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1 My Demons

The first Starset song o heard. After listening to the others on their album, I still think this one is the best. The drum instrumentals are very head-bobbing, the lyrics are incredibly deep and for a hard rock/ post-grunge song and really get you thinking, and the overall instrumentals are powerful, but for me the vocals are where it's at. The backing effects are amazing, and the emotion poured into the words is so incredibly intense. It's actually a bit of an inspiring song.

This is one amazing album for starsets first ever album. I do think my demons would be the best but this is just filled with many great songs! This band is going to turn into something really big soon!

Superior! I like how deep and passionate this song is! This is the very first song I listened to from this band and I fell in love with this genre of music.

I think this song has the most emotion in it. I love halo too but my demons takes my pick. "take me high and I'll sing oh you take all of the pain away away away" it's beautiful

2 Monster

I love songs with lyrics about inner conflict. Monster, Unbecoming, and My Demons are all like that and they all have really deep, amazing lyrics. My favorite part is the second part of the bridge:
"My heart's an artifice, a decoy soul
Who knew the emptiness could be so cold?
I've lost the parts of me that make me whole
I am the darkness
I'm a monster"
The words are so deep and intense, and I love it so much.

On iTunes this song was #1 for a LONG time. I really don't understand how it hasn't made it to the top 3 here. Halo and Carnivore were good and My Demons used to be my favorite song but this one just blows them away. The lyrics are inspiring, the background sounds are amazing and all of it hitting you at the same time makes you just feel great in the soul.

This song is truly a "Monster" LOL. I was at a show for a local band that I went and seen (I live in Keokuk, Iowa) and right before they came out, they had this song playing over the speakers. This song is without a doubt one of the best songs if not the best song off of "Vessels." The rhythm is perfect and Dustin's huge voice really shines through!

This is my personal #1 the intensity of the song is genuinely staggering and the message behind it is also incredibly powerful.

3 Halo

This is the first song of theirs that truly resonated with me. It means a lot to me, and I feel that it's one of the best written songs on the soundtrack.

For a band with only one cd so far, they've done pretty darn good for themselves

Awesome to hear and the lyrics are one of the most beautiful. Those things make that this song reaches the heart...

Superman is here to save your ass, pal!
Amazing song with one hit chorus!

Awesome chorus. Best on the album for sure

4 It Has Begun

Why is this not First? I feel though is their best song yet. The way song makes you stir inside and next thing you know, you are dancing. People stare at you and think that you have lost your mind. BEST SONG EVER

Definitely the best song by starset I've heard. The beginning gets you going, and the chorus and afterward music is incredible. "even a well lit place, can hide salvation.."

This is honestly one of the best songs I have ever heard. I love the way it starts out slow and then goes into an amazing, loud chorus. I LOVE IT!

Another breathtaking Starset tune! This song has it all. The amazing chilling verse that leads to a blastoff chorus. Contagious song.

5 Carnivore

I don't get how this is fifth. The lyrics are so powerful, and the beat is just awesome. I also really like how they combined the lyrics with some electronic for a reason, to convey something stronger; not just to show off how they can use electronic. Definitely should be above let it die, and I kinda feel it's better than monster. My opinion.

I mean aside from me liking vore, this song is just STARSET'S second best for having one of the coolest instrumentals/ melodies in my opinion.

Far better than monster. The structure is much less what and more intense. The lyrics are simples but deep and emotional. Moreover this song can be thought in different ways, that's cool!

Catchy, intense, and different. I love this song! My Demons was a very good song, but Carnivore takes the cake!

6 Let It Die

Let it die, let it die, let it shrivel up and- come on, who's with me?

Awesome! Couldn't stop listening!

The chorus and synthesizer combined make it easily the best starset song

Should be #4, maybe even #3.

7 Unbecoming

I love songs with lyrics about inner conflict. Unbecoming, Monster, and My Demons are all like that and they all have really deep, amazing lyrics. My favorite line is after he says "the monsters are my only friends" he says "They're all that I was, and never could be" because it makes you think, well, is he actually a monster?

Some of my favourite Starset lyrics, and it's just such a brooding ominous brooding tone that I can't help but get the occasional chills.

This song has a great rhythm and breaks the mold of all the other songs. Strong vocals, good lyrics, and a change of pattern set this song apart, and should put it in the top 10.

Favorite Song of all Time. Strong Vocals. Catchy Lyrics. Memorable Backing Music. Amazing song all across the board.

8 Ricochet

Ricochet is not so catchy that it gets annoying after some time but still it's an earworm after some times listening. Especially the chorus is amazing. Emotional, epic, perfectly sung and has a calm version in the beginning.
It's their best song in my opinion. In fact, it's already one of my favourite songs of all time. I've never known a song that was in my mind for so long without losing any of its impression on me. I hear Ricochet every day for about three weeks now and it's still as good as the fifth time hearing it (it's not as catchy as My Demons or Monster, so one may need longer to grab the song).

The best song I have ever heard from them. Infact this is one of the best songs I have ever heard. Such a good combination of slow to fast paced sounds with amazing lyrics. This beats out any songs from transmissions and many from vessels

This is a true masterpiece. I love all Starset songs since I'm a die-hard fan, but I think this is their best work!

Heavy and amazing song. I like all their songs but this one is one I can listen too all the time.

9 Antigravity

This song has so much emotion hidden in it, which is one of the reasons it's the best. It is so epic and just brings out my heart

Underrated Starset song. A must-listen for a catchy Gravity vibe to it!

This is how I imagine a perfect song.

I love this one!

10 Manifest

Great song. One of, if not the best, songs on Divisions. Only problem is the sudden change from mellow to intense was odd at first but it takes some getting used to.

This song should be top 3 for sure. It is new but it's still one of the best. Melodic elements and then some heaviness to it as well combined for a perfect rock song!

Favorite song for a while. Great song to listen to if you are just getting into the band.

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11 Die for You

What I like about this song is that it isn't particularly Between 2 lovers. It could be between best mates, master and servant but I really like to imagine someone singing this to their dog.

Should be #1 for sure

So much emotion!

12 Everglow

I love Everglow mostly for the delicous instrumental outro. I prefer the lyrics of some of the other STARSET songs, but this one sounds cool all throughout. It starts out slow and then kind of explodes, which, the first time I heard it, was very surprising to say the least. It's very interesting how it's put together. But my favorite part is definitely the 2 minute instrumental at the end, because it sounds gorgeous and I love it. Definitely don't skip that part of the song, it's amazing!

The longest song Starset have produced so far clocking in at a little under 8 minutes. (Technically, there's a 2 minute instrumental outro so some could argue the actual song is 6 minutes.) Regardless, a breathtaking finale to their sophomore effort. Starts off slow and beautiful then explodes into a powerful ending. There's quite a bit of electronic and progressive influences throughout the song as well.

I usually listen to the first half to make me feel better. Very good song. But 8 minutes including long outro.

This song is a journey.

13 Bringing It Down 2.0

I like this better than the original because the original had some very awkward moments where it went from very heavy guitar to silence quickly and in this version it fills those gaps. Also the bridge sounds higher in pitch which I thought was good.

14 Satellite

Honestly my favorite song from the band, like many other starset songs it switches up styles in such a way that it takes away your breath, its an overlooked song in an underappreciated album that I didn't even know dropped until a year after the fact. This song perfectly captures why I love this band so much and is an even better example of the type and style of music they make. 10/10

I like the overall vibe from this song. Really like Monster as well, but this one beats it by a little bit!

Very good introduction into the band for those who like pop music.

This album is so damn good!

15 Into the Unknown

Maybe not *the* best song they've made, but it's a great introduction to the band, in terms of lyrics and tone. Also a good opening song for their concerts.

Great song. Better tone than most of their songs.

16 Dark On Me

I love this song, it's sad because it's about a breakup, it's georgeous. The beautiful strings really shine in this one. The lyrics are amazing and deep.

Dark, melodic, and powerful. How can you not love this song? I love how it starts off slowly and intensifies consistently as it progresses. First time I heard I had goosebumps and was speechless. Definitely deserves to be number one!

This song may not be My Demons or Carnivore, but it deserves to be listened. It is amazing, and I really like the fact that it's dynamic.

Very sad, but amazing song. I've heard the original done by Downplay, and I personally love this one over the other.

17 Point of No Return

This is the second-best of their first album next to Carnivore HANDS DOWN. I love this song.

Amazing chorus! Feels like I'm going to space while listening to it. One of Starset's best.

18 Down With The Fallen

I never did really listen to Starset all that much. Sure, I would hear "My Demons" or "Carnivore" on the radio, but never really did hear what all they were made of. I decided to listen to "Down With The Fallen" for the first time, and ended up getting lost in the song. This is easily one of Starset's best songs and should be farther up the list.

Okay, Down With The Fallen is complete rock and it sort of chills your bones in a really good way, and it's so sweet how the lyrics are about like asking for help from his love. Totally listen to this, it is the best song of Starset! Totally underrated though.

How is this so low on the list? This song is brilliant, from the lyrics to the awesome usage of bells in the chorus. Definitely my favorite song of theirs.

Such a good song. My personal favorite Starset song, better than most BB songs actually. It's a catchy tune with a great chorus. Starset's most underrated song

19 Starlight

Ugh, why is this so low? This song is so beautiful.
"We're only here for just a moment in the light
One day it shines for us the next we're in the night
So say the word and I'll be running back to find you"

This is so good, lyrics are quite simple yet the message is powerful and resonating. Definitely one of the best.

This song is still so beautiful to me. Such a lovely song and those drums just give it that little extra punch.

I relate to this song, and I bet many people will. I just hope before 2018 ends, it will reach the top 10.

20 Frequency

I am in love with this awesome song! Really they blended EDM with heavy metal in an awesome way! Damn the breakdown was heavy!

This song is awesome, and you can read a lot into the lyrics, it's awesome and inspired me in my art! I truly love this song.

My second favorite song of all time. Only behind Antigravity.

Favorite of the new album.

21 Gravity of You

Probably my favorite. The entire song flows well in my head. The Chorus is great as well as the bridge.

Very good song

22 Rise And Fall

Quite possibly among their most underrated.

Great song! Very very underrated.

23 Telepathic

I LOVE this song, one of their best works in my opinion. Super catchy and just really fun!

AMAZING song! How is this not top 10, more less top 5!?

You know those songs win which you just can't sit still and you have to do something; This is definitely one of those, and this line just kills me:
"Shoulda never fell this way
Cause you're the sun and I'm just a moon
I'm in the dark 'till you light the way"

Best song on the new album. Hands down.

24 Back to the Earth

Back to the Earth is the best so far, in my opinion. Before Vessels was released, I loved listening to "Let it Die", "It Has Begun", and "My Demons" (Heck, every song they have in these albums are good), but now I find myself listening to this song more because its that much better. Can't see why its rated so low. It should be in the top 3, heck it should be THE TOP SONG!

Another one from their upcoming album "Vessels". Better than "Monster", in my opinion, and one of their best overall.

25 Echo

Easy to fall in love with. Fun lyrics and memorable chorus.

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