Best Dio Albums

I only know a few (the ones I own), but I believe Dio deserves more recognition. So please add as many as you can! Dio only. No Rainbow/Black Sabbath/Heaven & Hell.

I had to create this list to honor the most powerful voice in metal, Ronnie James Dio.

Metal Never Dies!

The Top Ten
1 Holy Diver

One of the greatest rock albums of all time containing his best 5 tracks:-
- Don't Talk To Strangers
- Stand Up And Shout
- Rainbow In The Dark
- Holy Diver
- Shame On The Night
RJD - Sadly missed but he has left a true legacy with this phenomenal album, a classic!

Undoubtedly his best. Why?
Lets see:

Stand Up and Shout 10/10
Holy Diver 12/10
Gypsy 9/10
Caught in the Middle 10/10
Don't Talk to Strangers 11/10
Straight Through the Heart 9/10
Invisible 10/10
Rainbow in the Dark 10/10
Shame on the Night 8/10

One of the best 80s metal albums. Dio matches his work with Rainbow and Black Sabbath on this stellar classic. No filler all killer. Classic and a must have for anyone who's into metal. B.B

2 Lock up the Wolves

This for me is unquestionably the best DIO album behind the Vivian Campbell records.Outstanding.

Great line-up the guitarist, s on fire! O
Is on fire!

Great guitarist's and great album very nice!

3 The Last In Line

No way is dream evil above this gem. Dream evil contains the songs all the fools sailed away, night people and I could have been a dreamer, however I hate the song Overlove. Whereas I love every song on last in line except I speed at night which is listenable. I think last in line should be above dream evil

Why is Last in Line at #4? This is his best album! Needs to switch places with SH or LUTW., which are still good albums but not better than this. I must be missing something as this album and HD went platinum whereas the others never came close. Hm?

4 Strange Highways

I don't get why this album is considered the second worst Dio album. It's actually pretty decent. Jesus, Mary and the Holy Ghost, One Foot in the Grave and Strange Highways are all belters.

Dio's heaviest album to date! Totally underrated.

5 Dream Evil

From Nihgt People to When A Woman Cries the greatest work of Dio solo career. With All the fools sailed away and Sunset Superman as special leading songs.

No diamonds here, but in general a very tight album that you can listen from start to end. Mainstream, radio friendly sound and more melodic than previous dio albums. Thumbs up! m/

6 Killing the Dragon

A bit different to his regular sound. Push is a very underrated song and the title track is awesome.

This is an underrated album. I would say it is the best since 'The Last in Line'.

7 Magica

An awesome concept album and a definite disappointment he wasn't able to make II and I.
At least we have Electra to know what could've been.
Anyway, an awesome story told through awesome songs.

Banger album, a return to his more successful sound, that his fans loved. Favourite track is Losing My Insanity. I love this album

A great concept album, really unique and heavy sound.

8 Sacred Heart

Well just by looking at this list I can see that this album is underrated. It's better than dream evil if you ask me. I think when vivian Campbell left the band wasn't as good as it used to be. Anyway belter album should be higher

The underrated songs on this album, such as: Shoot shoot, like the beat of a heart, another lie and just another day are the kinds of songs that I love and make the album 3rd best for me.

Looks like Holy Diver's in no danger of losing its place, but this is more of the light, keyboard-drenched Dio that brightens my day.

9 Holy Diver Live
10 Master of the Moon

I can't believe this is rated lowest. For me, this is the second best Dio album (my favorite being The Last in Line), partially because of the atmosphere. Just listen to the title track or

Better than strange highways and lock up the wolves in my opinion

The Contenders
11 Angry Machines

This is totally underrated. Sure, it's very different to the better sound (in fact, it's more like a Nirvana album), but there are still some absolute killers like, Institutional Man, Don't Tell the Kids, Hunter of te Heart, Stay Out Of My Mind, and this is your life. So underrated!

12 Live in London, Hammersmith Apollo 1993
13 Intermission - Dio

Second Album I ever purchased - Time to Burn Killer!

14 Heaven and Hell
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