metal band competition round 1: slayer vs anthrax

gemcloben Welcome to metal band competition! We have 2 of the greatest and most influential members of the thrash metal big 4, slayer and anthrax! Last time, we saw Metallica beat Megadeth in the ultimate battle of heavy and thrash metal, making Metallica go to the semi final/round 2! So, let's see who will join Metallica in round 2! Enjoy!

First, vocals. For those of you who don't know much and are just getting into metal, the vocalist for anthrax is Joey Belladonna. Joey has one of the most distinctive voices in heavy metal history. And for those of you who say he can't scream? Just listen. He has a brilliant high scream. Although his voice sounds like it would suit glam metal, he really creatively mixes that voice into thrash classics. His best performance is Indians. Now, Tom Araya. Where do I start? If I was to explain metal, of any subgenre, I would play them a slayer song. His voice doesn't just fit thrash, but makes thrash. When it come to thrash vocals, only Chuck Billy could top Tom. His best song is seasons in the abyss. So, Tom wins.

Now drums. The drummer for anthrax is Charlie Benante. He makes some pretty good thrash beats, and knows what beat to use, and when to use them. Although, he doesn't really do anything too complex, and keeps his beats rather simple. His best song is madhouse. Now, for slayer, Dave Lombardo. You knew I wouldn't write this part without using the term godfather of the double bass. It takes more than a legend to keep up with the guitar in slayer. But, when you're Dave Lombardo, this is beginner level. His killer beats and vicious double bass make him the greatest drummer metal has ever seen. His best song is angel of death. For the ability to combine speed, complexity and skill makes Dave owns this one, winning 2-0.

Now, rhythm guitar. Slayer's rhythm guitarist is named Kerry King. Where do I even start? Thrash is all about rhythm guitar, so obviously Kerry is great. It takes some skill to be the heaviest section of the heaviest band. Kerry's riffs gave the word music a whole new meaning, and is probably the reason slayer earned a place in the big 4. His best song is raining blood. Now, for anthrax, the only remaining original member (although Charlie stayed since their first album), it is Scott Ian. When it comes to riffs, no one is more armed and dangerous than Scott. His riffs can be slow, but heavy. This is the sign of a brilliant musician. His best riff is on armed and dangerous. So, only just, Scott puts this round up to 2-1.

We can't have rhythm guitar without a little lead guitar. In both bands, lead guitar is their week point, unlike some bands. Nevertheless, we are still doing this round. First, we have the guitarist of anthrax, Dan Spitz. He is 1 of 4 lead guitarists in anthrax, but I am just choosing who I think is their best. And Dan easily earns this spot. His solos aren't anything special, but, thrash isn't thrash without a solo. His best song is belly of the beast. On the other hand, the guitarist for slayer is the late Jeff Hanneman. He is great lead guitarist, and also writes material, unlike a lot of lead guitarists. His solos are pretty good. I am not just giving him sympathy, but he was the better guitarist. His best song is seasons in the abyss. 3-1 to slayer.

A very hard part of being in a thrash metal band, is being the bassist. But, both bands do this well. First, we have Tom Araya. To be in the rhythm section is a heard job when you are alongside Dave Lombardo, but Tom is not only a great vocalist, but just as good at the bass. His bass lines are almost as heavy as the whole band of anthrax. His best song is south of heaven. On the other hand, Frank Bello proves that you don't need to be heavy or fast to be a thrash bassist, that is the rhythm guitars job, in my opinion. His best song is madhouse. I will give this one to anthrax, creeping them up to 3-2.

Now, we get to song writing. the main songwriter for slayer was Jeff Hanneman. He wrote some of the greatest thrash songs, and in my opinion, should be known as one of the top 3 thrash musicians of all time. Their best written song is seasons in the abyss. On the other hand, we have a band with every member writing material. This means we can truly say it is anthrax, and they can display the styles and emotions of the entire band. Their best written song is madhouse. Because they vary their songs more, anthrax makes it a draw, at 3 all.

Final and deciding round is as a band. Basically, how all the previous rounds go together. Anthrax, know exactly what riff or beat to use, and when to use it and they merge Joey's voice into all of this, making them a great band. However, to have 4 of the heaviest musicians in the same band, and make it sound great, not just noise, is a whole different level of musicianship. So, slayer win this battle 4-3! And they will join Metallica is round 2! Next time, we have iron maiden vs black Sabbath!


I heard that Stephen King is a fan of Anthrax. - visitor

The only part I disagree on is with rhythm guitar. Scott Ian may not be the fastest, but he is more original.

Also, it might be hard to do these competitions based on band members. Joey Belladonna is one of about four vocalists who have been with Anthrax. - IronSabbathPriest

1. scott won!
2. I was just choosing their best members. - gemcloben

Again agreed - EvilAngel