give the old users a new chance!

gemcloben We all know this site wouldn't be what it is now without old users. So why do we overlook them? There are so many users who no new user have heard of, but they helped make this site what it is now!

First of all, there are many users who are classed as underrated, when they have only been here for about 2 months! They are not underrated, just give them time! They don't even do as much, they just make a list about every month, while users have so many lists and are still making many!

Also, some of the most iconic and popular users are not even real toptenners! They have under 10 lists, under 10 comments and about 5 remixes and get popular. This is "because they are nice". This is called, not!

And then there are those who work hard for followers. Most of these people overlook and don't care about. This is why I have started a campaign. Of we can get the following users the following amount of followers, it will have worked. So, I want Anthonybeccera831 to get 100 followers, ajkloth to 60 and biscuits to 80. So, please join the campaign and follow these users!


I strongly agree. There are a number of users who put time and effort, blood and sweat into their lists and get close to nothing out of it, and have under thirty followers as a result. Whereas some of the more popular users get everyone's attention because they made an interesting prospect that never really panned out, or they just peer pressured people to vote on them and follow them. That's not what makes a good user. It's the former which does. This is why a number of users are widely forgotten when they go, since despite their efforts, they couldn't leave the digital imprint they deserved. That slot is wasted by poor effort. - PositronWildhawk

As usual PW nails it - EpicJake

Yes, I agree with you.
But, Ajkloth certainly deserves more attention. - Animefan12

Thanks! - Ajkloth

Yes. Also, the majority of people who get popular are people who makes lists that can be easily done in ten seconds. The fact that newer users can get 100 followers in just two months is ridiculous, they haven't learned the full pontential of know what they have accomplished because all they did was just 'be nice' - visitor

Have SevenLizards and Faithangel's followers go to Ajkloth and biscuits, thank you. - Puga

And have PatrickStar's followers go to Alpha101. Even though Patrick star is a good user. - EpicJake

I agree as well! - visitor

Agreed, Go Zezerex! - IronSabbathPriest

I agree with you, gemcloben. - CoolCat999

Cazaam, Ajkloth, Kormo... all of them need more followers.

But some users just went on a lot or got into arguments that ended to get popular. - Turkeyasylum

Agreed mate - EvilAngel

Well, bless your heart for remembering us old folks. It's always nice to be appreciated :) Thank you for saying all this. I'm with you all the way! - BKAllmighty

Thank God someone agrees with me! - UltimateHybridX

I agree too! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Superb post and arguments! I agree with you gemcloben! Anthonybeccera831 is awesome. Same with biscuits. Roblist created many awesome lists too! - Alexandr

Yeah, indeed point well made. This is not a popularity site, this is a site for people to can research what is the best. And for this we need users who are contributing whit LISTS, COMMENTS, OPINIONS. - MatrixGuy

Lots of users like lukestheman4, Kormo, egnnomac, etc have been on this site for a few years and they STILL don't have 100 followers. So agreed with everything you wrote - EpicJake

So true! I am disgustingly overrated, and I personally don't like the idea of stealing the spotlight from other toptenners who have better lists and deserve much more, I truly think that these are the most valuable members. But if I were to say anything, I'd say maybe make more comments, message more people, etc. Most of these people are so criminally underrated because they didn't communicate. Of course, there's the handful that just defy all odds and are ignored nonetheless. - keycha1n

Disgustingly overrated? That attitude disgusts. You're honestly one of the hardest working and most insightful people that this site has seen in a long time. If anything, you deserve to be in the spotlight. There are many understated people here, but I think you stand out even amongst them. And I think I'm right in saying that I am not the only one who thinks that. - PositronWildhawk

But being on this site for a only three months, and getting 100 followers for someone who could very well be the kind that simply leaves. I haven't shown any true commitment to this site, just short-term obsessions so far. Its difficult to say, but I'm a short-term obsessive person, I'm very prone to getting uninterested and leaving. I HOPE it wont happen, and it wont be for a while, I can say that with confidence, but Cazaam, Kormo, egnomac, are some truly dedicated toptenners with something that I could never win the respect of in 3 months. - keycha1n

Oh and thanks about the standing out part anyways! :PP - keycha1n

I hope so as well. Even in short spurts of activity, you've shown much commitment. It's a difficult thing to see, but I definitely know you have it in you, whether you feel that way or not. - PositronWildhawk

Ah well, only time will tell. Regardless of what I end up doing, thank you! I certainly hope you stay too, otherwise TTT is basically broken. - keycha1n

Wow, I am overrated. OK, I'll give the old ones a chance - JaysTop10List

Overrated? You actually WORKED for 200 followers. - EpicJake

I am literally trying to follow so many people I have more people FOLLOWING than I have followers ( and I have a lot too, I'm close to 100 followers! ). - MusicalPony

I sometimes think I don't deserve 100 followers cause of the lists I make, but I still give Old Users a chance.

Good post, gemcloben. - Mumbizz01


I somehow managed to get to 100 followers with no attension (Sorry for bad spelling) Cause I look at "TopTenner" Lists and see me on the list, with no comments or votes. Even though I'm quite a new user. Users like gemcloben, DapperPickle, keycha1n, etc, get attension when their new to this site, and not me.

I'm not trying to get attension by commenting here, but I just feel ashamed of myself and I don't know why I got to 100 followers.

That's all, I know I'm being a hypocrite, but I just need to explain. - Mumbizz01

I am not new. I have been here for over a year. I worked hard. I had to do so much before I got attention. - gemcloben

I'm a little overrated for a new user. I don't know how I got 53 followers. I think my blog series did the trick. I enjoy writing my blogs. Anyway, good point Gemcloben. - visitor

And I got 100 followers in five months - visitor

I agree and also make me sandwich - CerealGuy

What would you like on your sandwich? - Ajkloth

Yep, Ajkloth - CerealGuy

Does this mean that people who make more HQ blogs than lists should not be recognized? - visitor

While I do raise concern over the same issue that VelitelCabal does, I strongly agree. I've been here for about three months and consider myself potentially overrated. Sure I can make a lot of HQ posts, but... - WonkeyDude98

Agreed - FerrariDude64

Nice,but I'm pretty sure all the old ones are in the leaderboards for followers,but on the other hand I do think is unfair that some new users get around 65 followers in only three month,example:Ferrari dude - Nateawesomeness

Am I underrated then or not? Good post though, made a good point in a good series. - Skullkid755

I've been here over a year and don't even have one hundred followers, I agree with this post. - Skullkid755