Top 10 Sexiest Michael Jackson Music Videos

When it comes to pop music, few artists have left a lasting impact quite like the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. His music transcends time and space, and even decades after his passing, his impact can still be felt in the industry today. And let's face it, the man knew how to put on a show. Whether he was moonwalking across the stage, donning his iconic fedora, or dazzling audiences with his signature dance moves, MJ had a charisma that was simply undeniable.

Of course, a big part of Michael Jackson's appeal was his music videos. Throughout his career, he released some of the most iconic and visually stunning music videos ever made. From the zombie-filled "Thriller" to the futuristic "Scream," each video was a feast for the eyes and a testament to MJ's creative genius. But which of his videos are the sexiest? That's where you come in.

We've gathered a list of some of the most tantalizing Michael Jackson music videos out there, and now it's up to you to vote for your favorites. Did you swoon over his moves in "The Way You Make Me Feel"? Were you captivated by his raw sensuality in "Dirty Diana"? Or did you find yourself lost in his smoldering gaze in "In the Closet"? Whatever your pick, we want to hear it.
The Top Ten
1 In the Closet In "In the Closet," Michael Jackson dances in a steamy video with supermodel Naomi Campbell, showing off his sultry moves and showcasing his incredible voice.

I love that music video. Naomi Campbell is very pretty but she's also not a nice person. Michael Jackson had touched her more than she touches him.

It's the sexiest music video (erotic) by Michael Jackson, is the first that should have been included in this list. It is my preferido. Michael I love you!

I think he looks very sexy. He just oozes all sexiness like he always dose.

2 Give In to Me "Give In to Me" features Jackson rocking out on his guitar in a leather jacket, singing passionately and making you want to surrender to the music.

This video surely remains imprinted in your mind. It's different.

I love him in this video.. he's so hot and knows how to sex it up! love you michael

3 Dirty Diana In "Dirty Diana," Jackson puts on a passionate performance as he sings about a seductive woman who he can't resist. The guitar riffs are killer, and the whole video is electric.

I love this video. I love the way he looks in that white button and he dose that striptease..

His energy in this song is just... Ugh. THIS is sexy!

4 You Are Not Alone "You Are Not Alone" is a touching ballad that showcases Jackson's incredible vocal range. The video is a tribute to love and unity, with Jackson singing to a woman who is struggling. It's a powerful message that still resonates today.

Video is a romantic and sensual.

5 Blood On the Dance Floor "Blood On the Dance Floor" is a dark and moody video, with Jackson dancing in a nightclub while mysterious figures lurk in the shadows. The beat is haunting, and the dance moves are mesmerizing.

Michael is at his fiercest in this video. A real thriller. Like fire, red-blooded, and hot as ice. He will kill you and chill you with his sex.

The definition of perfection and sexiness! Very sexy and hot! My beloved man!

I love this video, it is full of energy, sex, love, passion.

6 The Way You Make Me Feel "The Way You Make Me Feel" is a classic Michael Jackson video, with the King of Pop showing off his smooth moves and sweet voice as he flirts with a girl on the street. The energy is infectious, and you can't help but dance along.

This video and this song are sexy. Especially the way you make me feel live at Wembley stadium
Michael you are cool.

Those dance moves at the end are just wow! Sexy.

It's a very sensual video, one of my favorites!.

7 You Rock My World "You Rock My World" is a fun and funky video that shows Jackson as a smooth operator, seducing a woman with his irresistible charm. The beat is catchy, and the dance moves are infectious.
8 We Are the World "We Are the World" is a powerful video that showcases some of the biggest stars of the 80s, as they come together to raise awareness and funds for famine relief in Africa. The song is uplifting, and the video shows the artists in the studio recording the track.
9 They Don't Care About Us "They Don't Care About Us" is a political video that showcases Jackson's passion for social justice. The lyrics are powerful, and the video shows Jackson dancing through the streets, with a group of people who are marginalized and oppressed.

He looks so cute in this
Video! Mj you are an angel face! The cutest person EVER!

10 Remember the Time "Remember the Time" is a colorful and vibrant video that transports you back to ancient Egypt. Jackson dances with a group of performers, showcasing his incredible moves and belting out an unforgettable melody.

That kiss, hmmm... and the way he look at the queen, the way he smiles in that video, oh God, so sexy.. Not to mention the dancing! Such an energy! I can't stop looking at him and think, man, you are so hot.

The Contenders
11 Beat It "Beat It" is a classic Michael Jackson video, with the King of Pop dancing in the streets and showcasing his incredible moves. The beat is unforgettable, and the whole video is a tribute to Jackson's incredible talent.
12 Black or White "Black or White" is a groundbreaking video that features Jackson dancing through different time periods and cultures. The video also features a morphing effect that was revolutionary for its time. The song is a powerful message of unity and acceptance, and the video is a visual masterpiece.
13 Smooth Criminal "Smooth Criminal" is a slick and stylish video that showcases Jackson's incredible dance moves and unique fashion sense. The video features Jackson and his gang of dancers in a stylized version of 1930s Chicago, complete with fedoras and tommy guns. The dance moves are unforgettable, and the song is catchy as hell.
14 Billie Jean "Billie Jean" is a classic video that showcases Jackson's incredible talent and star power. The video features Jackson walking through the streets at night, with his iconic fedora and glove, as fans clamor for his attention. The dance moves are mesmerizing, and the song is an instant classic.

. What can I say about this video. One of my favorite mj song. I love it when he dose it live on stage. So sexy and hot. He oozes sex sex. He,s very sexy without trying. Very hot.

15 Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" is a funky and fun video that showcases Jackson's incredible dance moves and infectious energy. The video features Jackson in a disco setting, complete with glittery outfits and flashing lights. The beat is irresistible, and the dance moves are impossible to resist.
16 Bad "Bad" is a gritty and edgy video that showcases Jackson's tougher side. The video features Jackson as a tough street kid, getting into a dance battle with his rival. The dance moves are fierce, and the song is a powerful anthem.
17 Rock With You "Rock With You" is a classic video that showcases Jackson's smooth and effortless dance moves. The video features Jackson in a disco setting, surrounded by lights and dancing fans. The song is a catchy and fun anthem, and the dance moves are a joy to watch.
18 Come Together "Come Together" is a trippy and surreal video that showcases Jackson's incredible voice and unique style. The video features Jackson singing in a psychedelic setting, surrounded by colorful images and strange characters. The song is a powerful rendition of the Beatles classic, and the video is a visual feast.
19 Thriller "Thriller" is a legendary video that revolutionized the music industry. The video features Jackson as a zombie, dancing and singing with a group of ghouls. The video is a tribute to horror movies and is still considered one of the greatest music videos of all time. The song is catchy, and the dance moves are unforgettable.

I love this video. He looks so hot in red.

20 The Lady In My Life "The Lady In My Life" is a romantic and sensual ballad that showcases Michael Jackson's smooth vocals. The video features Jackson singing in a dimly lit room, surrounded by candles and rose petals. It's a perfect song for a cozy night in with someone special.
21 Break of Dawn "Break of Dawn" is a sensual and sultry video that showcases Jackson's incredible voice and passion. The video features Jackson in a romantic setting, with a beautiful woman by his side. The song is a tribute to love and intimacy, and the video is a visual feast for the senses.
22 Scream "Scream" is an iconic music video that features Michael Jackson and his sister Janet Jackson. The video is set on a spaceship and features Jacksons dancing and singing in futuristic outfits. The beat is hard-hitting, and the dance moves are incredible. The video is a powerful statement against the media's treatment of Jackson and his family.
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