metal band competition round 1: megadeth vs metallica

gemcloben I have chosen 8 metal bands to compete to be the best, but who will win? We have metallica, megadeth, slayer, anthrax, black Sabbath, iron maiden, lamb of god and pantera. Who is the ultimate?

Round 1: bass. Megadeths bassist is Dave Ellefson. He is usually overshadowed as is many bassists and the only song that he stands out is peace sells. Now Cliff Burton of metallica. He is the bass legend. Listen to anaesthesia or Orion. He has amazing lead skills, but he can also transfer it into rhythm. Cliff wins. 1-0 to metallica.

Round 2: drums. The drummer for metallica is Lars Ulrich. He has some pretty good beats, but he did ruin his reputation as a good drummer in St anger. He can make a beat that goes along with the song. Megadeath's Nick Menza. Unlike Lars, his beats not only fit, but are able to make the song his own. So because of that, and the fact that Lars f***** up St anger, Nick puts the score to 1 all.

Round 3: lead guitar. Metallica's lead guitarist is Kirk Hammett. He is one of the best lead guitarists in thrash. He may not be able to write a riff, but that is a different category. His solos are mainly reliant on "wawa" though. And he is unoriginal. On megadeth, we have got Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman. Is you have got these 2 in the same band, you know you are in for a treat. Although Marty is better, as demonstrated in his solo albums, is better, Dave is better than Kirk, so I choose megadeth, putting them ahead at 2-1.

Round 4: rhythm guitar. Megadeth has Dave Mustaine as their rhythm guitarist. He has some very original riffs, some of which were used my metallica, so he used them for megadeth (hangar 18 and mechanix). But James Hetfield is the riff master. His complex and perfect riffs are very original and unique. This puts it at a 2 all draw.

Round 5: vocals. Megadeth's vocalist Dave Mustaine has a very weird but unique growling style. This makes his songs instantly recognisable. However, we also have James Hetfield. His voice is a lot more powerful, as demonstrated in fuel and one. So, metallica leave megadeth at 3-2.

Round 6: songwriting. All of metallica write material. They have the ability to write musical masterpieces. They really display their songwriting talent in instrumental songs, such as Orion. Now megadeth. Not all of them really write material, but Dave is the only writer. He can write everything to the most powerful ballads to the hardest rocking songs. He can put his emotions into the song yet make it as heavy as possible. For this, it goes back to a draw again, but this time at 3 all.

Final round: as a band. Megadeth has Dave's vocals going over some of the greatest guitar riffs. The solos are part of what makes them amazing, the drums contribute a lot and the bass fits in. I would say Dave's voice isn't that heavy, though. And on metallica, the vocals fit any style they attempt, the solos aren't as good as megadeths, but still great and the drums fit in well, the bass also contributes a lot. For this, I give metallica a 4-3 win. Tune in next time when we put testament against slayer.


Round 7, staying true to thrash. - IronSabbathPriest

Doesn't matter, Metallica has produced awesome material, load and reload were albums that had the BEST LYRICS. Listen to LOW MANS LYRIC. Plus, Metallica wanted to experiment their music, so, METALLICA WINS. - McKing1003

Megadeth wins for me. Unlike Metallica, Megadeth never stopped making good music. Metallica's first four albums were great, then their music turned average (Black Album) and then awful (St. Anger, Lulu, Reload, Load). Megadeth, even after delivering 4 brilliant classics, is still producing great music (Endgame, Thirteen, The System Has Failed, etc. ) The only bad albums in Megadeth's catalog are Risk and Super Collider. - winner333

But what about death magnetic? - gemcloben

Scratch my previous comment. Dave Mustaine is a dick. But I still prefer Mega. - IronSabbathPriest

You should do Maiden vs Sabbath, and Deep Purple against Zep. - PetSounds

Hangar 18 was a metallica riff? Which one? - Songsta41