Predictions on the 2017 NFL Playoffs

Hey let's try something different and what teams I think go to the super bowl.
I will put the scores in bold

Wild Card

Oakland Raiders Vs Houston Texans: This game is like where is Rich Gannon, and Matt Schaub where you need him? Oakland played really bad in there final game against Denver a game they needed to win, but just couldn't overcome the hump of losing there leader Derek Carr. Meanwhile on the other side we have a back and forth QB scenario with Brock Osweiler and Tom Savage duo that is not even good. Sure they got there desperate win over the Jags, but that was because the coach realized how bad Osweiler was that in favor of Savage. This game should be close, both have a running game neither one will have a good passing game. In a surprise twist I will pick the Raiders to sneak outta Houston with the win 20-17.

Detroit Lions Vs Seattle Seahawks: Honestly I feel any other deserved the #6 then who's there in the NFC, because the Lions do not at all look like a represented playoff team. They lost 4 of there games to playoff teams Houston, New York, Green Bay, & Dallas. Stafford hasn't been the same since messing up his finger. Now let's look at Seattle who have struggled there last two games against divisional opponents. They lost there only home of the year to a mediocre Cardinals team, and barely beat a god awful 49ers team. Seattle has problems running the ball this year not sure why that is, but maybe the Marshawn Lynch hump is too hard to overcome. Ultimately it's in your home you should take care of business you have the refs, the home field advantage there's no way in hell you can lose, the deck is stacked against Detroit with all those odds to overcome. Seattle 10-28 #SOL

Miami Dolphins Vs Pittsburgh Steelers: Both of these teams did well towards the end of the stretch who knew Matt Moore was that good to step in for Miami. Also Pittsburgh offense is beginning to look like it was last year scary that nobody wants to play. For how much perseverance Miami had in losing Tannehill i'm not sure if that will be enough to beat Pittsburgh in possibly a good shootout. Pittsburgh 35-24

New York Giants Vs Green Bay Packers: Wow what a game this is gonna be right here ladies and gentleman. Even if I get this one wrong who ever wins may'be the most dangerous team to advance to the next round. Giants defense has looked unreal shutting down Dallas, Detroit, & Washington can they stop the very on fire Green Bay Offense? The Packers look like they were done, but the last 6 games they could not be stopped on the offense, no team could contain them there playing out of there minds. I think this game could be a great tight close game I give the edge to The G-man 20-17.

Divisional Round

Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta Falcons: Atlanta has been unbelievable this year on offense Matt Ryan having his best year ever, with his weapons all clicking on all cylinders. Matt Ryan at his most dangerous right now, and at this stage I don't think they would get back Earl Thomas in time so that should favor Atlanta heavily. I gotta go Dirty Birds 35-14.

New England Patriots Vs Oakland Raiders: This will be a kill fest, Tom Brady has been playing great football, his team has been almost unbeatable there is no need to go any further 35-6.

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Kansas City Chiefs: This should be a good game (if it happens this way), A offense that looks untouchable, and a team that looks greatly balanced being the Chiefs. The Chiefs have struggled with Jeremy Maclin at the top receiver so what do you do you give him a sleeper draft pick as your secret weapon Genius! In the 2nd half Tyreek Hill came out of no where and started beating teams by almost himself in a couple of games he has been a huge help. It's in arrowhead I just think this team is not invincible at home they have been beaten there plenty of time to not very horrible teams either, so I will take Pittsburgh to survive in a tight game 31-28.

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys: Divisional game, if this happens Dallas may want to regroup. Dallas has played great football this year with two rookies who have played excellent in Prescott and Elliott, but what we learned from this season is Dallas can be beat by that one team that always have there number the N.Y Giants. This game comes down to who will make that one big play to the very end knowing these two teams it will be a close game. Here's what I think will happen though and I'm not sure why I think this. This score will be a tie come the 4th Quarter then Prescott goes down and Romo comes in to save the day? Well in this case he does getting a big TD to Cole Beasley as they finally beat the Giants 14-7.

Championship Round

AFC Championship Game
Pittsburgh Steelers Vs New England Patriots: These two teams play each other very good, but if I was realistic in this case I would take Tom Brady because he rarely turns the ball over, and the Pittsburgh defense is not like last year's Denver defense.
So Pats 31-27

NFC Championship Game
Atlanta Falcons vs Dallas Cowboys: Yea I know both 1, and 2 in both championship games well why not the only difference is Romo is playing this game. This game I can see the old Romo come back he has a terrible game, but the RB keeps them in it only to realize you been blown out by possibly the MVP Matt Ryan 42-17

Super Bowl LI
Here we are the stage is set the best two teams in there respective conference are left, and the crowd is ready for all the action, the new commercials, and the... Half Time show? Tom Brady wants his 5th ring and possibly leave for good, Matt Ryan wants to prove to the world that he can lead a team to victory. I think this game will be tight all the way threw. It comes down to Matt Ryan, and he'll have a Russell Wilson type moment with Malcolm Butler saving the day as the Patriots win 35-31 Tom Brady Retires as he can call himself the G.O.A.T that won 5 super bowl rings he'd be the first and possibly only QB to do it.

Have your predictions put them in the comment section please I love to here it.


Raiders vs Texans: I'd pick the Raiders to win, but since Derek Carr is hurt, I gotta go with Houston on a close one.

Lions vs Seahawks: The Seahawks will win by at least a FG and a TD (Sorry htoutlaws)

Dolphins vs Steelers: Steelers will blow out Dolphins

Giants vs Packers: Oh boy. This game is a tight one. I heart wants Giants to win, but my brain thinks Packers will win. - EpicJake

Sorry? My team got garbage towards the end of the stretch. - htoutlaws2012

Wild Card round:

Raiders vs Texans: Texans win by a field goal. I would have picked the Raiders if not for Derek Carr and his injury.

Lions vs Seahawks: A lot of teams struggle in Seattle and Detroit is no exception. Detroit also had a bad slide towards the end of the season. Seahawks win in a blowout.

Steelers vs Dolphins: The Dolphins did beat the Steelers in the regular season though the Steelers were without Big Ben or Leveon Bell. The Steelers are a good team in cold weather and at home while the Dolphins are not very good in below freezing weather. Steelers win by a blowout.

Giants vs Packers: Tightest game of the first round, no question about it. While the Packers have a great offense, the Giants have a really good defense. I always pick defense so the Giants win by a field goal.

Divisional Round:

Seakawks vs Falcons: The Falcons have been great all season long while the Seahawks running game is not that good. Falcons win by a blowout.

Patriots vs Texans: The Patriots will have a kill fest on the Texans. The Patriots have a great home field advantage and should win this one in a blowout.

Steelers vs Chiefs:

This one should be a very tight game. Both teams are great, but I'm picking the Steelers to come out with a field goal.

Giants vs Cowboys:

This should be a very tight game. Both teams were great in the regular season. However, the Giants did beat the Cowboys both times in the regular season. I'm going with a tight upset in favor of the Giants.

Conference Championships:

AFC Championship:

Steelers vs Patriots: A great game in the making. Though my heart wants the Steelers to win, I feel that the Patriots have a slight advantage in this game. Patriots win by a field goal.

NFC Championship:

Giants vs Falcons: A great game for the super bowl spot. While the Giants have been great, the Falcons have been even better. I'm picking the Falcons to win by a close one.

Super Bowl:

Falcons vs Patriots: Hopefully this will be a more exciting game then Super bowl 50. I predict that the Falcons will win over the Patriots in a tight game. Matt Ryan wins the MVP and Brady will lose again. - visitor