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1 Jailhouse Rock

My god, this song! I'm a pretty young kid, and hearing this made me love this artist. Can't help falling in love would have to be second, a classic. But this song, I feel, represents Elvis how he should be remembered. Smiling and dancing and loving and blessing the world with his talent. Rest in peace, absolute legend.

Oh man, this song is so uplifting in my opinion! This song is a classic, and I get excited when listening to it! I've even sang it in 6th grade choir, which was awesome.

Masterpiece. When I first heard this, I was like this is one of the best songs I ever heard. Elvis is the best singer of all time coming from a 13 year old.

2 Suspicious Minds

Of all the songs E ever did this one gets under your skin and into your brain. The tempo and lyrics are perfect! Don't tell me "I'm caught in a trap. I can't walk out, because I love you too much baby... Well, dontcha know I'm..." never got stuck in your head! There's too many good Elvis songs but this one just takes the cake.

Between this and Polk salad Annie; his live performance was out of this world. I've always been an Elvis fan, and I listen to his songs depending on the mood I'm in; or want to be.
Suspicious Minds is possibly his greatest song, in my opinion.

This song, though recorded in '69, was THE 70's Elvis Masterpiece. All through-out the 70's concerts, he would perform it with an energy that made him king. His "TTWII"-version still gives me chills! It shows how much he had grown from the 50's Rock & the 60's Roll. The "Sweets" & all those instruments coming together with the purest, most controlled voice in history... it's MAGIC, pure n simple!

3 Hound Dog

Even though Jailhouse Rock was the song that introduced me to The King, this one was the one that made me fall completely in love with this artist. I also really like Heartbreak Hotel, but nothing can compare to how classic this song is.

I think this was his best or his biggest point in his mainstream career and guys please vote this song to number one. I hope one of you would like my comment I recently typed.

This song is a repeat like and your crying all the time but your nothing but a hound dog and your crying all the time. The song sounds like a good rock and roll song. And I want to know more about Elvis.But hound dog is number 1.

4 Can't Help Falling in Love

I DO agree with you but I also DON'T agree,
Elvis is my favourite singer of ALL TIME so it's important for me to have my own opinion but I also respect YOUR opinion. So, quoting Elvis:

"Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't going away."
― Elvis Presley
My favourite among his many respectable agreeable quotes; opinions!

These are his best, in order:
1) Can't help falling in love
2) Jailhouse rock
3) Are you lonesome tonight?
4) In the ghetto
5) Love me tender
6) Suspicious minds
7) It's now or never
8) Pretty woman
9) Blue suede shoes
10) Hound dog
11) All shook up
12) Little sister

Can't Help Falling In Love is my favorite song because my grandpa and I used to always listen and sing it together. It's a very calm and smooth song.

5 Heartbreak Hotel
6 In the Ghetto

This one is a lovely song. Clearly reflects how criminals are born as helpless children. No one's a terrorist by birth. Hunger changes everything. Lovely way, lovely melody and the great voice of the King, Elvis.

Probably the most powerful song Elvis recorded. Speaks of the real issues of an inner-city environment where most people just turn a blind eye to.

This song is my absolute favourite, I remember my father always used to sing me this every night. I think it should be in the top 5 at least.

7 Love Me Tender

One of the best Elvis songs in the world such a beautiful ballad

I love that song

8 All Shook Up

Even if I'll never have a fraction of the singing voice Elvis had, that won't stop me from always singing along to this amazingly giddy song which perfectly captures the feeling of being in love.

His voice is amazing no matter what he sings, but this is my favorite with the rest of his songs tying for second place.

His first number 1 hit in England and his best song ever! This song got me into Elvis when I was 14

9 Blue Suede Shoes

Would be #1 on this list if it was indigo suede shoes.

All time favorite Elvis song! Very catchy!

I really love this song. It's really rhythmic

10 Don't Be Cruel

Love it. if I remember correctly, my mother had bought me hound dog. never paid attention to the other side. I was 6, didn't care. just played hound dog. then don't be cruel was being played on the radio. I asked her to buy me that. turns out, they were flip sides, and still have 2 45s of hound dog/don't be cruel

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11 Burning Love

Needs to be higher on your list this song rocks especially a few certain live versions. I never get tired of hearing Burning Love!

A great song that should at least have a spot in the top ten. Truly remarkable.

One of the best songs I've ever heard from Elvis. Peru loves Elvis.

12 A Little Less Conversation

This is a great song. A must have for any fan like me. Always has been my favorite

This song is amazing it deserves to be within the top 5!

I really love this song. There's a remix I like too.

13 Always on My Mind

Beautiful emotional song.

Definitely thought provoking.

Another powerful emotional powerful ballad is "My Boy" as a close second in my humble opinion

First time I heard it, it so bored
And I heard it 15 times arrow
It so emotional.. never bored to hear this beautiful endlessly love song, guaranteed.

Amazing lyrics and a beutiful voice from the king. I also think the song was written to Priscilla. Rest in peace Elvis

14 If I Can Dream

I like many of his songs and in a way I can't vote, it depends on the day, or mood or whatever. But I think I vote if I can dream as it's the one I'm finding I'm singing to myself. I don't know what its about or anything ill maybe try find that out at another time and day but I like the melody for now.

I just seen the Elvis film and bits of his 68 special comeback and this song is in my head even though I don't know the lyrics off by heart, or make out what he's saying. But the melody is good and I'm thinking I want to sing this in karaoke.

This is the song I'm humming to myself recently so I'll vote this one. Can't say for sure if it's the best though as Elvis has quite a few good songs so almost too hard to pick.

15 Return to Sender
16 (You're The) Devil in Disguise

So catchy. Also great in Scorpio Rising.

17 Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Beautiful song, also the laughing version is good too, shows Elvis humour, his laugh was infectious.

Phenomenally sensetive lyrics and performance. The true essence of the king.

This is the sexiest song I think he does!

18 The Wonder of You

Fabulous song, number one in the UK in 1970.

19 Kentucky Rain

Definitely one of my favorites. Love the ups and downs in the music.

Just got to be the best

20 That's All Right

With this, Elvis left his calling card to the world... And what a mighty card that was!

The song that more or less invented rockabilly.

21 (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear

I did this song in my 5th grade musical... Great memories.

22 Viva Las Vegas

Viva las vegas, it's song for playboy. too hot too dance for this song

23 An American Trilogy

This is one of the most heart wrenching but yet one of the most heart warming songs of Elvis.. BUT only he could sing it like this..His voice is so beautiful

His single most epic and emotional song he has ever produced. Must be in the top ten, just listen and you'll see.

This song has so much effort put into it and it is like two different songs. Great classic song.

24 A Thing Called Love
25 Blue Christmas

One of favorite songs

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