one of his best songs!

Sean, Drake and Kanye's verses are just amazing.

Awesome song. Top 5 or top 3 to me.

13 Sacrifices
14 Nothing is Stopping You

"Tell me what you know about dreams, what you know about having faith in something you can't see, tell me how much you believe, what you know about feeling something that you can't even touch, what you know about smelling something something that you can't even breathe, but when the world drives you out and your gas tank Is on "E" and all the faith that you have just ain't all the faith you need. All the faith that I have I just ain't all the faith that I need. I'm Sorry"

This is sean's best song lyrically because it tells his story of he got famous without leaving out any details in a inspirational way.

Of the songs on this list, this is the deepest, and arguably the best, song on the list.

Such a deep song. It should be top five for sure. If not higher.

15 One Man Can Change the World

I was shocked that this song was not heard by people much. This song is an inspiration to me. This song is so beautiful. If you listen to this song it would be worth listening.

One of the best rap song of post 2010 period!
First of all lyrics of this song very power feeding plus the way in which beats drops one by one, the piano, the chorus everything is perfect with this track. you can give it a listen whenever you're feeling low its very uplifting. REALLY MOTIVATING!

By far the greatest song by Sean. Shows a whole different side of him as an artist. Highly recommend giving it a listen

This song SHOULD be in the top 10, it is very inspiring and his lyrics get pretty deep too.

16 Higher

Yes yes. Sean proved himself of this track to have the mind of the greats. He does something clever on here...

Where he teases Mercy. The track was recorded before mercy but was not released before. That would have pulled it off.

I've legit gone days with this song on repeat. Lyrics are insane!

Lyrically the best Big Sean song ever.

17 I Do It

How is this song not in the top ten? I Love this song and Love blasting it in the car.

He goes hard here and does it!

18 Wait for Me

This song just got me rocking. It features Lupe Fiasco. Y'all should give it a listen.

19 Dance (A$$)

Nicki Minaj's Tricky Verse is too sexy. Afterall, only a few girls in the MC boast of their Ass.

20 Moves
21 Don't Tell Me You Love Me

One of his best relationship songs.

22 Halfway Off the Balcony

Man..I love this song! It is so deep, smooth, moody, and calm! Can't get it enough of this song!

23 Don't Like

Kinda surprised Jadakiss was on it everyone was dope (except Chief Keef)

24 Detroit vs Everybody

Em was great but Sean was the sickest in this track... Outstanding... No offense dunk on me !

Sick track on Shady XV, Big Sean was diffently to main starting vocals to make the song great! Not to mention Em too!

25 Ashley

Top 10? This should be top 5. One of his best pieces of work that he's ever put together. It's disgraceful to him that this is number 25.

Miguel Murdered this. One of Miguel's best contributions too. These two need another one.

Your beyond talented and beyond awesome
'this song made me shed a few tears
Bruh... You're rated Awesome

This should be at least top 10. Come on guys, VOTE!

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