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1 Over the Wall

Easily the best Testament song. It was great when it first came out and still kicks ass. Skolnick shredded this song as a teenager. Amazing!

We can all agree that these is one of Testament's best song. Simply amazing.

When I first heard this song I though it's megadeth one, beautiful song.

2 Return to Serenity

Isn't the tone of the guitar just perfect in this song. The solo totally melts my face and the voice just lingers in my head long after the song is over. Musically I would say that Testament have not made a better song. (With the exception of Musical Death maybe)

The best Chorus ever made in the history of the thrash metal and the riff is AWESOME! Best Part of the song is the SOLO! And the best ever song from testament far better then over the wall.

This is one of the first Testament song I heard, and since then it's one of my favourites. I have to say that it sounds a bit like megadeth, but well, how cares? Beautiful song.

3 Practice What You Preach

Really hard to choose between this song, which has fantastic rhythm and tempo and strong lyrics, and Electric Crown, which has great variety. This was my favorite for the longest, so I will worship it here.

Brilliant song... First testament song I listened to! Like chuck billy's vocals and the amazing guitar work!

Classic Thrash Song, just amazing.

4 Souls of Black

Possibly my favorite song by them because of the intro which was just absolutely killer, I've listened to Over the Wall but it sounds just like any other Thrash song but this one is different.

Chuck, is an inspiration, the band is inspiring. Souls of black kicks ass but, doesn't stand alone. All of Testaments songs mean something to who ever listens to them. They are songs of freedom and heart. BB

AMAZING INTRO. This was the first song I ever heard from this band and from then om I was hooked to it like crack.

5 Into the Pit

Classic track from a classic album, however Testament has plenty of damn good or utterly outstanding "caught in the moshing pit" songs anyway in the whole genre (The New Order, True Believer, A Day In The Death to name my favorites). Testament, Overkill, Death Angel, Dark Angel, that's the Big 4 in my eyes... (not to mention last two studio releases by Death (Symbolic, TSOP) which are another pinnacle of progressive thrash metal together with hidden gen "Time Does Not Heal"! ). Anthrax, Megadeth, Metalica, Slayer are so-so rock bands, the pulled off some classic material, but also lots of crap, way more than this underrated (or just simply because of number of sold units) four way better bands than those fanboys and mags like rolling stone (Slash as best guitarist, laugh out loud! ) rave about.

Brutal, powerful, melodic. Combines the best elements of first three albums. Heard it live on Clash of the Titans and been amazed... For the next 23 years:-)

6 The New Order

This song kicks so much ass the entire 4:27 seconds you hear it. Everything from the post- apocalyptic intro to the last epic chorus, it grabs you by the balls and you enjoy it. Best off the album by far.

This is their finest song from their finest album. The New Order nails it on all fronts. It even beats over the wall. Souls of Black and return to serenity are way too overrated.

This is the line between thrash and death metal. Truly awesome.

7 D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)

Death metal meets thrash on this masterpiece. Lombardo's drums are incredible on this song and Chuck Billy's growls are fantastic.

More than meets the eye is one of my favorite songs ever but this is almost just as amazing! I love the whole Gathering album and this one sticks out the most

My favorite is More Than Meets the Eye, but it was already rated pretty high.D.N.R. needs some more love!

8 More Than Meets the Eye

Outstanding song; catchy; heavy; great riffs; great musicianship. From great album. Most of the songs quoted on the list are from
Their earlier period - testament have put out 3/4 brilliant albums, with excellent songs, since 2000.

As a bassist, I still feel that Souls of Black is highly overrated. I still love the song and always will. Testament's a GREAT band; as good as the Maiden crew. Great live, great studio. Gotta love them!

Absolutely great return to form with the entire Formation album! This song absolutely slays along with For the Glory of... At the beginning!

9 Electric Crown

Excellent song it got me into this band, the thing I most like about it is that they are iron maiden inspired. It is very rare to find such bands also try EDGUY.

Killer tune! They need to expand the big 4 to the big 6. +testament, and overkill. I'd give my lefty, and maybe both to see that show!

This and Signs of Chaos are epic! The thrash equivalents of Ides of March/Wrathchild or Hellion/Electric Eye!

10 The Legacy

There is a ridiculous gap between the quality of Testament's ballads and non-ballads. If I wasn't afraid of being called a fake metal fan, I would bravely state that the ballad is my favorite from all 5, maybe 4 Testament albums that have one. I can't understand how probably the best ballad maker in metal despite having only six ballads can't create a bit more innovative or unique, and most importantly, diverse material in the thrash genre.

If Testament only wrote ballads and nothing else they might be one of the ten best bands ever

Absolutely amazing song. Lyrics are solid and Eric Peterson and skolnik are shredders. One of the greatest solos of all time

Equally as awesome is trail of tears from low. Kick ass song.

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11 Burnt Offerings

The best Testament song... one of the best thrash metal songs ever!

Brilliant riffs and solo. Very heavy indeed!
: )

Their best song... absolute classic

12 Disciples of a Watch

Solid track from Testament! I'd totally recommand this to any metalhead. The beginning of the thrashing part is surprising and delicious and it goes way better the more it's listened.
I just don't get the persons who consider "More Than Meets the Eye", "Return to Serenity" and "Souls of Black" as Testament's best songs ever... Like, have they ever listened to other songs than those? Seriously?

This song must be included in d top 5! The solo is awesome!

Agreed, this is old school. Very awesome. This is probably my favorite

13 Trial by Fire

This song has arguably the most melodic intro in the history of heavy metal, and then it kicks ass for 3 more minutes. Only downfall is that it is too short.

My ears are melted when I first heard this song.
Brilliant intro, vocals, powerful thrash riff and a great solo
This song is definitely one of the best.

My personal favorite of Testament's music. Really great song overall.

14 First Strike Is Deadly

How is this number 28?! This is the song that got me into the band and the solo is one of the most eargasmic things you can ever hear in your life

Unbelievable that songs of the Legacy, their best album are so low ranked!

Simple the best!

15 True American Hate

I was looking for this one! Probably one of the most aggressive songs they've ever done. Testament seems to better and better as they get older.

Very solid metal song from their new album, with a sweet guitar riffing and also nice drum beats!

My favorite is Practice What You Preach but I voted for this because it is so low. Need more stuff from Dark Roots of Earth

16 Down for Life

This album kills! When it came out it was one of the hardest albums around. Almost like death metal vocals, but not.

One of the heaviest, most hard-hitting riffs I've ever heard.

17 The Preacher

Surprised how low this is. One of the songs in thrash as far as I'm concerned. Impressive pace & a sweet melody, with some of Chuck's best vocal work - Perfect for pitting.

18 Legions of the Dead

This song = Death Metal, or at least very close to it, the riff is really Death Metalike and Chuck Billy is growling here. This is one of my favorites from Testament for that reason.

19 Alone in the Dark

Should be first! Great song with epic riff.

I really never like testament, I think alex es one of the greatest guitarrists ever, but for me is really difficult to understand the testament music, anywhay, this is a killer song

20 Sins of Omission

The song that got me into Testament. Amazing work from Skolnick and Chuck. The perfect combination of heaviness and melody.

Fantastic riff that has such a great groove to it. Sins of Omission for the win!

This should be in the top 3. It's way better than Over The Wall.

21 Killing Season

Easily the best hook they have to offer. Up there with the best of the older bands: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath. Not my favourite band but this is easily on my iTunes replay.

22 The Haunting

The legacy is their finest album.

23 Trail of Tears

How is this not higher? , I'm a massive testament fan and this song is seriously underrated, amazing songwriting by these guys not to mention the solo love the part where Peterson comes in for that epic part then Murphy totally melts your face off. At least their best song from Low and probably the 90s too, better than Electric Crown, Low, Eyes of Wrath and Return to Serenity for sure. Chuck's voice was probably in his prime here too, at least 'musically' anyway rather than shouting thrash, though his voice has always been amazing.

Such an awesome song from start to finish, I think it deserves to be a lot higher. I love all of Testament from The Legacy to Dark Roots.. They've done so many amazing tracks, this song would definitely be in my top 10 and on most days my top 5

Why isn't this considered a testament classic? This song is beautiful, I didn't think that they could give such great guitar work without skolnick but Peterson totally pulled it off

24 Eerie Inhabitants

It sets the stage for one of the greatest albums in metal. My favorite is The New Order but I had to vote for Eerie Inhabitants just because of how wrong it is for this song to be at 38.

25 Musical Death

A very well composed instrumental, it has a very good structure with soft, heavy and fast parts. It was the first testament song I ever heard and loved it straight away, being a Metallica fan this band was easy to get into.

My favourite song, this song is very technical and also very melodic, this two things make this song a very beautiful one, such a MASTERPIECE.

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