Full-Fledged List Analysis: Worst Countries.

NuMetalManiak This list has 158 items, thankfully that's a lot less than the previous one, so I can fit this in one page easily. Requested by Swellow.

1. North Korea: Before opening this list, I predicted that the first spot would be taken by either this or the US. Looks like NK gets the top spot in worst. The communist dictatorship on the brink of possible war with the other nations has a very strict order on the lives of the people, and is considerably more secluded than other nations.
2. China: Wow, I'm surprised this is in #2. It's the most populous country and a communist state, but nowhere near as nasty as NK. Sure it's got pollution and corruption, but worst material? Probably not. I don't hate this country
3. Afghanistan: A lot of major issues happened here and this country is probably still a mess.
4. Iraq: They had a bad regime which has since been removed but will probably take a while to improve.
5. United States: Well here it is, the favorite target of all those non-Americans and non-nationalists that come up with dumb excuses and everything. No, I don't think they are jealous, but they do use offensive stereotypes, keep bringing up racism as the be-all-end-all card, and considering every single American as bad. Most of this is about the people and government too. Some of them are calling Americans terrorists. So many hypocrites and double standards roaming about. The comments section here is too much cringe. How many major wars did this country actually start?
6. Saudi Arabia: This place is still a monarchy, with not a whole lot of friendliness or freedom. That's all I know. Also this is the feminazi's least favorite country, that's for sure.
7. Syria: Is pretty much a wreck at this point. This is one of the worst countries to actually live in more so than their government or people are concerned.
8. Pakistan: I think their improving. They just need to remove the terrorists.
9. Iran: I guess their politicians are bad, but I don't know anything else here.
10. Russia: Take note, this is the first EUROPEAN country on this list, although part of it is in Asia. These comments on this item are stupid. Russia does have a bad history when it was the USSR, but it's alright now, I think.
11. India: The biggest issue with India is it's immensely overpopulated and polluted.
12. Israel: Hooray, let's blame the Jews for everything, just like all the crap that happened in history. So much IGNORANCE in these comments. This country is far from bad.
13. Serbia: Poor Serbia. One of its nationalists was the cause of WWI and they still seem to garner hate from other nations (like the other Yugoslavian nations).
14. Poland: I work for a company situated in Poland and they are not bad. Why are they always a bad nation in other's eyes?
15. Somalia: Oh wow, an incredibly poor nation rife with conflict is BEHIND many other nations, including US and Poland? Get real people.
16. United Kingdom: All you people saying US is bad, look at what spawned them. They had it all, an amazing amount of colonization, but to do so they practically invaded everyone. Oh and currently, they are just full of awful cynics and most of the entitled/privileged people I know hail from here.
17. Italy: Overrated as a nation due to so many GOOD things. Good nation, except maybe the people.
18. Zimbabwe: This, if I recall, is a third-world developing country. I'm surprised it's garnered some hate for whatever reason.
19. France: Saw a meme once that France is good for everything except the people. So once again, judging a country by its people.
20. Bulgaria: I don't really know much about them.
21. Mexico: Look at these stupid comments. Donald Trump probably did not add this, the country itself is struggling overall in its economy and probably has a few other problems.
22. Congo: There's two Congos, the Republic and the Democratic Republic (formerly Belgian Congo or Zaire). Which are you referring to?
23. Slovakia: Not a country I know much about. Probably better than the Czechs though.
24. Ukraine: A lot of their issues are historic and stem from Russia, mostly.
25. Dominican Republic: This place is quite poor, but it is more sustained than Haiti is. Surprising how this one is placed.
26. Hungary: I don't have a clue what goes on here and don't know anyone from there.
27. Central African Republic: A poor African nation that almost all of the first world never seems to care about. Apparently it's in a civil war now.
28. Latvia: " We can hate everyone else just to prove that we exist" oh now this is a DUMB comment.
29. South Sudan: So, our newest country. And another one involved in internal conflict that leaves many in need of refuge.
30. Chad: The poor African nations seem to have all the major internal issues.
31. Colombia: Apparently an unsafe nation according to a lot of Internet sources.
32. Azerbaijan: Wow, this is a nation with a TON of bigotry now. Hate it already.
33. Yemen: I don't hear a lot of this nation in recent times.
34. South Korea: Fares a lot better than North Korea does right now. They are densely populated though.
35. Sudan: So they have a fascist regime? That sucks.
36. Egypt: Doesn't seem like that much of a nation nowadays, and is mostly famous when studied in history classes. I don't think they're doing well.
37. Brazil: The most popular South American nation seems to be hated by quite a few commenters here. I don't know much about them anyways.
38. Albania: I've heard a lot of bad things about Albania so I don't feel like going there if I ever do.
39. Cuba: Raul is a better PM than Fidel ever was at the moment, even if Fidel's regime led the revolution, they did have a number of atrocious acts. Don't really know much else about Cuba otherwise.
40. Equatorial Guinea. Somebody clearly either knew too much about this nation or are basing their opinion off other African countries.
41. Greece: Horribly in debt, but I at least give them credit for being democratic.
42. Czech Republic: The biggest jerks I've ever met online came from the CR. Even if their country is nice, some people have big egos. I realize I'm basing my opinions on those I've met online.
43. Bangladesh: Surprised this isn't higher up. The most densely populated country, where basically anything that can go wrong will definitely make things hell. People think India's bad? Try Bangladesh, as this nation suffers from overpopulation, pollution, and natural disasters far worse than anyone else.
44. Democratic Republic of Congo: Ah, here it is, the DRC. Probably worse than the Republic.
45. Germany: Is an improving nation, they forget about the atrocities of the Nazis and the Berlin Wall as well. I think they are good.
46. Turkmenistan: Who else has heard of this one?
47. Indonesia: Another very densely populated country, although it is an archipelago of many islands so it's better than Bangladesh. They have a corrupt government?
48. Sri Lanka: I hear almost nothing about this nation.
49. England: Technically not a country since it's part of the UK.
50. United Arab Emirates: So it has harsh laws, hmm. They seem to have the wealthiest city ever though, so why are they bad?
51. Turkey: A.k.a. the one between Europe and Asia that no one seems to enjoy for whatever reason.
52. Vietnam: If they still are unfriendly that's a problem.
53. Sweden: This country became WAY too liberal and surprisingly racist too.
54. Canada: Has a lot of great things, but the egos of Canadians online is really bad.
55. Belarus: I'd say it's the worst European country by mark of low freedom and totalitarian dictatorship.
56. Nigeria: Despite it being most populous in Africa, they seem to be rather poorly developed and corrupt.
57. Malaysia: They're like Singapore, somewhat.
58. Vatican City: Famous for the pope and all that. What else is there?
59. Guinea-Bissau: A small, often forgotten African nation that no one seems to remember.
60. Ethiopia: Has almost no traffic pattern, from a gif I saw online. Doesn't seem like a terrible place otherwise though, they are rather well-developed for an African country.
61. Rwanda: Had the terrible genocide, otherwise another poor African country no one remembers.
62. Finland: Always seen as inferior to the other Scandinavian countries. I never particularly cared for them.
63. El Salvador: Heard almost nothing about this place.
64. Burma: No human rights? Oh wow.
65. Liberia: A country made to be free by the US. They don't have toilets?
66. Kosovo: One of our newest countries, probably only hated by angry Serbians, but I know nothing.
67. Argentina: I'd probably judge this one by the people or something, but nah.
68. Romania: Seems like a nice place, actually.
69. Cameroon: Another forgettable African nation.
70. Venezuela: Drug cartels? Not that I know of. They don't seem like a good place overall.
71. Angola: Who is that one commenter who keeps saying to stop giving aid to poor countries?
72. Qatar: Huh, a rather rich nation. Are they corrupt or good people?
73. Uruguay: Barely know anything about this one too.
74. Tajikistan: All these -stan nations are pretty weird, I'd say.
75. Macedonia: Bad nation IMO.
76. Algeria: How much bad do they have?
77. Spain: Currently the protestors are turning this into something way worse. Spain otherwise would have been a very decent nation.
78. Singapore: YOU CAN'T CHEW GUM HERE. They are quite luxurious though.
79. Lithuania: I think the majority of their problems are natural.
80. Kazakhstan: Pretty big and spacious. Bad though? No clue.
81. Belgium: They have had a TERRIBLE history, but are doing fine now.
82. Uzbekistan: Know nothing about this.
83. Norway: I'd say they are the exact opposite of worst. High life expectancy and good outlook overall.
84. Nepal: Not sure, they are famous for landmarks, but who actually knows much about them in the first world?
85. Mali: I actually studied about Mali. They are quite a third-world country, but I think they far a bit better than others.
86. Morocco: An interesting African nation, let's say that.
87. New Zealand: They seem to be decent, perhaps overrated, yes.
88. Eritrea: I actually forget about this one.
89. Malta: They aren't bad at all.
90. Kuwait: " It wasn't on the list, so I thought I'd add it. Meh.", and then "Your pride does not match in any way your achievment". So in turn while I run out of things to say you people who add countries run out of good reasons to add them.
91. Wales: Not a country, part of UK.
92. Denmark: I like Denmark. Not much that they have but it's cool still.
93. Jamaica: Media likes to portray this as pot-filled place filled with happiness. All I know about it.
94. Comoros: Alright show of hands, how many of you actually know this exists?
95. Armenia: Poor Armenia had the genocides, and is struggling ever since.
96. Palestine: Technically not a country, but terrible anyways.
97. Nauru: They have a TERRIBLE obesity rating, and are not even well known.
98. Zambia: A poor, disease-ridden place, accordingly.
99. Swaziland: Apparently one of the lowest life expectancies. Seems bad.
100. South Africa: Apartheid should be done with. A lot of these African nations suffer from AIDS according to comments.
101. Haiti: Horrifically surprised. This one is heavily struggling on so many levels, and yet so many more developed countries are ahead of this on the worst countries list. Shows the ignorance and egos of some people.
102. Ireland: This place isn't bad at all!
103. Japan: Not bad at all. People who are super obsessed with everything they do should probably move there and stop annoying the rest of us though.
104. Australia: Actually has quite a lot of problems, many things can kill you in this place.
105. Philippines: Even if I vacationed there, they are pretty harsh. Very high murder rate, plus a frequent target for deadly typhoons.
106. Burundi: A very small and forgettable nation in Africa. As if I know all about them.
107. Nicaragua: Seems to be the poorest nation in Central America. Odd considering how they're sized.
108. Slovenia: A.k.a. the nation frequently confused for Slovakia. They probably are better though.
109. Liechenstein: Probably has terrible people.
110. Croatia: A rape-filled place? I actually heard they were good.
111. Netherlands: Egotists huh. I think they have the problem of being below sea level all the time.
112. Luxembourg: All the dullness of Switzerland, but with worse chocolate! -Thrillist.
113. Portugal: Are they bad?
114. Greenland: This is technically not a country as it is owned by Denmark.
115. Costa Rica: Heard some great things about it from someone I was related to, so don't know why this is bad.
116. Ghana: Who actually knows about the country?
117. Thailand: I legit like the people here.
118. Switzerland: The most peaceful nation, but also a very secure one. I like that.
119. Iceland: I legit want to go here.
120. Scotland: Part of UK and not a country.
121. Estonia: If only I knew more about these Baltic countries.
122. Malawi: Anybody here know about this one?
123. Cambodia: They've had a BAD history, but I know almost nothing else about this place.
124. Lebanon: A bit better than Syria at the moment.
125. Moldova: This is actually one of the worser European nations.
126. Guatemala: Pretty bad for a Central American nation.
127. Paraguay: As if I know anything about this.
128. Uganda: Had some problems, but I think they are fine now.
129. Honduras: Last I checked, the Philippines were the murder capital, but I guess this is far worse.
130. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Not that bad as a nation, fun to pronounce too.
131. Laos: This nation is still communist, right?
132: Libya: Admit this, they were a lot worse then when they had Gaddafi. Maybe they'll improve.
133. Bahrain: Show of hands for those that know this nation.
134. Djibouti: Again show of hands. Probably another developing country too.
135. The Gambia: Looks like someone either hates Africa, or is considering every one of their nations poor.
136. Oman: This nation probably isn't doing poorly. Looking it up, it seems more peaceful than others.
137. Guinea: See #135.
138. Ivory Coast: See #135
139. Togo: See #135
140. Gabon: See #135
141. Niger: I feel bad for the people living here, their country can easily be mispronounced.
142. Jordan: Is alright.
143. Mauritania: This African country is a bit like Morocco.
144. Sierra Leone: Heard bad diseases about this one.
145. Mozambique: Probably one of the worser African countries.
146. Burkina Faso: What?
147. Madagascar: Fares better than a lot of others, actually.
148. Bhutan: Seems nice, actually.
149. Palau: Great, now the island nations no one knows about. Guess that's their problem.
150. Mongolia: Are they terrible?
151. Aruba: Is this a sovereign nation or still part of the Netherlands?
152. Andorra: Wrong, totally wrong. They may be small but they enjoy the best out of life expectancy.
153. Fiji: After Cyclone Winston, they definitely are suffering.
154. Antigua and Barbuda: Barbuda is pretty much destroyed thanks to Hurricane Irma. Antigua is probably having issues right now.
155. Austria: The country where Hitler was actually born. But it's been a victim more than a perpetrator.
156. Benin: Is every African country on here?
157. Botswana: On closer inspection, Kenya, Tanzania, Tunisia, Senegal, Lesotho, Sao Tome and Principe, Namibia, Seychelles, and possibly the Republic of Congo are the only African nations not mentioned. Hard to believe there are that many nations in Africa that people consider terrible.
158. Federated States of Micronesia: And we end it with a Pacific island chain, not that I know of it.

So yes, looking back at this list analysis, it also sucks, but then again, that's just how it is with these Worst lists. Especially this one. Trying to give my opinions here will definitely hurt some people, but I know almost nothing about the majority of these nations. Especially considering all these nations I know nothing about, what can I say about them? And look at all these terrible comments about the most popular nations. I personally want to know why so many people are inclined to tell us how they know literally everything about a nation based on their opinions mostly on the people.

Still taking requests by the way, but I would like a topic that I can actually do.


Pretty good series so far. - Skullkid755

I actually agree with some U.S. things about it being a bad country, but I'd put it down to 16.
(I'm American by the way) - SirSalvador