Top 10 Best Short Stack Songs

Short Stack is an Australian rock band that has been making waves in the music industry since its formation in 2005. Known for their unique sound that blends punk, pop, and rock elements, the band has amassed a loyal fan base across the globe. Short Stack has released several hit songs over the years, each with a distinctive flair that has captured the hearts of fans. In this list, we take a look at the top ten best Short Stack songs, showcasing the band's talent and highlighting some of their most unforgettable tracks. From their early beginnings to their most recent releases, these songs have proven to be timeless classics that continue to resonate with fans today.
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1 Sweet December

Really nice, and beautiful song with great lyrics - a sure classic, especially for Australian music.

2 Planets

Short Stack is the best band. This song shows how amazing their music really is. I can't get this song out of my head. I love you, Shaun!

Awesome song. All it took for me to fall in love with Short Stack was to hear this song on the radio at 12 AM. It quietly banged away on my CD player/radio when I was supposed to be asleep (I'm 12 years old).

I really like this song, and it's the only one I like from Short Stack.

3 Nothing at All

Love this song! One of their best!

4 17

The only genuinely good song on their first album, and one of their finest.

5 The Back of My Head

I agree, it is one of their best songs, but no one really knows it. It should really be publicized more. But I love it!

6 Princess

A fun song that will always make you feel good.

7 Ruby Red

Ruby Red contains probably the most bittersweet lyrics from all Short Stack's songs. It's so good yet never got the proper attention or hype given to it. So, have a listen, realize how good it is, and then vote for RUBY RED.

This is such a gorgeous song. Please vote for Ruby Red! Shaun himself said it's got one of his favorite lines of the album in it: "We'll die like colours, so paint me black and blue."

8 In This Place

This song is awesome. It's the song that I first heard that made me fall in love with Short Stack. I blare it every time. (I'm thirteen years old and I'm listening to Planets right now.)

9 Counting the Stars

Counting the Stars is an absolutely gorgeous song! I've loved Short Stack since the beginning, and even with all their new songs, this remains my favorite. I love Andy!

10 We Dance to a Different Disco, Honey
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11 Suburbia
12 Before Angels Fall

Love this song. It was the first one I heard, and I fell in love with Short Stack and their music.

13 Sway Sway Baby

When I saw the film clip to this song, I could not stop laughing. It was so funny. Anyway, this song is amazing. Short Stack are amazing. I love Andy, Bradie, and Shaun. They are all so hot!

14 Ladies and Gentlemen
15 Drop Dead Gorgeous
16 Shimmy a Go Go
17 S.O.U.L.
18 Werewolves

Werewolves is an awesome song. I bought the Bat Country CD today, and Werewolves was on it. All day I have been listening to it. Just an awesome song.

19 One Step Closer

Shimmy, Sway Sway, and Princess were the most popular from the first album. Sway yes, Princess yes, but this one deserved to be there instead of Shimmy if you ask me. There is nothing I don't like about it.

20 Bat Country
21 Die Young, Stay Pretty

Dude, Die Young, Stay Pretty is the most amazing Short Stack song I have ever heard. I had never heard it before until I got the Bat Country CD, and it was on it. Now, I love it!

22 Sweet Emergency

Love how this song is so different from all Short Stack's other songs. Love it!

23 Are You Afraid of the Dark
24 Jack the Ripper

I just got the Bat Country album on my iPod, and this is one of my top five favourite songs now.

25 Thick As Thieves

Why is this so far down the list? It's one of the best songs ever.

This song is awesome, arguably their best by far!

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