Top 10 Best Alice Cooper Songs

Alice Cooper isn't just a name. It's practically a genre unto itself. The band, and later the man himself, burst onto the rock scene with a theatrical, horror-infused stage show that was mind-blowing for its time. But behind the makeup and the guillotines, Alice Cooper consistently created killer songs that helped define the sound of hard rock in the '70s and '80s.

With a career this long, it's tough to narrow down Alice Cooper's best songs. Do you prefer the raw energy of early anthems like "I'm Eighteen" and "School's Out"? The catchy menace of '80s hits like "Poison"? Maybe you're all about the dark, story-driven classics like "Welcome To My Nightmare".
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1 Poison

I just heard this song today while watching MTV Rocks, and I must say that it is one of the greatest songs I have ever heard in my entire life. I listen to a lot of metal bands from the '70s and '80s.

Definitely one of Alice's best.

One of my favorites, indeed! I also like The Black Widow and Go to Hell. I saw Alice Cooper at DTE in 2011 and kept wondering if they were ever going to play this song. Thank God they did! Definitely one of his best!

Obviously not one of his earlier songs, but with the awesome opening riff and the great chorus, it's hard not to love this song. It's a masterpiece.

2 School's Out

There are a lot of ongoing arguments about whether School's Out or Poison is Alice Cooper's best song. I think School's Out wins by a long shot.

Awesome. I listen to this song when it is the last day of school. Nothing beats it.

It needs to be number one.

Definitely #1. Everyone knows this song. Still as hot today as it was when it was released.

3 No More Mr. Nice Guy

I love the album. It's great. This should have gotten in the one spot!

This is number 1. I don't care what the ratings are. Everyone knows this is his best song.

Everybody does know this is his best. He has so many, but this cannot be denied.

4 I'm Eighteen

Although I'm an ACG fan before this album (I used to see ACG at the University of Buffalo doing concerts in 1970 with just me and two of my bandmates in attendance - all others had walked out), this song forever changed music's top 40! They actually played down their musical abilities to start cranking out all the hits. To be 18 again!

Big V, Buffalo, NY

Put this in the top ten. Man, all the troubled times as a young man, this hit the nail on the head. What is wrong with the rest of you guys?

I listened to this song in 2013, and I could still relate to it as much as any kid from the '70s perhaps could.

5 Only Women Bleed

This song is breathtaking. I know it's a ballad, but it's one of the best Alice Cooper songs of all time. Long live the god of shock rock. Welcome to my nightmare, Alice Cooper!

Great song. Can't believe it's not in the top ten.

This song is so great, yet so misunderstood.

6 Feed My Frankenstein
7 Welcome to My Nightmare

The godfather of shock rock proved he wasn't a one-sound band with this awesome tune. Jazz, metal, rock, and blues are all incorporated in the song. I can't help but jam out to it. Dio does a great cover of it too (Alice and Ronnie were friends, I guess).

I like this song best in The Nightmare Returns. They should have made that show into a CD. I like the way all the songs sounded. Best versions, in my opinion.

I hope I didn't scare you!

It's a great song with a bit of everything. Jazz and rock!

8 Bed of Nails

So hard for me to choose my favorite song from Alice, but this song probably is.

I also love:
Cold Machines, Billion Dollar Babies, Teenage Frankenstein, Triggerman, Deeper, Poison, Sex, Death, and Money, etc.

Best Alice Cooper song. How is this so low down the list? Brilliant lyrics with two totally different interpretations that blend together so well.

Should be up there with Poison!

Song about sex? Awesome! Try playing this song while doing it with your girlfriend.

9 Halo of Flies

My favorite song of all time. I can't believe the worst era AC has topped the list. Poison is a decent track but nowhere near his best work. I can't believe Feed My Frankenstein is #6 - dreadful track.

Everyone means that it is Number 2. So it's 19. Indeed, Number one. But the fans of the Killer album are all dead. Heroin killed them. The song will live forever.

I love Halo of Flies! It sticks with you and fits perfectly with the album while still being a progressive rock song. Get it to number one now!

10 Hey Stoopid

Another great song by Alice! I love how he says Hey Stoopid all throughout the song. It makes me laugh just a bit. I love you, Alice Cooper!

The Contenders
11 Brutal Planet

My favorite. The song is awesome all on its own, but what makes the song twice as awesome is that it speaks the truth about our planet. My favorite song and my favorite album.

I listen to it once, and then I can't stop. This song is addicting! This should be at least in the top ten for sure.

A masterpiece of a song off one of my favorite Alice albums ever.

12 Hell Is Living Without You

I love all Cooper's songs, but this really should be in the top 5 along with The Great American Success Story and You're My Temptation, just to name a couple.

This is one of the best songs I've ever heard in my life. I recommend you give it a listen!

This song is better than anything prior to it and should be #1 on this list.

13 Under My Wheels

How in the hell is this so far down the list? In my humble opinion, this is THE signature ass-kicking Alice Cooper tune! The snarling vocals and crunching guitar riffs are absolutely killer!

Best song ever. This is the Alice Cooper song. This is the Alice Cooper song.

How this is not in the top 10 I'll never understand! This is no rock at its finest!

14 Steven

Listen to this song and you'll understand why it is one of his best works.

15 Dead Babies

What is this brilliant stuff doing down here? This song must be in the top three on the list. This song is better than I'm Eighteen. You've got to be joking. This song is purely awesome, as awesome as School's Out, and I think it's gonna beat No More Mr. Nice Guy. Yeah, come on guys, vote for this great song.

Sincerely, Mr. Frankenstein

Second best song from Killer. The lyrics just hit you as soon as it begins, and the instrumental solo will slowly chill your spine.

Yes, this should be in top 10. It was one of my favorite songs as a teenager. Thanks, Alice.

16 Clones (We're All)

It's not real Alice Cooper, but it's a nice change, a fresh sound, and it's catchy!

One of the best Alice Cooper songs for sure. Should be in top 10.

It's catchy and different, and I love it! Good job, Alice!

17 Hey, Bulldog
18 Ballad of Dwight Fry

Not a fan of rock or popular music, but there are a few songs that are so out there and messed up, and this is one of them.

I love it.

Best song ever by him. I am really not into old stuff, but after listening to this, I know what I have been missing.

Should be higher! Love this song so much. Personally, I prefer it to Poison.

19 Man With the Golden Gun
20 Pick Up the Bones

I love this song. It really sends a strong message off of the brilliant Brutal Planet album.

21 Billion Dollar Babies
22 Teenage Frankenstein
23 Go to Hell

One of my all-time favorites by Alice Cooper. It should be in the top ten in my opinion. I also dig The Black Widow and Poison!

Go to Hell is the most underrated Alice album in my opinion! And the title track is hilariously funny. Take a listen.

I really like the live version from The Nightmare Returns.

24 Hello Hooray

Absolutely adore this. The first song that got me into classical rock.

Awesome song. Love the way it starts. Please get it up to the top 10.

25 Department of Youth

This one's a classic. I'm surprised it isn't at least top twenty. This is one of his biggest hits anyway. And the fade-out is hilarious.

Shocked this isn't top 5. Really shocked.

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