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1 Would you rather listen to your least favorite genre for 24 hours or never listen to your favorite genre for 6 months?

My least favorite genre. A full day (with no rest) of that music would put me in a worse mood than I've ever been in before, but going without my favorite for half a year is just too much to ask.

Least favorite. I guess I would start liking it more maybe… like understanding the subtleties of grindcore or pop or whatever my least favorite genre is because I'm not sure.

I'd have to say listen to my least favorite music for 24 hours. I couldn't last 6 months without listening to blues. It would kill me.

2 Would you listen to a song with terrible vocals but brilliant lyrics or a song with amazing vocals but horrible lyrics?

Lyrics, hands down. Case in point - Bob Dylan. He has a pretty bad singing voice, but he's a masterful songwriter. He has had so much influence on the past 50 years of music through his lyrics alone!

Amazing vocals but horrible lyrics, easily.

3 Would you rather be a famous singer or be able to bring your favorite singer back to life?

My singing voice isn't too good, and I can't live without Freddie Mercury. I'll bring him back, along with John Lennon, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, and The Lizard King.

If you can't sing well, you don't deserve the fame (like Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and so on). So, I'd rather bring my favorite singer (Michael Jackson) back to life.

My favorite singer is alive, so I'd be famous and sing meaningful songs without autotune.

4 Would you go to a Slayer concert in a One Direction t shirt or in your underwear?
5 Would you rather listen to Justin Bieber for 24 hours or Nicki Minaj for 24 hours?

If the song is on a radio and I'm using sound-blocking headphones that can't play music, I'd choose Justin.

So, I don't have to listen to the wretched likes of Minaj's music. It pains me to say, Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber. It's about the music, not the personality.

6 Would you rather hear your favorite artist sing your least favorite song or your least favorite artists sing your favorite song

I actually have to disagree with most users. I don't have an absolute favorite or least favorite song or artist, but I don't feel that any artists could redeem my least favorite songs. Some are just too repulsive for that to work, so I would rather my least favorite artists cover my favorite songs.

For me, it's Weezer covering "It's Everyday Bro" or Nicki Minaj covering "Only in Dreams" or "Time." I can admit that Weezer has a lot of terrible songs, such as "Can't Stop Partying" and "In The Mall." I'm used to them making bad songs, so I'll go with Weezer covering "Everyday Bro."

7 Would you rather be a Belieber or a Nicki Minaj fan?

Hard choice. Justin Bieber makes better stuff now but still sucks, while Nicki made better stuff before, which were actually good.

Nicki. I might be able to find one song that isn't utter poop.

Nicki Minaj fans aren't as rabid as Beliebers.

8 Would you rather be best friends with Chris Brown or not have any friends at all?
9 Would you rather be famous because you're great at singing but you don't look pretty/handsome or be famous because you look pretty/handsome but you're bad at singing?

I'd rather have the most angelic and beautiful singing voice and keep my plain looks.

I would obviously be famous for my good singing because at least I would deserve it.

Good singing. I would just do what Sia does: never show my face.

10 Would you rather like a genre everyone hates or hate a genre everyone likes?

Like a genre that everyone hates. I enjoy liking things more than hating them.

I already like a genre everyone hates, country.

Hate a genre everyone likes, because I already do that every day.

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11 Would you rather listen to Cardi B or Nicki Minaj?

Nicki Minaj, of course. I like some of Cardi B's songs, but Money sucked.

Nicki Minaj. Minaj is terrible, but Cardi is worse.

12 Would you rather be able to sing like Rihanna or not be able to sing at all?

…I know what you're thinking here: "What's the difference?" But I'd rather not be able to sing at all than to sound like… like that.

13 Would you rather never listen to Queen again or always have to listen to the Biebs and no one else when you listen to music?

I don't get why this is a question. Just think about it - it's a choice between missing out on Queen and missing out on every artist except for Justin Bieber. Why would you pick the latter, even if you love Queen? It makes no sense.

I would never listen to Queen. I would be a little sad about losing classics like Don't Stop Me Now, but it wouldn't be worth losing every song in existence except for Bieber.

I choose neither. They're basically the same option. The options are: never listen to Queen again or listen to JB and no one else. I would choose none. I can't stand JB, and I can't live without Queen.

14 Would you rather listen to Eminem or Drake (for the rest of your life)?
15 Would you rather have an amazing voice or be able to play every instrument?

Play every instrument. Then you can compose the best and most varied music and hire a singer if it requires one.

16 Would you rather be in a band that makes amazing music but with band mates who are mean to you or a band that has nice people who make crap music?
17 Would you rather listen to Lil Pump for 10 hours or never listen to Nas again?

Definitely Lil Pump. He's bad lyrically, but he has a few really fire tracks, I won't lie.

Never listen to Nas again because I have no idea who he is.

I guess I'd have to listen to Lil Pump for 10 hours.

18 Would you rather eat a raw worm/slug/snail or never listen to music for 1 year?

I read a book on how to eat fried worms, so this would be easy for me.

I have eaten a fried worm. It's not that bad. Just add some salt and some seasoning.

I'm definitely taking the former.

19 Would you rather kill Young Thug or bring 2Pac back to life?
20 Would you rather be forced to listen to nothing but 6ix9ine or nothing but Blood On The Dance Floor for 24 hours?
21 Would you rather run around while jumping and headbanging like crazy in front of public or twerk in front of public?

Run around while jumping and headbanging like crazy. I do that normally.

I'd twerk. I'd only have to do it for a few seconds before people ran away.

Get crazy until I go to the hospital.

22 Would you rather join an amazing but very underrated band or join a bad but very famous band?

Amazing and underrated. I would be in a good band, and I would be able to live a somewhat normal life without paparazzi chasing me wherever I go. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Amazing yet underrated band, like Blur and Ball Park Music.

Definitely amazing and underrated.

23 Would you rather listen to a song about the devil or a song about sex?

Devil, because a lot of songs about the devil aren't that bad. I'm thinking about one particular one…

Just because you hear a song about the devil doesn't mean you're worshipping it.

Well, a song about the devil can actually be creative and thought-provoking.

24 Would you rather listen to death metal for a day or nothing but mumble rap for an entire week?

Death metal isn't bad. I've already spent years of my life listening to it, so what would one more day hurt? Mumble rap is horrible. I would rather get a staph infection than listen to it.

Death metal. Does that include blackened? I already accidentally hear mumble rap very often because I live in the city.

Death metal. I'd listen to all of Death's discography. I may like it.

25 Would you rather listen to silence for a week or Lil Wayne's voice for a day?

Lil Wayne isn't even as awful as this site makes him out to be, so definitely Lil Wayne.

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