Lovefrombadlands Rants - Kesha & Her Song "Woman"

This, my friends, is just one of the reasons why Kesha is overrated.

Hi, I'm lovefrombadlands, and allow me to angrily welcome you to the first episode of Lovefrombadlands Rants. Today, I'm going to be talking about a singer I do not like at all and a song that bothers me. Also, this series is not just music, even though that is the main thing I review. If it was, I would just do it in 11/10 Reviews, but change it to 0/10 because I can't associate something that horrible with 11/10. Without further ado, let's begin!

As you probably know, in 2017, Kesha released a song called Praying. As you probably also know, I don't like it. I feel like people only like it because it's slow. For me, it's too boring and repetitive. Anyway, let's talk about Woman. When this song was released, I just said "Oh, it would be good if someone else sang it," just paying attention to her annoying, raspy voice. I wasn't really paying attention to the lyrics, and turned the song off before the chorus (luckily, Bad At Love was on the other station).

A few days later, one of my friends was showing me a music video she had made. The editing was amazing, but I could not stand the song. I recognized the annoying voice and knew the song. It was Woman. I was extremely angered by the lyrics to the song. "I'm a ************," and "Loosey as a goosey and we're looking for some fun," are the lyrics to a song that gets many 10/10's and 11/10's. Songs like Bad At Love, however, with good lyrics, are considered bad.

Now, let's talk about Bad At Love. It's an illustrated narrative about Halsey's past lovers with powerful vocals on the chorus. Woman, on the other hand, is just like Kesha's old songs. Except with a slightly more annoying voice. Every single song on Overrated-bow is on the Best Of 2017. Most people judge Hopeless Underrated Kingdom based on just Now Or Never, and no one really knows Heaven In Hiding, and Halsey can sing live. Kesha can't sing Praying's high note.

Kesha isn't all she seems to be based on reviews. It just really bothers me. Just because she had a good song song that everyone thought was amazing, but again, just overrated; people think everything she does is amazing. I mean, that has to be it, though. This song is artless. Kind of reminds me of Halsey's Don't Play, but not because it's good, because it didn't have enough time in the lyrical department.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed the first episode of Lovefrombadlands Rants. Bye!


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I looked up the lyrics to both of those songs, and obviously Bad at Love has better lyrics. Woman's lyrics are very repetitive, and there are only a couple lines in Bad at Love that are even remotely repetitive.
Not to mention the MF word is used 9 times, and the S word is used 10 times (a total of 19 swears) in Woman, 18 more than in Bad at Love (the B word is only used once). - allamassal