room 101: authority

gemcloben Welcome to room 101! Today, I shall be expressing my opinions on authority! So, anywhere you go, whether you work in McDonalds or as an MP, you are going to get a hierarchy. You are going to get a leader. There is always someone in charge. The people at the top only have 1 thing putting them above us: authority. A way of them being in charge. So, some may that this is needed. And it is! Well, up to an extent. So, I shall discuss what my opinions are. Enjoy, the most opinionated blog post series in thetoptens history!

Now, the government lead our country. It doesn't exactly take the worlds smartest person to figure than one out. But, without a government the country would fall apart! Someone has got to be in charge, Someone has to control the country. The police: they provide protection to society, we can always rely upon them. And even someone such as a school teacher, they have an important role in our childhood; they even prevent nursery kids from drowning in the sandpit. So, with all its importance, why am I against authority? Read on.

First, we have school. Not really collage or university teachers, but rather teachers in our pointless 12 years of education. We don't know any other way, so I am sure that everyone is used to school and teachers. But, think about it. We are forced to go to school every day, and the teachers have such expectations of us. And, some of them, think that they have authority over the children. Their job is to teach us! Not to control us! And, there is nothing we can do. If we say anything against them, detention. I was once arguing with a teacher on the importance of maths, and she knew I was right, so she just put me in detention instead of giving me an answer.

Now, we have the government. One person cant have a say in anything, unless they get their voice heard through terrorism. Our prime ministers say what the majority of the public want to hear, instead not what is best for the country. So, for someone to have authority, I believe it should be someone who knows what is best, not going along with the public, yet exactly what they want. So, make sure we vote for the best.

This may be one thing about authority what makes it unfair, those who use it to their own likings. The ones such a politicians who run the country just how they want, not what is best. I think they should still put forwards what they want, but make it the best way for everyone, not just using the power and authority how you desire. And again, teachers. The ones who do the job because it makes them feel big because they have power over 7 year old kids, the only ones they could have authority over. And police officers, who do the job, not to protect the public, but rather because they see it as legal abuse. Basically, those who do their job just for power.

So, I think the real reason that I hate authority is because of the fact that it makes you so powerless that there is nothing to do about it. And there is also the politicians, police, teachers, and many more professions. So, as always, write your own opinion in the comments, and give reasons! Be sure to look out for more episodes of room 101! Thank you for reading!


I agree, I hate when teachers/parents say I'm the adult you're the child so I have authority. - visitor