room 101: positivity

gemcloben If you read last episode, you would know I am going for the record! So, a world with no hate, no conflict, the world is full of rape, murder and terrorism, so the world would be better off if everyone loved each other, no hate, no negativity, everyone happy... Or would it? Read on to find the opinions of the most opinionated blog post series on thetoptens! Enjoy!

Well, a world full of negativity, every corner of every street, no sign of a smile. Murder is given as a common gift to the unsuspecting, to the only remaining innocent ones in society. No one is safe, it is kill, or be killed. No need for news, things like 9/11 are just every day occurrences. Well, this is not the message I am trying to get across, this world would be terrible. But, I shall explain my ideal vibe for this world.

First, people try to give you happy thoughts. From a young age, we are taught to be positive in life, to be optimistic. Think about it, be optimistic, you will be disappointed. Be unoptimistic, the bad things will seem unexpected, and you have a better chance to appreciate the nicer things in life, and see them not as an expectation, but a gift, a bonus in life. Try to be unoptimistic for a period of a time, it gives you a better outlook on life, unlike what we are lead to believe at a young age.

Next, we have the news. People watch the news, and they see all these attacks and are truly shocked. They are not actually smart enough to realise, that the news is made to make you see bad things. Why was things like the Boston bombings so talked about? Because it is so rare. People say this world is too full of terrorist attacks and murders, just because it is so uncommon, when it does happen, we are immediately informed about the situation. If we only reported good things, the news would have a different story every 5 minutes, that's is they are lucky.

And now, the media. First, I shall start with something I feel very passionate about, music. I have made many lists about music, and even a room 101 post about it, but really, 90% of music just sucks. People who have little education on musical talent just like songs with a positive vibe, or just a catchy tune, but some of the most talented music isn't very positive! I think this is why I am a thrash metal fan, it displays no emotions apart from anger. It also strongly represents aggression, and sometimes in the most intricate of ways. And then movies. People just love movies with a lovely, happy ending. Hamlet. The greatest Shakespeare play. Why? Everyone dies. But that is horrible, or some may say; it is a play, it is not real. In the words of Karl Pilkington (yeah, you heard me, I am quoting Karl Pilkington in a serious discussion) "kez and elephant man are my favourite movies, because they have sad endings". I think everyone should live their lives my his quotes.

And now, love. Some people fall in love with people, and when the date them, realise that they aren't perfect, but they are willing to give them another chance and make things better. Then they say it is true love, and they would do anything for them. If you have to try to make things better in the relationship, it doesn't exactly count as true love, does it? This is just a case of someone wanting to feel love. If you only be with someone because they take you to the fanciest restaurants, that is not true love. If you have to change for someone, they don't love the real you. The best relationships are the ones that can have a first date in McDonalds and go on until they have their 20th wedding anniversary, although I personally dislike the idea of weddings. What has this got to do with positivity? This is just all an example of false positivity.

So, I am not saying this world should be full of crime, but people shouldn't say about how awful the world is, people should be more optimistic, music and movies should be accepted if they are sad or happy and love shouldn't be a word thrown around as easily as it is. As always, write whether you agree or disagree with this, and please give reasons. Another thing, the series is just continuing as usual now. Hope you liked this post! Goodbye!


Good post! - Therandom

I agree on the media part. Some of my favorite songs are the ones that make you cry. - Turkeyasylum

That was a really good post. Also, if 90% of music is bad, it is called "Sturgeon's Law". - Pony

Great post! - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Each emotion is needed to fully experience life. There's a certain beauty about anger and sadness. That's life. - keycha1n